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Application resubmission registrar of company

Do you know about the application resubmission registrar of company? Have you ever had to resubmit your company registration documents or name reservation requests? Going through more than one round of resubmission can be frustrating. But knowing how the resubmission process works and what you need to do will go more smoothly and quickly. 

application resubmission registrar of company

In this article, we’ll talk about the most important parts of resubmitting ROC forms and name reservation requests, like how many times you can do it and how important it is to do it right. With this information, you can save time and energy during resubmission and ensure your submission will be accepted.

How Do I Resubmit a ROC Form?

The first step is reviewing the resubmission cause and the administrator’s comments. Pick fresh company names to avoid rejection, then carry out the following processes.

Login to MCA

Sign in to your MCA portal account first.

Browse to RUN Service

Name Reservation Procedure – Go to RUN on MCA Services→Company Services→ RUN (Reserve Unique Name)

Choose resubmission and input your SRN

Click the Resubmission button and input the SRN of the previously submitted RUN Form. Resubmission of Form RUN – Input the SRN

Choose Entity Type

Choose Entity Type or Company Type. If reserving a name for a Private Limited Company, select New Company (Others). Choose Private (OPC) to reserve a name for a One-Person Corporation.

Enter Potential Name

Add the updated suffixes for Proposed Name 1 and Proposed Name 2.

Choose Auto Check

The system verifies the entered name and shows a message indicating whether it is valid or invalid.

Input Objective of Firm

Put the new company’s purpose in brief under Comment.

Attach Documents

Click the Select File button to attach a No Objection Certificate (NOC) or other certification. It is not required to attach pertinent documents.

Success Communication

A pop-up will display the successful submission when you click the Submit button. Once resubmission is complete, MCA will administer the same. You will receive an email with name approval or rejection.

How Do I Resubmit a Name Reservation in the MCA Portal?

The MCA officer reviews each uploaded eForm before approving it. If there is no disagreement in the eForm, the officer approves. However, if any inconsistency in the submitted eForm is discovered, the same will be sent for resubmission. MCA will email you to let you know about the error. You must change the submitted eForm and finish the resubmission procedure on the MCA portal within 15 days. You won’t have to pay the form costs once more. Only after the initial upload of the eForm, it is necessary to make payment.

Resubmitting an eForm on the MCA Portal. It involves two steps:

  1. Editing the submitted eForm to remove the discrepancies and 
  2. Uploading  it to be resubmitted.

Stages 1 through 3 describe how to edit the form, and steps 4 through 6 describe how to submit the eForm again.

1. visit the MCA Portal

Then, sign in to your MCA Portal account. Choose MCA Services or view your application history.

2. Provide the SRN of the eForm.

In the “Search SRN” section, enter the SRN and then edit the form with required changes. 

3. Choose “Submit.”

To submit the eForm and affix digital signatures on the new edited form.

4. Go to the upload eForms page.

Go to MCA Services→Application history.

5. Go to SRN

Enter the eForm’s SRN and then choose a prepared eForm by clicking on Browse.

6. Finish the resubmission procedure

To complete the resubmission, click upload.

What Is the Difference between Resubmission and New Submission?

When you submit a form to the Registrar of Companies (ROC), the ROC examines it for flaws or inconsistencies. If the application contains errors, the ROC may reject it or send it back to the applicant for revisions.

In such instances, the applicant has two options: resubmit the revised form or submit a new application. Resubmission is rectifying previously submitted errors and resubmitting the form to the ROC for processing. In contrast, a fresh submission involves submitting an entirely new form with updated information.

It is essential to remember that resubmission is only feasible if the ROC has specifically requested it and only if the required changes are small. 

FAQs: Application Resubmission Registrar of Company

How many times resubmission is allowed in incorporation?

MCA authorities will allow resubmission for 2 (two) times. Further, It depends on the nature and severity of the errors and discrepancies discovered in the supplied documents. It is advisable to ensure that all the information in the documents is accurate and full to reduce the likelihood of rejection or resubmission.

How many times resubmission is allowed on name reservation?

Only one resubmission of a name reservation is permitted. A new name reservation application must be submitted if the name is not accepted upon resubmission.

What is the time limit for resubmission in MCA?

The time restriction for resubmission in MCA is usually 15 days and might vary according to the nature and complexity of the submitted form. It is suggested to return the form with the corrections as soon as possible to minimise processing delays.

What is the period of name reservation?

The reserve period is twenty days after the date of approval by the Registrar of Companies (ROC). The reserved name will expire if the company does not incorporate within this time frame.

Whose approval is required to change the name of the company?

The Board of Directors and the company’s shareholders must consent to alter the company’s name. Following the requisite approvals, a name change application must be submitted to the Registrar of Companies (ROC), along with the necessary paperwork and costs. If the application is approved, the ROC will process it and issue a new certificate of incorporation bearing the new name.


In conclusion, the application resubmission of the registrar of a company or requests for name reservation is a regular practice in company registration. It is essential to submit all relevant information and documents accurately to avoid several rounds of resubmission. Obedience to the MCA’s time constraints for resubmission is also required. Obtaining assistance from specialists and adhering to the criteria can make the resubmission process simple and effective. It is essential to remember that the resubmission procedure has limitations, and aiming for a successful submission on the initial try is ideal. 

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