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Check the Company Registration

Check the Company Registration (Practical Method)

MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) is a government portal that provides details of all companies incorporated in India. It provides details for all types of companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs).

You can check the company registration number, company type, date of establishment, company membership fee, company officers, etc. on the website. Company balance sheets and other documents as well as annual reports are also available on the website at reasonable rates. Here you will get to know how to check the company registration.

How Do You Check If The Company Is Registered

Here are a few steps to check whether the company is registered or not:

  1. Go to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) website.
Click View Company LLP data

  1. Tap on the MCA Services tab. From the dropdown menu, click View Company/LLP, Master Data.
Enter CIN and captcha code

  1. Then enter your company CIN (The Corporate Identification Number).
  2.  Enter your captcha code. 
  3. Tap on  Submit button.

How Do I Find A Company’s Registered Number

A company registration number, also known as a CIN number in India, is a unique number assigned by the Registrar of Companies (ROC). The ROC has representatives in various states of India and reports to the Ministry of Enterprises. It is used to find important details of companies registered in India.

A CRN registration is required for each jurisdiction in which the device is used. After registration, manufacturing, and inspection are carried out in the same way as the production of national boards. Once registered, you can create any number of identical containers or accessories. CRN-registered products can be manufactured anywhere in the world.

A company registration number, also known as a company/company identification number or CIN, is a unique 21-digit alphanumeric number given to appropriately registered companies under the Companies Act 2013. Here is a Step-by-step process to verify the company registration number in MCA

  1. Visit MCA’s official website.
  2. Click the MCA Services button and tap on View Company/LLP Master Data.
  3. From here, you can search for your CIN or CRN by tapping the search icon next to the Company/LLP Name tab. You can also enter your company’s CIN and enter your captcha code to find your company’s registration status.

How Do I Find The Ownership of A Company

There is some way to find the owner of a company:

  1. If it’s a relatively small business, it’s more likely that the business owner actually works there. Go inside and politely ask the staff if you can speak to the owner.
  2. If the owner is not present at the time of entry, please ask the staff for the owner’s name and contact information. If the company is small enough, employees may even know the owner personally.
  3. Remember to be polite and to communicate your intentions openly. Employees may not immediately give you their manager’s contact information, even if you seem rude or distant.
  4. Please visit the “About Us” or “Contact Us” page of the Site to see if it contains the owner’s name and contact information. You can also check the testimony that the company has posted on its website to see if the owner’s name is mentioned.
  1. Certain search engines and social networks are more focused on businesses than general users. Search for the company name on any of these websites and see if it includes the owner’s name and all information about the company.
  1. Enter their company name on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites. If they have a page dedicated to their business, check that page to see if it contains the owner’s name.
  1. If you can’t find information about their company anywhere, just type their company name into a search engine and you’ll be taken to a website you never thought possible.

What Is The Legal Status of A Registered Company

A legal entity is a legal entity or organization that has legal rights and obligations, including tax returns. It is a company that can sue or be sued by making a contract as a seller/supplier. Without a legal entity, there is no line between company finances and liabilities and personal responsibility. This means that if your company gets sued or goes into debt, you could be held personally liable. Your private property may be confiscated to pay your debts, or you may be sued personally and face consequences. The law treats corporations as separate entities from their owners.

How Do You Check If A Company Is Still Running

Validation of legal registration:

The state requires registration of active businesses as well as individuals or entities conducting business commercially under fictitious names. Most states post the information online through the office of the secretary of state or the corporate department, making names searchable by the public.


Some businesses require a license issued by the state or county in which they operate. Please contact the agent responsible for registration in your company’s location to inquire about your registration status.

Search online:

A thorough search can be started from the company’s website. If you know the URL address, enter it in the browser. An indication that a domain is currently for sale means that the domain is no longer active and the company has closed the website or renamed the domain. If the site is still active, look for company news or the About Us tab.

What Is The Company in Registration

Choosing the right corporate structure for your business is just as important as any other business-related activity. A proper business structure allows the company to operate efficiently and achieve the required business objectives. 

In India, all companies are required to register as part of their compliance with the law. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can a company run without registration?

Company registration is not the only way to set up a company in India. There are many other ways to incorporate your business in India.


Now you got to know about check the company registration. Each company is registered with the Ministry of Enterprises (MCA) of India. This department maintains a complete record of all registered companies, which can be verified and verified by anyone via the MCA company search.

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