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gst certification course by government

GST Certification Course By Government (2023 List)

In the current era, where technology is transforming the market on a daily basis, choosing government courses presents an excellent opportunity. The government’s GST course is one of the options.

GST certification course by government are perfect for CAs, business secretaries, accounting, tax, and finance professionals, and students aspiring to do the same. The Ministry of MSME provides certification. This course aims to increase your knowledge by providing up-to-date information about Goods and Services Tax (GST) and improving your analytical and problem-solving skills and decision-making.

In the article below, we will discuss everything in detail. Let’s get into it.

Which is the Best GST Certification Course?

People who want to enhance their knowledge and decision-making skills for self-employment and employment in the industry can enroll in the GST certification course. 

Below are the best GST courses in India.

GST Certification Course By Government

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)

ICAI introduced GST & Indirect Tax Commission, a certificate course on GST, to improve your GST skills and knowledge.

The website contains all valuable resources on GST. i.e., ACT, Regulations, and Laws of GST.

ICAI offers two GST courses: 

  • Certificate Courses
  •  GST Advanced Certificate Courses

Eligibility: These courses are only available to chartered accountants.

Duration: 10-day course (Option I – Saturday and Sunday only, Option 2 – Monday to Friday – 2 weeks) (9:30 pm to 5:30 pm)

Fee: The course fee is 10,000 plus. GST @18% for certificate courses and 14,000.- plus GST for advanced certificate courses.

Learning Resources: The background material is available in softcopy on the e-learning portal. Every day, there is a mandatory review submission. Session recordings will be available to candidates for two months.

CPE Hours: candidates will receive 25 hours of structured CPE hours upon completion of the course and 5 hours of structured CPE hours upon passing the exam.

Course Coverage: This course covers every aspect of GST, from introduction to conclusion with an ethical discussion.

Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India (ICWAI)

Likewise, ICWAI offers two courses.

  • Certificate Course on GST
  • Advanced Certificate Course on GST

Duration: Course duration is 72 hours for GST Accredited Courses and 40 hours for GST Advanced Courses.

Fees: Certificate courses are Rs 14000 plus GST, and exam fees of Rs 1000 plus GST.

Eligibility and application: This course is for professional members such as CS, CA, MBA, Mcom, legal executives, CMA prospective students, or final-year students.

Relationship manager or student support: Notifications and details are available on the website. One should keep an eye on the website for updates and notifications.

Course content: Course Content is similar to the Basic GST Course.

Added benefits: Study materials and sample exam questions are provided to students.

The Institute of company secretary of India (ICSI)

Duration: The course will take between 15 and 20 hours to complete. Conducted once a week, each session lasts 2 hours.

Fees: The course fee is a non-refundable fee of Rs7500 + tax.

Eligibility and application: courses are for ICSI Members or Executive Program students.

Faculty: Faculty are experienced and courses are delivered via live webinars, recorded versions, and PowerPoint presentations.

Relationship manager or student support: Notices and details are maintained on the website. Keep an eye on the website for updates and notifications.

Course content: Course is a basic course with a final exam. The assessment includes MCQ and a project report with a weight of 50%. The official website contains a detailed syllabus.

Added benefits- Upon course completion, it offers 15 structured CPE.

Arun Jaitley National Institute of Financial Management (AJNIFM )

Offers GST courses as accredited courses for GST. Established in 1993, Arun Jaitley National Institute of Financial Management is a registered company of the Ministry of Finance. It gives people experience in administrative and governmental reforms. 

Duration: The course period is divided into 4 Sundays. That’s 25 hours of web-based learning for one month.

Fees:- Course fee is Rs12,500 plus tax.

Eligibility and application: Members of ICSI are eligible to enroll in courses.

Faculty: Faculties are top institutes graduates with industry experience in India and abroad.

Course content: Combines web-based and self-study. The course content is almost the same for all GST courses. The official website contains a detailed syllabus.

Added benefits: Online testing is done at the end of the course, and ICSI and NIFM together grant certification.

GST India expert .com

The GST India expert .com provides an interactive GST platform for GST-related events, case studies, articles, webinars, etc. It provides GST training to bridge the gap between your skilled workforce and your business needs.

They provide two GST Executive courses, GSTE and GSTEP:

Duration:  GSTE program consists of a 1-month course with 3 hours of classes and a 2-month program with 1.5 hours of classes. GSTEP is a 1.5-month course consisting of 3-hour classes and a 2.5-month course consisting of 1.5-hour classes.

Fees: GSTE fee is Rs 12,000 + service tax, GSTEP fee is Rs 15,000 + tax, and Rs 500 for prospectus and registration fee.

Eligibility and application: This course is for graduate students, accountants, and others who wish to work in this field.

