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Company Registration in Bangalore (All you need to know)

Are you a budding entrepreneur? Registering your company is a dream come true. Right? However, you should perform extensive research and analysis to understand your industry and register your company. You may also be confused about what type of business structure to incorporate, as there are several options provided by the Indian Government. 

That’s why you must investigate the company registration process to ensure you meet all the requirements and benefit as much as possible. In this article, we will take a look at the company registration process and how to register a company in Bangalore.

Once you decide to start your company, Bangalore is the best option. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in India, with a population of over 10 million people. It is the central IT hub and provides numerous advantages to entrepreneurs. Bangalore possesses highly skilled technical professionals. The city also suits well for startups, as it has cutting-edge infrastructure and very favorable business laws. 

So, without further ado, let’s know about the company registration in Bangalore.

Registration of Company in Bangalore

You can register your company in Bangalore online and paperless. You can file the company registration forms and the required documents online through the MCA website, and the Central Registration Centre (CRC) processes the same. 

Once you complete the registration formalities, the Offices of Registrar of Companies (ROC) in each state issue you a digitally signed Certificate of Incorporation. You can verify the company incorporation certificate issued by the ROC on the MCA website. 

The Registrar of Companies, Bangalore (ROC, Bangalore), is the authority for company and LLP registration in Karnataka.

The address of the Office of Registrar of Companies, Bangalore is, Registrar Of Companies, E Wing, 2nd Floor, Kendriya Sadan, Koramangala, Bangalore – 560034, and the email ID is roc.bangalore@mca.gov.in.

So, now let’s understand the process to register your company in Bangalore.

Process of Company Registration in Bangalore

Bangalore is the main hub of industries and technologies. Therefore, starting your company in Bangalore is the best decision ever. However, you should register your company before running your business.

To register your company in Bangalore follow these steps:

  1. Decide the structure of your company after getting legal expert opinions.
  2. Determine a name for your business and register it under ROC.
  3. Apply for DSCs and DINs for all directors and shareholders of your company.
  4. Draft the necessary legal documents, such as the MoA and AoA.
  5. Apply for an incorporation certificate with the Registrar of Companies.

Once you complete these steps, your company registration process in Bangalore is done. But then, do you know about the cost of the registration process in Bangalore? 

How to Register a Company With the Minimum Cost in Bangalore?

The Government fees that you must pay to register a company in Bangalore come to around Rs.5000. This is the basic fee to register your company.

The cost may vary depending on the size and directors in your company. The government fee does not include professional charges. You may have to bear those charges depending on the professionals you hire. Also, it takes around 7 – 10 working days to process your application and register your company.

There are also several private consultants who help with your company’s registration process. Let’s see more about them.

Who Are the Best Company Registration Service Providers in Bangalore?

You can seek help from company registration services to ease the process of your registration. They are well-versed in every documentation and processes required for registration.

Several company registration consultants are available nowadays who make the registration process easy. There are also online service providers who come to your rescue. Some of the best company registration service providers in Bangalore are:

  • P. Gogreen INDIA Ventures Pvt. Ltd. 
  • D. Mukunda Shiva and Associates. 
  • G. BNG Advisor Pvt. Ltd. 
  • S. Naga and Associates. 

Online platforms also help to register your company. Instafiling is a team of professionals that provides you with flawless and timely services to register your company in Bangalore. Feel free to contact us to avail yourself of our perfect services.

How Do I Register My Startup Company in the GST Portal of Karnataka?

You should register your company for GST compliance. GST increases your business’s credibility and reputation among customers. You can also claim tax credits if you register for GST. It simplifies the compliance process by eliminating the need for multiple registrations and reducing compliance costs. 

You can register your company for GST online. The steps you need to follow to register your startup company in the GST portal are:

– Visit GST Portal

– Select ‘New Registration’

– Upload all the necessary documents. The documents you would require are,

  • Your Passport size photographs
  • Your Company/Business premise address proof
  • Your bank details such as account number, bank name, bank branch, and IFSC code.
  • Authorisation form
  • Your constitution

– Verify all the documents and submit them. You can submit either by electronic verification code or by the e-Sign method. You will receive an Application Reference Number in your mail. On successful processing of your application, you get the GSTIN number and GST certificate.

Thus, follow these steps to register your company under the GST Portal of Karnataka.

FAQs: Company Registration in Bangalore

Do GST consultants provide the registration of a company in Bangalore?

Yes, GST consultants also provide company registration services. You can approach any GST consultant to make your registration hassle-free. They follow up with Government officials to track the process of your application and help in the complete registration process. 

What is the average cost to register the company under the Bangalore Jurisdiction?

The average cost to register your company under Bangalore Jurisdiction is Rs.5000. This is the basic Government fee, excluding professional charges.


Since you might have a clear idea of how to register your company in Bangalore. You can register your company online without paperwork. Have all the required documents handy and upload them to the portal. The necessary documents include your PAN, TAN, your company’s address proof, MoA, AoA, Director Identification Number, Digital Signature Certificate etc. 

Once you upload all these documents and apply for registration, your application gets verified by the officials, and you receive an incorporation certificate for your company.

Still require any help? We are just a click away. Instafiling offers you timely and perfect services to register your company under ROC. Your process becomes hassle-free with our help.. Feel free to contact us.

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