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Class III Digital Signature Certificate

ONLY at ₹1,770/-


  • Class III Signature with Encryption Certificate with 2 years validity
  • USB Token 





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    List of Documents required

    • PAN Card of the Individual
    • Address Proof of the Individual
    • Photo of Director/Partner/Proprietor
    • Contact Number and Email id


    Benefits of Registration

    • Easier and Faster Payment

    With the help of Digital Signature Certificate, one can endure quicker payments and can close a sale quicker. Along with this, the generation of legal agreements, and invoices can be streamlined which would have been slowed on ink.

    • Saves both cost and time

    There might be some cases where one document needs to be signed by multiple parties. In the olden days, these documents would have been couriered to different people for their signature. This would have been an expensive and slow process. With DSC, one can simply send the document to many people over the internet and ask them to digitally sign the document.

    • Enhanced Security

    Digital Signature offers more security than tradition pen and paper signatures. Pen and paper signatures can be copied fairly easily. Digital signatures on the other hand, is encrypted and thus is protected from tampering.

    • Authenticity

    Wherever pen and paper signature was accepted, digital signature will be accepted too. DSC is valid in any court of law, and in every government office.

    • Enhanced customer service

    In today’s modern age where almost everything has gone digital, people too have become used to doing everything digitally. A lot of businesses are done online through laptops and mobile phones. Digital signature thus prevents the feeling of a change taking place.

    • Environment Friendly

    Since digital signature is done online unlike traditional signatures which were done on paper, the usage of paper is reduced significantly. This will result in lesser environmental pollution and would be better for mother earth in general.


    What is the process to get a DSC issued?

    After filing the DSC application to relevant certifying authority, the applicant has to complete mobile verification as well as video verification.

    Can I download the Digital Signature Certificate?

    DSC can only be downloaded in a specific USB Token. It can’t be downloaded on desktop or can’t be transferred to any other through email.

    What if I misplace the DSC Token?

    DSC once lost can’t be reissued again. A new DSC has to be issued again in such scenario.

    What are the uses of Class III Combo DSC?

    Class III Signature with Encryption DSC is used for filing tender applications along with the filing of returns related to GST, Income Tax, PF, ROC etc

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