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Ashneer Grover Startup (Latest Strategy 2023)

Ashneer Grover is an entrepreneur, businessman, and angel investor. He is a popular Indian businessman and he is the CEO and founder of BharatPe, a popular online money transaction platform in India. He is a very old player in the industry and has been in the corporate world for many years.

 Let’s take a closer look at the Ashneer Grover startup.

What is the business of Ashneer Grover?

After 12 years of various jobs, Ashneer Grover decided to start his own business. The idea to start his payments company came from his experience as Director of Business Development and Payments at PC Jeweler. In 2018, Ashneer co-founded BharatPe with Shashvat Nakrani.

Together they started from scratch and expanded the core services of the Fintech business. BharatPe offers UPI payments, QR code transactions, card payments at POS terminals, 12% Club investment and credit apps, and digital gold transactions.

Ashneer Grover was fired from BharatPe, a fintech company on suspicion of embezzlement of funds. He was accused of using company funds for family overseas trips and paying for personal stuff. Grover resigned immediately on February 28 but claimed he would remain the company’s largest shareholder after saying he and his family were defamed and forced to resign.

The startup, Third Unicorn Pvt Ltd, was founded on July 9, 2022, by Ashneer and his wife Madhuri Jain Grover. Ashneer Grover and his wife serve as startup directors. The total paid-up capital and the authorized share capital are Rs 10 lakh and Rs 20 lakh.

Which companies have Ashneer Grover invested in?

Here is the list of startups,

TagZ Foods
Food and beverage company
Focus: Providing healthy and delicious food to his customers, one of his popular snack products is a brand of low-fat potato chips
FreedomLearning platform and application
Focus: offer classes for children aged 3 to 12 to improve their reading and speaking English skills 
ZorroA social media platform
Focus: The platform allows users to create pseudonyms and post their thoughts indefinitely
HireQuotientTech company 
Focus: Focuses on automating the interview process related to hiring, providing an AI-powered assessment process that can assess a candidate’s suitability for a job
A cross between a savings app and a gaming app
Focus:  Users can play games, invest and save their money and even win prizes.
Skippi Ice PopsA food and beverage company that produces six flavors of popsicles.
Paz CarePaz Care is a platform that allows users (mainly businesses and employers) to offer customized healthcare plans for their employees
TricaA startup for startups
Focus:  It offers startups and investors the opportunity to manage their stocks. Their services also include providing funding and liquidity maintenance solutions.
FrontRowLearning platform
Focus: Users can learn and learn different skills and hobbies such as music, comedy, and cricket. Users can also showcase their skills in activities and contests.
OTO CapitalProvides users with financial assistance to purchase a vehicle of their choice. It also helps with resale, insurance, and other vehicle-related services.
Focus: Provide a variety of tools to attract, engage and retain your business customer base.
Lets HashA tobacco brand that aims to help tobacco retailers to do business online by offering a variety of products on their website
Get-A-WheyIce cream and dessert brand
Focus: Their products are sugar-free, contain higher amounts of protein than regular ice cream, and are keto-friendly
JunioJunio ​​helps children learn to manage their finances from an early age, offering smart cards for kids that can act as a digital piggy bank to help them save and spend their money
M2P FintechFintech company
Focus: Offer a range of financial services and connectivity networks for banks, businesses, and payment networks.
It also provides financial advice to users and enables businesses to create their payment products.
RupifiFintech company
Focus: It aims to serve small and medium enterprises.
The startup provides loans and other credit services to businesses based on their creditworthiness.
earKartProvides hearing aids and other services for the deaf.
The platform gives users access to a wide network of merchants offering such products.
MyHqHelps users find the perfect office space for themselves and their businesses. You don’t have to rent an entire place to find a place that gives you what you need for work, like seating and uninterrupted Wi-Fi.
The Whole TruthThe Whole Truth is a health food brand that offers high-protein snack bars free of artificial flavors and sweeteners
CredgenicsDebt Settlement and Debt Collection Platform. They offer strategies to reduce the ratio of non-performing assets.
PocketlyA credit platform specifically aimed at young people, mainly students and young professionals.
Provide short-term personal loans instantly, as well as other financing services and assistance.
India goldProvides users with gold lending, investment, and safe deposit boxes.
Founded in 2020, the company offers these services on attractive terms.

How much did Ashneer Grover earn from Shark Tank India?

During a talk at Lovely Professional University, Ashneer revealed that he wasn’t paid for the show. Rumors circulated that Rs 100,000 was being paid per episode.

Ashneer denied these rumors, joking that he would have been happy with Rs 5 lakh.

He said no one made money from the show. Some say they earned 100,000 rupees per episode, but we would be happy with 5,00,000 rupees.

 FAQ- Ashneer Grover Startup

1. Is Ashneer Grover the founder of Grofers?

Ashneer Grover is Chief Financial Officer at grocery delivery service Grofers.

2. Why did Ashneer leave Grofers?

Ashneer Grover, Chief Financial Officer of Grofers, a leading grocery delivery start-up left Grofers amid an ongoing merger and ESOP non-allocation.

3. What is the net worth of Ashneer Grover?

Asher Grover has a net worth of $107 million. Ashneer Grover’s net worth in Indian rupees comes somewhere near Rs. 790 crores.

Wrapping Up

Ashneer’s passion for entrepreneurship is evident in everything he does and his commitment to making a difference in the world is truly inspiring. His investments have helped numerous startups get off the ground, and he continues to mentor and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs.

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