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earth imaging satellite startup

Earth Imaging Satellite Startup (2023)

Earth Imaging Satellite Startup is a company aiming to revolutionize the way we explore and understand our planet. Thanks to their advanced technology, they can capture detailed images of the Earth from space, tracking changes over time and how climate change is affecting our environment. They can offer information about the state of our oceans, forests, and other ecosystems with algorithms and data processing.

List of earth imaging satellite startups

Below are details of 7 earth imaging satellite startups.

Pixxel: Provider of satellite-based Earth imaging solutions

Bengaluru-based Indian startup Pixxel is developing a constellation of high-resolution Earth-imaging satellites. They provide a global image every day to clients in various global industries.

A constellation of high-throughput hyperspectral Earth-imaging satellites will be built, launched, and equipped with analytical software to extract information from the collected data, acting as a health monitor for the entire planet. Hyperspectral imaging provides information at hundreds of wavelengths.

The use of this technology by satellites makes it possible to find and monitor previously unseen phenomena on the ground. Pixxel’s data platform uses artificial intelligence to provide users with a sandbox-like environment for analyzing satellite imagery. Urban planning, agriculture, mining, and climate change are some of the use cases.

Although Pixxel’s technology uses incredibly small satellites (roughly the size of a beer fridge), it delivers very high-quality imagery at a rhythm that would be difficult even for large existing imagery satellite networks.

The company was founded when Awais Ahmed and Kshitij Khandelwal were still in their final years of college.

Kawa Space – Geospatial Intelligence

Geospatial data can help survey natural resources, monitor iceberg melting, and provide insights for counter-terrorism solutions. Geospatial technology also makes it possible to monitor socioeconomic trends to see how human activities are impacting society.

Geospatial intelligence platforms are being developed by startups and companies in the space technology sector for use in mining, agriculture, and defense. Kawa Space is an Indian startup developing software and basic satellite infrastructure.

The company’s flagship product, the Kawa platform, is an information platform that provides geospatial insights via APIs. The platform provides a simple, fast, and cost-effective way to leverage space intelligence to support business expansion. The startup also collects data on demographics and population density. Travel and real estate are just two of the many industries Kawa Space serves.


GalaxEye, a company founded in 2020, provides multi-sensor imagery via satellites, delivering insights by bringing image data from space. In 2020, a group of businessmen who previously worked with him on the Avishkar Hyperloop project founded his GalaxEye. These included Denil Chawda, Kishan Tucker, Pranit Mehta, Rakshit Bhatt, Sathyanarayanan Chakravarthy, and Suyash Singh.

The startup acquires image data from space and provides insights by providing multi-sensor imagery via satellite. In the absence of atmospheric turbulence, GalaxEye can provide all-weather imagery. The startup’s technology also makes it possible to generate incredibly high-resolution images using a small constellation of satellites. 

Once operational, the Constellation will cover the entire planet within 12 hours. GalaxEye Space’s funding round also marks the start of the company’s commercialization with customers in the US, Europe, and Africa. 

Antaris, the US-based space software provider, is one of the major players in the space technology ecosystem with which GalaxEye has already established partnerships and commercial agreements. The start-up submitted a proposal to IN-SPACE and asked ISRO for help in expanding its partnership and customer base in the coming months.

SatSure: Provider of satellite data for multi-industry

SatSure brings satellite imagery, machine learning, and big data analytics to users, providing data and intelligence services for crop health monitoring and assessment to agricultural finance companies, agricultural input providers, and other stakeholders. 

The company’s platform includes features such as volatility defaults, vegetation index maps, soil nutrient analysis, and fertilizer recommendations. Finance, banking, agriculture, and other industries are specially served.

Devas: Provider of satellite communications services

Devas provide Internet-based multimedia and data services for handheld mobile devices using an IP-based platform. Web access, infotainment, and social applications are among the services offered along with streaming audio, video, and data. S-band satellites and gap fillers make up the satellite constellation.

AgniKul: Developer of space launch vehicles

The platform offers features such as low and high-orbit maneuverability, kerosene-powered engines, 3D-printed cooling systems, multiple launch ports, payload integration, and injectors.

VestaSpace Technology: Provider of satellite-based communication services

A constellation of nanosatellites in low earth orbit has been launched by VestaSpace Technology. It also creates software to manage and monitor missions.

The company provides professional, mission-critical, radio-based communications and monitoring services through system deployments. Enables wireless connectivity for IoT applications. It serves the needs of the commercial, government, and academic sectors.

Wrapping Up

So you got to know about  Earth Imaging Satellite Startup, The companies listed above strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date imagery of our planet, enabling a deep understanding of our global environment in real-time. This is an exciting endeavor with the potential to help you make more informed decisions about how to protect your home.

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