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cpc meaning in income tax

CPC Meaning In Income Tax (2023)

You should file your Income Tax returns before the due date, and your ITR will be processed by CPC. CPC – Centralized Processing Centre process the returns that you file. At present, CPC in Bangalore is accountable for all primary assessments. ITR is processed at CPC meaning in Income tax returns will be processed and reviewed by the Centralized Processing Centre of the Income Tax Department.

The CPC unit reviews all the details you provide in your ITR with the data available and sends you intimation under section 143 (1) to your mail.

The Income Tax Department processes your returns only after you file and verify your returns. Thus you are advised to submit your return on time for quick processing of your returns.

ITR processed at CPC means your income tax returns are reviewed and processed by the Centralized Processing Centre of the Income Tax Department.

What is CPC intimation?

Once you file your ITR, CPC starts to process your ITR. The Centralized Processing Centre reviews your details and your information online.

Once your return process completes, the income tax department issues an intimation under section 143(1) to you about the results.

Such intimation may be for Tax Refund or Tax payable depending on your returns. If you receive such an intimation, don’t panic and check for the details. You may get a refund for the extra tax you paid as well.

What is CPC in ITR-V?

Once you file your income tax return, the Income Tax department generates the ITR-V Acknowledgement and sends it to your mail. If you didn’t receive the acknowledgment, download it from the Income Tax E-Filing portal. You should verify your return by mailing the ITR-V to Centralized Processing Centre CPC within 120 days of your acknowledgment mail.

Follow these steps while sending your ITR-V to CPC.

  1. Print your ITR-V in dark blank ink and clear it to read.
  2. You should have your original signature in blue ink.
  3. Barcodes and numbers below the barcode should be visible in your ITR-V.
  4. Avoid using a stapler on your ITR-V.
  5. Avoid folding your signed ITR-V.
  6. Enclose your ITR-V in an A-4 size white envelope.
  7. Mail your ITR-V to the CPC address within 120 days through speed or ordinary post.

Thus, verify your returns by sending your ITR-V to CPC.

What is the meaning of CPC order US 143 1?

You may receive a message from the Income Tax Department CPC stating any error in your tax filing. CPC sends this message under section 143(1) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

It is a system-generated message and has no human intervention. It also tells you if you have any payable interest.

You may receive intimation US 143 1, when

  • You paid the extra tax.
  • You are due to pay a tax
  • Your ITR file has any errors.

Thus, with the information you receive, you may proceed further.

What happens if the refund is unprocessed at CPC?

Once you file your ITR, you should verify the same for further processing. Your ITR filing is not complete till verification. You can verify your ITR online or offline.

Once your filing is complete after verification, CPC will take 20-45 days to process your ITR. If your refund is not processed even after a reasonable time, you can follow up with CPC on their helpline numbers 1800 103 4455 (or) +91-80-46605200 from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

You can also address your grievance in the online portal. 

 If you see refunds from previous years, you should write a letter to the Assessing officer of your jurisdiction stating the reasons for the delay.

How do I open a CPC intimation letter? 

After your ITR is verified, you will receive an intimation letter from CPC. You need not freight on receiving the intimation letter from the income tax department. It may be about the errors in your ITR, your refund amount, or your tax payable. So, open and confirm the details first, as it may have some good news.

You will receive these intimations in your registered mail and they are auto-generated. You will also receive a message to your mobile number regarding the intimation.

The intimation letter you receive through the mail is password protected. The password to open your online intimation u/s 143(1) is your PAN number in lowercase followed by your date of birth in DDMMYYYY format. For example, Consider your PAN is AALRP5602P, and your birth date is 12th November 1989, then the password to open your online intimation u/s 143(1) is aalrp5602p12111989. 

How much time does it take for a refund after intimation?

Once you file your ITR and verify it, it will be processed by the CPC of the Income Tax Department. After reviewing all your details, the CPC will send you an intimation letter under Section 143 of the Income Tax Act.

On receiving the intimation letter, you have 30 days to respond in case of a mismatch. You will receive your refund within 20-45 days of receiving your intimation mail. If it takes longer, follow up with the CPC team, and you can also raise a grievance in the online portal.

How do I connect to CPC?

If you didn’t receive any intimation letter, you should contact the Income Tax Helpline/Toll-Free Number of CPC Bangalore at 1800 103 4455 or 91-80-46605200.

CPC doesn’t have a mail id, and you can clear all your queries by the CPC executive through helpline numbers. Once joined, Press 7 spoke to the CPC executive.

You can contact CPC with the help of the Document Identification Number in your intimation letter.

FAQ- CPC Meaning in Income Tax

How do I raise my grievance to the CPC?

You can also raise your grievance to CPC through the online portal.

  • First, log in to the Income-tax e-filing website.
  • Under the helpdesk menu, you can submit a grievance related to CPC.
  • You will have options such as ITR-V, processing, Refund, Rectification, and Communication. 
  • Select your required category and submit your grievance.

Thus, you can rectify any issues regarding CPC either by talking to their helpline number or raising a grievance in the online portal.

What happens if my grievance is not resolved?

CPC of the Income Tax department takes all necessary steps to address your grievance as soon as possible. The Public Relations manager heads the Grievance cell.

Once the petitions are received, they will assign a registration number for easy tracking. The CPC will redress your grievance within eight weeks of receipt of the petition. Most of the time, it takes place within a month.

Remainders are sent to the concerned officers frequently to not miss a single grievance.

The Commissioners of Income-tax also review pending petitions with the Grievance Cell periodically.

The CPC acts in such a way you are satisfied with the grievance redressal.

If you are still not addressed by CPC for your grievance, you can raise a complaint in the online portal stating the redressal of the grievance petition.


This article gives you a clear idea of What is CPC meaning in Income Tax Department. CPC is a Centralized Processing Centre currently in Bangalore, which processes all your ITR and takes further actions. The CPC unit reviews all the details you provide in your ITR with the data available and sends you intimation under section 143 (1) to your mail. After processing your ITR by CPC, you will receive your refund within the stipulated days.

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