Faculty: They have qualified instructors with business backgrounds.

Job assistance: There is mention of providing employment assistance to students.

Course content: The course has a detailed GST syllabus covering all important topics.

Added benefits: Institute provides placement assistance. Institute provides regular updates, instructional videos, expert articles, discussion forums, seminars, and webinars. 

What Are Free GST Training Courses?

Here are the top free GST courses online:

GST Certification Course By Government

 GST Course By Class Central

Class Central offers two free online GST courses. The course is for students or professionals learning GST. It helps small traders or business owners get their GST and taxes done.

Course 1– Introduction to GST

Learning Mode – Online. It’s a 12-week course.

Course 2 – Goods and Services Tax

Learning Mode – Online. It is a 15-week course.

 GST Course By Udemy

Udemy offers a variety of free online GST courses.

Special Note – Certification is only available if you choose the paid version.

 GST Course by CA Piyush Gupta

Learning Mode – The course is Online.

Duration – 1 hour 12 minutes on-demand video in simple language.

Course content: All aspects of GST.

  Gst Course By Veer Tutorial 

This course explains how GST works in India. Students are also taught how to use  GST in Tally software. 

Learning Mode – Online

Course content: The course is designed with a broad scope in mind, and it is for anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of GST from the ground up.

 GST Course By ICT Academy

It is a course called GST in 90 minutes.

Experts include CA senior executives, indirect tax experts, industry captains, and more.

Learning Mode – Online

Course content:  It covers all the fundamentals of GST, including its benefits and tax implications. The course is a tutorial in which industry veterans share their knowledge.

Who Can Do the GST Certification Course?

The following individuals can enroll for the GST certification course.

  • Students seeking career opportunities in the tax field
  • Graduates in the arts, commerce, or sciences
  • Aspiring lawyers, Chartered Accountants, and Management Accountants
  • Financial experts, etc.

What Is the Golden Rule of GST?

The golden rules of GST are:

  • Small traders under INR 200,000 are exempt from GST.
  • Exceeding the threshold requires GST registration.
  • The composition scheme separates GST rates up to 75 lakhs, but no ITCs and interstate supplies are not allowed.
  • To claim GST, ITC registration is a must. Also, all deliveries, including sales transactions, must be confirmed on the GSTN portal. The buyer or seller must pay the applicable GST amount and file the corresponding monthly returns without issues.
  • File only GSTR 1 details for all supplies. The remaining GSTR-2 and GSTR-3 are auto-populated based on buyer details. Only electronic payment is accepted, and any refunds are processed in the first 90% right away and the remaining 90% for 90 days.

What Is the Eligibility Criteria for GST Practitioner?

The eligibility criteria for GST Practitioner is divided into two conditions.

Basic condition:

  • One must be a citizen of India.
  • One must be of sound mind.
  • One must not be declared insolvent.
  • One must not have been convicted for an offence with imprisonment for more than two years.

 Education and Work Experience:

  • One must meet the required education or work experience as part of the GST Practicing Eligibility Criteria below.
  • A retired officer of the State Government’s Commercial Tax Division or the Central Board of Excise and Customs who has held a position equivalent to a Group-B gazetted officer for at least two years.
  • Registered Tax Return Preparer or Sales Tax Practitioner for at least 5 years.
  • Graduate or postgraduate degrees or its equivalent examination, with a degree in Commerce, Law, or Banking, including Advanced Accounting, Business Administration, or Corporate Management from Indian Universities established by law currently in force or recognized foreign Universities.
  • Pass additional examination announced by the Government for this purpose:

➤Passed the final examination of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

➤Passed the final examination of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India.

➤Passed the final exam of the Institute of Company Secretary of India.

What Is the Salary of a GST Practitioner?

In India, a GST Practitioner earns an average salary of Rs. 4.9 – 6.4 lakhs. Salary depends on skills and organization. So master your field and build a great career.

How Many Chapters Are There in GST?

The Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST) Act 2017 has 21 chapters and 174 sections.

FAQs:GST Certification Course By Government

Who is the father of GST?

Atal Bihari Vajpayee is the father of GST.

Which exam is clear for GST officers?

Individuals eligible to register as GST practitioners must pass an exam administered by NACIN.

What is the validity of the GST certificate?

GST certificate has lifetime validity.

Is a GST practitioner a promising career?

The GST Practitioner is ideal for those wishing to continue their tax career.

Wrapping Up

Explore the best GST-accredited courses in 2022 to help you become a GST practitioner. All courses are conducted by a highly qualified Chartered Accountant and GST expert. We, therefore, recommend contacting these portals. 

These portals have first-hand information and descriptions of new reports and changes. We hope this article helps you choose the right GST course. Click Here, to check out more GST related articles.

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