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What Is Certificate Of Incorporation India? (All You Need To Know)

We all have a birth certificate, right? That includes our birth information. Similarly, a certificate of incorporation acts as a birth certificate for a private limited company.

So before we hop into the discussion about what a certificate of incorporation is, Let’s first know what a private limited company is. A private limited company is one that never issues its shares to the general public and always ends its name with the prefix Pvt. Ltd. 

But do you understand what is necessary to get that prefix? So here comes the certificate of incorporation. So let’s understand what a certificate of incorporation is.

For establishing a firm in India, you require a legal document or a legal operating license. This legal document is nothing but a certificate of incorporation. It is required during business formation. The state allegedly grants business creation licenses to entrepreneurs. It gives the business an authorized name and a business license.

So now the question is, “Is it so easy to get a certificate of incorporation?” Yes, but there is a lot more to it. For example, how do I get the certificate? What are the documents required to get a certificate of business incorporation? 

The below article, “What Is A Certificate of Incorporation India?” covers every crucial aspect related to a certificate of incorporation. So let’s begin.

Who Needs To Apply For a Certificate Of Incorporation?

Since we have discussed what a certificate of incorporation is, the question that comes to mind is who is required to apply for this certificate. So, the certificate of incorporation is needed by the businesses to function and do business as an official entity. 

An important step in starting a business in India is obtaining this certificate. Once it is obtained, the company is officially registered.

What Are the Documents Required for Getting a Certificate of Incorporation?

Now let’s have a look at the paperwork needed to incorporate a company:

1. The properly signed, acknowledged, and notarized Memorandum of Association.

2. The Articles of Association(AOA), which have been properly verified and stamped, much as the Memorandum. It must be supplied in lieu of the prospectus if the firm follows Table A.

3. The prospective directors’ written approval to serve in such capacity as well as a commitment to buy qualifying shares.

4. Any agreement with the potential Managing Director, Manager, or full-time Director.

5. A copy of the Registrar’s letter approving the business name.

6. A statutory statement attesting to the fulfillment of all registration-related legislative criteria.

7. A statement regarding the precise location of the registered office.

How To Get Certificate of Incorporation?

The private limited company must complete the steps listed below in order to receive a Certificate of Incorporation:

Step 1: The very first step is to get a Directors Identification Number (DIN) and Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). The DSC is necessary for all electronic filings, including MOA and AOA submissions. 

Whereas, DIN is a special number given to the person by the Ministry to identify him or her as a Director. 

Step 2: The following step is to submit an application for the company’s name. The Registrar of Companies(RoC) should receive the request for the name’s approval. Within 14 days after the application is received, the approval is anticipated.

Step 3: Creating Important legal documents for the firm i.e. the MOA and the AOA. A key document that outlines the company’s activities and scope is the Memorandum of Association (MOA). The Articles of Association(AOA) outlines the rules and regulations as well as how the operations will be carried out.

Step 4:Submission of e-forms and payment of fees to the Registrar: Following verification, all e-forms must be sent to the Registrar together with the necessary funds.

Step 5: Certificate of Incorporation Issuance: The Registrar will mail the Certificate of Incorporation to the Directors of the Company after verifying the papers provided.

How To Download Certificate of Incorporation?

1. First, Log into the MCA site using your username and password and select the ‘MCA Services’ page. Go to the ‘Get Certified Copy’ option next.

2. Step two is to pick the data you need and enter the CIN or business name for which you are requesting the company incorporation certificate.

3. Select the document that needs a certified copy as well as the year that it was filed. In order to move further, the paper must also pass public scrutiny. Select the pages, range, and quantity of copies required for the certified copies.

4. The certified copy of the company registration fee must be paid, and the total, including the stamp duty fees, is displayed on the screen. The “Add to Cart” option should be selected.

5. Additional documents that you would need a certified copy of can be added at this point. Click on the “view payment details” button after selecting your papers, and then use the payment method of your choice to complete the transaction.

How To Modify Certificate Of Incorporation?

Once received, the Certificate of Incorporation serves as the company’s official identification. In accordance with rule 29 of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014, the company must hold an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), approve a special resolution, and apply to the Registrar for the approval of the name if it desires to change the name of the business. 

A new Certificate of Incorporation will be issued by the Registrar upon approval.

The Certificate of Incorporation won’t change, though, if the company’s address changes. The business must fill out the necessary papers and make sure that the company’s master data is updated. Since the address listed on the organization’s certificate is valid as of the date of organization, there have been no prior modifications.


We have tried to cover everything on What Is a Certificate Of Incorporation India in a systematic manner. So, to conclude, you must first acquire a Certificate of Incorporation in order to operate a lawful firm. There might be a variety of business options that might quickly set you on the road to success. However, it is crucial to follow local corporate norms.

There was a time when establishing a business took a significant investment of time, resources, cash, and effort. Unlike before, you do not need to visit several government offices in order to obtain your certificate of incorporation.

Thankfully, the procedure has been simplified considerably, as it can now be completed entirely online with the assistance of our experts at Instafiling. Feel free to contact us.


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