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Company Registration in Delhi (All you need to know)

Are you a person with a dream of starting your company in Delhi, the capital of India? Do you know you should register your company with ROC under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs? Are you familiar with the company registration in Delhi? Do you get confused in this chaos? Do not worry. 

You have come to the right place. Read this article further to learn about your company registration process in Delhi. You will get a clear idea regarding your company registration in Delhi at the end of this article. Let us first view the benefits of your company registration. 

What Are the Benefits of Company Registration in Delhi?

You are liable to register your company under the Register of Companies. Only a registered company has visibility and other benefits from the government. Your authenticity increases if you register your company. It helps your business to-:

  • Protect from other loans, liabilities, and losses. 
  • It brings in more customers to your business. 
  • You can increase your bank credit and get investments from reliable investors. 
  • It protects your company’s assets. 
  • It provides a large capital contribution and stability.
  • Increases the potential to grow big and expand.

So, what is your reason for not registering your company, even though it provides you with many good opportunities? 

Once you decide to register your company, the next question that comes to you is how much it costs to register your company.

What Is the Affordable Way to Register a Company in the Delhi Jurisdiction?

If you want to register your company in the Delhi jurisdiction, you must register under ROC Delhi. In Delhi, all forms get processed at the 4th Floor, IFCI Tower, 61, Nehru Place, New Delhi – 110019. You can also mail if you have any query to roc.delhi@mca.gov.in or call 011-26235707, 26235708, or 262357092. 

To register a company in Delhi, you would spend around Rs. 7000 in government fees if your entity has two directors and authorized capital of Rs. 1 lakh. 

At first, you would need to plan the costs of running your private limited company. ROC in Delhi will take nearly 7 to 15 days to process your paperwork, provided you have made no errors in filling out the forms. 

If there are any errors, forms will be sent for resubmission. In such case, resubmit the papers as soon as possible, or the delay could be much longer. You have two chances to resubmit your forms before filing. You must invest an additional Rs. 2000 for the new form. 

These are all the costs you would bear without the charge of professionals. If you hire a professional CA or private firm to register your company, your total costs may increase further. 

Instafiling provides you with flawless, timely services at an affordable cost. Therefore, feel free to contact us to register your company in Delhi.

You can also register your company or private Limited under the startup scheme. Startups are flooding, and the government is bringing in a lot of schemes and funds to develop the startup ecosystem. But how do you register your company under the startup scheme? We have an answer for you. 

How Do I Register My Company With the Delhi Startup Scheme?

Before learning about registering your company, let us have some idea about the Delhi startup scheme.

The Delhi Startup Scheme is planned, with a vision to make Delhi a Global Innovation Hub for Startups by 2030. It creates an enabling startup ecosystem for all budding entrepreneurs. 

The cabinet approved the Delhi Startup Policy 2022 on May 5, 2022. It aims to achieve a target of supporting at least 15000 startups by 2030.

Under this scheme, the Delhi Government will help startups get collateral-free loans that will be interest-free for a year. If you own a startup, you can register for the incentives on the Delhi Startup Portal.

Now, let’s come to the steps you must follow to register your startup under this scheme.

Step 1:

Incorporate your Company. The first step is to get an incorporation certificate for your company under the ROC.

Step 2:

Login to the Startup India Portal and upload the necessary documents. The documents that you must keep handy are:

  • Incorporation Letter of your company
  • Your PAN details
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Other information about your startup

Upload all these documents in the startup India portal with the required details.

Step 3:

Once you fill in all the necessary details, you can submit the form. It would take nearly 15 to 20 minutes to fill. The team will review your details and send you an acknowledgement mail. You may receive acceptance mail somewhere between 24 hours to one week. 

You will also get a certificate of recognition in the email. It confirms that your startup is eligible for the benefits. Keep this document safe, as many entities need this document for you to claim the benefits.

Congrats on registering your company under the startup Delhi scheme. So now, are you familiar with the documents you require to register your company? Let’s have a look into that.

What Are the Tax and Business Documents Required to Register a Company in Delhi?

The documents that you require to register a company in Delhi are:

  • PAN card of every director and shareholder of your company.
  • ID proof of every director and shareholder, which can be any one of the below documents:
  • Aadhaar card
  • Voter ID card
  • Driving license
  • Passport (in case of foreign nationals)
  • Address proof of every director and shareholder, which can be any one of the below documents:
  • Bank account statement 
  • Latest electricity, water or internet bill 
  • Mobile bills not older than three months
  • Resident card, bank statement or driving license (in case of foreign nationals)
  • Proof of registered office address of the company, which can be any one of the below documents:
  • Electricity, gas, internet or water bill of your company
  • Rental agreement and NOC from the owner (in case of building premises are leased)
  • Latest property tax receipts of your company
  • Sale deed or property registration deed (in case of building premises is owned)

Keep all the above documents handy, for easier registration of your company.

FAQ: Company Registration in Delhi

What is the cost to get a Govt license to register a company in Delhi?

To register your company in Delhi, you would need around Rs. 7000 in government fees if your company has two directors and authorized capital of Rs. 1 lakh.

Who are the best company registration consultants in Delhi?

There are several private online registration consultants in Delhi. Instafiling offers you the best flawless services for registering your company in Delhi. Feel free to contact us to register your company in Delhi.


Thus, you might become familiar with starting your dream company and registering it under Delhi jurisdiction. Registering your company is crucial for your business, as it improves your authenticity in the industry. 

You may need to login to the online portal of startup scheme India and upload all the necessary documents. The basic fee for registering your company is Rs.7000, excluding any professional help fee. 

Several private registration consultants help you register your company under ROC. We at Instafiling offer you registration services at an affordable cost. If you seek to register your company in Delhi, feel free to contact us. We are here to help you!

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