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Digital Signature Certificate DGFT


DGFT Certificate with 2 years validity

USB Token

All inclusive price of

₹ 1,999/- only

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    Benefits of Registration

    Easier and Faster Payment

    With the help of Digital Signature Certificate, one can endure quicker payments and can close a sale quicker. Along with this, the generation of legal agreements, and invoices can be streamlined which would have been slowed on ink.


    Wherever pen and paper signature was accepted, digital signature will be accepted too. DSC is valid in any court of law, and in every government office.

    Saves both cost and time

    The obtaining of IEC is a fairly simple and straightforward process where everything that needs to be done can be done online.

    Enhanced customer service

    In today’s modern age where almost everything has gone digital, people too have become used to doing everything digitally. A lot of businesses are done online through laptops and mobile phones. Digital signature thus prevents the feeling of a change taking place.

    Enhanced Security

    Since the registration of IEC Code is based on the PAN number of the business, multiple IEC code based on the place of conducting business is not required. Rather, a single IEC code is enough for one business entity.

    Environment Friendly

    Since digital signature is done online unlike traditional signatures which were done on paper, the usage of paper is reduced significantly. This will result in lesser environmental pollution and would be better for mother earth in general.

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