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Forms Used in the Registrar of Companies

As a company owner in India, compliance with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) is essential to maintain the company’s legal status and avoid penalties. One crucial aspect of compliance with the ROC is filing the correct forms within the stipulated deadlines. This article will explore the types of forms companies need to file with the ROC and their significance. We will help you understand the importance of using the correct forms and staying up-to-date with the latest regulations to ensure compliance with the ROC. So let’s dive in and explore the world of forms used in the registrar of companies!

Forms Used in the Registrar of Companies

List of Forms Prescribed under the Companies Act, 2013

For quick and better comprehension, popular forms under the Companies Act are listed here with the appropriate description.

  • INC 1 Name Reservation Application e-Form
  • INC 3 Nominee Consent as to One Person Corporation e-Form
  • INC 4 Change of nomination for One Person Business e-Form, 
  • INC 5 Intimation by One Person Business for Exceeding Requisite Threshold More Over Rs. 50 lakh of Share Capital or Rs. 2 crores of Turnover e-Form
  • INC 6 OPC to Private Limited conversion.
  • INC 8 Certification that all requirements of the Companies Act and laws relevant to incorporation have been met by a practising attorney, chartered accountant, cost accountant, or company secretary
  • INC 9 Each subscriber to the memorandum and each of the first directors listed in the articles declare that they have not been convicted of any crimes in the five years prior and that all of the paperwork submitted to the registrar is true and accurate. Physical
  • INC 11 Physical copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • INC-11A Certificate of Incorporation for Limited Companies upon Conversion from Unlimited Companies Physical
  • INC-11B Physical Certificate of Incorporation for Conversion from a Limited Liability Company to a Publicly Traded Company
  • INC 13 Physical Memorandum of Association
  • INC 14 A a statement that all requirements of the Act and the rules made thereunder concerning the company’s registration under Section 8 and items incidental or supplemental to it have been satisfied. The articles of association have been drafted by the provisions of Section 8 and the rules established thereunder. A practising attorney, Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, or Company Secretary must issue this declaration. Physical
  • INC 15 A declaration from each applicant is included (Section 8 companies), Physical
  • INC 16/17 Licence awarded under Section 8, Physical
  • INC 20A Director’s Declaration for the Commencement of Business
  • INC 22 Notification of a change in the company’s registered office’s circumstances and its e-Form of Verification
  • INC 22A Active Business Tagging Identities and Verification (ACTIVE) e-Form, 
  • INC 24 submits a request to the central government for authorization to alter the company’s name.
  • INC 25 a fresh certificate of incorporation following a name change
  • INC 25A When a public corporation becomes a private firm, an advertisement must be placed in a newspaper.
  • INC 26 Notice of Change of Registered Office from One State Government or Union Territory to Another to Be Published in Newspaper
  • INC 27 Conversion of a company from being publicly traded to being privately held and vice versa, including a company limited by guarantee becoming a company limited by shares
  • CRA 1 Some companies’ maintenance of cost records Physical
  • CRA 2 Form for informing the Central Government e-Form about the company’s employment of a cost auditor
  • CRA 3 Cost Audit Report Type
  • CRA 4 Form for Central Government e-Form submission of cost audit report
  • DIR 2 Physical authorization granted by a person to serve as a business director
  • DIR 3 Before being appointed in an existing company, a director must apply for allotment of a director identification number (DIN).
  • DIR 3 KYC Application for submitting the director’s electronic KYC form
  • DIR 3C Director Identification Number e-Form, Intimation by the Company to the Registrar
  • DIR 3A If a director applicant uses a single name without a last name, they must make a declaration, Physical
  • DIR 3B Physically notifying the company or companies where the person is a director of their DIN
  • DIR 5 Request for Return of DIN
  • DIR 6 Notification of Modifications to Information Specified in DIN Application Electronic Form
  • DIR-8 Notification of a director’s disqualification to a firm, Physical
  • DIR 9 Company must notify the registrar of any directors’ disqualification
  • DIR 10 Physical removal of ineligible directors
  • DIR 11 Director Resignation Notification to Registrar e-Form
  • FC 1 Details to be submitted by Foreign Company
  • FC 2 Foreign business registration e-Form Return of Alteration in Documents
  • FC 3 Yearly accounts and the list of all key locations for foreign companies incorporated in India
  • FC 4 Annual Report of a Foreign Company
  • FC 5 Indian depository Receipts Physical  Nomination
  • CHG-1 Charge Creation and Modification Registration Application (other than those related to debentures)
  • CHG-4 Details for the satisfaction of fee thereon, 
  • CHG-6 Notification of appointment, termination, receivership, or Management, 
  • CHG-9 Request for registration of creation or modification of a charge for debentures or correction of information submitted in connection with such creation or modification
  • MGT-3 Notification of a situation, a change in a situation, a discontinuation of a situation, or the location at which a foreign register must be kept
  • MGT-6 Shareholders without a Beneficial Interest
  • MGT-10 Changes in the promoters’ and top ten shareholders’ shareholding positions
  • MGT-14 Resolutions and agreements must be submitted to the registrar.
  • AOC-5 Notification of the address where the books of accounts are kept

Apart from these, many more forms serve various purposes regarding company compliance. Do visit the official website of the Ministry of corporate affairs to know more in detail.

FAQs: Forms Used in the Registrar of Companies

What is ROC filing?

ROC filing is the term used to describe the obligatory submission of financial statements and yearly reports by companies having Indian corporate registrations to the Registrar of Companies (ROC).

Which form is to be registered with the registrar of companies?

The type of company and the reason for registration will determine the form that must be submitted to the Registrar of Companies. With an OPC, for instance, the incorporation is done using Form INC-2, and the filing of resolutions and agreements is done using Form MGT-14.

What are the forms to be filed with ROC?

Depending on the objective of the filing, several forms must be submitted to ROC. Form AOC-4 is submitted for financial statements, whereas yearly returns are submitted using Form MGT-7A (For Small Companies and OPC’s) and Form MGT-7 (For other than small companies and OPC)

What is DIR 8 form?

DIR 8 form is a declaration of disqualification by a director. It must be filed by a director every year with the ROC.

What is a DIR-3 KYC form?

DIR-3 KYC form is a Know Your Customer (KYC) form that must be filed by all company directors with the ROC annually. The purpose of the form is to ensure that the information about the director is accurate and up-to-date.


In conclusion, forms are crucial to compliance with the Registrar of Companies in India. Different forms used in the registrar of companies are used for different purposes, such as incorporation, filing financial statements, and annual returns. Companies must file the correct forms within the stipulated deadlines to maintain their legal status and avoid penalties. Companies can ensure compliance and operate smoothly by staying up-to-date with the latest forms and regulations.

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