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GST Self-Service Portal (Unlimited Guide)

GST Self-Service Portal allows taxpayers to voice concerns or issues regarding the GST system and its services. The GST Self-Service Portal is the official government website for submitting complaints, tracking GST refunds, complaints, notifications, etc. Taxpayers can clarify their GST questions through this portal. This article describes the government self-service portal for GST inquiries.

What is GST login ID and password?

Your GST Login ID is the username you use to log into your GSTIN portal account. This username was created when you first signed up for GSTIN.

The password must be 8 to 15 characters (minimum length is 8 characters, the maximum length is 15 characters) and consists of at least 1 number, special character, and letter (at least one uppercase letter and one lowercase letter).

How do I log into my GST homepage?

The GST Search caters to two types of users:

  • Existing users
  • New users

Here is a step-by-step guide to login to the new GST Portal

Current Users

For current users, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the login button to access the GST Portal.
  1. Enter your username, password, and captcha code, and click Login 
  1. You have completed the login process to the GST Portal. You can access the dashboard from the following page.

New User

If you are a new user, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the GST website and click the login button 
  1. On the login page, click here on the first login line: if you are login in for the first time,  click here to log in.
  1. Enter provisional ID/ GSTIN/UIN  and password received on email
  1. Enter the new username and password and click on submit
  1. Return to the login page and enter your new credentials to log in.

How do I check my GST ticket?

The Government provides the ability to check the ticket or issue status on the GST Grievance Portal.

There is a very simple method provided on the GST grievance portal. Below is the step-by-step process.

Select Check Status
Select Check Status
  • Next Select Check Ticket/Issue Status.
Enter the 15-digit Ticket Reference Number
Enter the 15-digit Ticket Reference Number
  • Here you will need to enter the 15-digit Ticket Reference Number that was generated when your complaint was successfully submitted.
  • Enter the captcha code.
  • Details will be sent to your registered email ID when the above procedures are completed. 

How do I raise a GST ticket?

Steps to raise a ticket on the GST Grievance Redressal portal –

Step 1. Go to the GST self-service portal.

Click on report issue button
Click on report issue button

Step 2. Click on the blue-colored REPORT ISSUE/COMPLAINT button.

Enter a keyword in  Type of Issue or concern box
Enter a keyword in Type of Issue or concern box

Step 3. In the Type of Issue/ Concern textbox, enter the keyword for the concerned problem.

A list of problems pop-ups
A list of problems pop-ups

Step 4. Enter a keyword and the system will pop up a list of problems. From there you have to select exactly the problem you are facing.

Step 5. If no matches are available for the keywords, you can select the most relevant category and subcategory from the drop-down lists that appear next to Issue/Concern Type.

Step 6. Selecting the most relevant issue from the dropdown list will take you to the User Guide and FAQ section related to that issue. Refer to these FAQs to resolve your issue.

Step 7. If the FAQ does not solve your problem, select No, I would like to file a complaint. Clicking this will open the ticket details page where you can enter the details and lodge your complaint.

Enter your GSTIN/ARN/TRN
Enter your GSTIN/ARN/TRN

a) Enter your GSTIN/ARN/TRN. Here, ARN refers to the Application Reference Number and TRN refers to the Ticket Reference Number or PAN (i.e. Permanent Account Number).

b) Enter your first name, last name, mobile phone number, and email address.

c) Describe your problem in 500 words or less in the Problem description text box.

 Attach screenshots or images or reference files
Attach screenshots or images or reference files

d) You can choose from the system to attach screenshots/images/reference files. To attach multiple files, use the Add button.

e) Enter the captcha code in the text box as shown.

f) Click Submit and select Yes for Confirmation to continue.

Step 8. After you submit your complaint, the system will generate a referral number (ie ticket). Using this number, you can check the status of your complaint at any time on the portal by clicking the Check Status option.

How do I download GST Challan?

Click on Services, then Challan History
Click on Services, then Challan History

To download Paid Challan, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to GST portal ➜ Services ➜ Payment ➜ Challan History
Enter the CPIN number
Enter the CPIN number
  1. Enter the CPIN number.
  1. Challan appears on the screen.
  1. Click the Download button at the bottom of Challan.
  1. Download GST Paid Chalan in PDF format.

What is the new features GST portal in 2022?

Below is an overview of the new features available on the GST Portal.

1. Registration

Form/FunctionalityFunctionality made available for Taxpayers
Enable the core change link for taxpayers who cannot update their bank accountIf a taxpayer did not update their bank account details on the GST Portal within a certain period of time after being allowed to register, they could not submit a request for major changes to their registration details. Other scenarios are possible. ie. updating bank account details with non-core changes that fail if the name is updated in the CBDT database after registration is granted.
To address such scenarios, the submission of major change requests pending bank account updates is enabled on the portal for newly registered taxpayers.
Added a new field while submitting a reply to notification of GST REG 04 formAfter submitting the description on form REG-04, each tab of the registration module will display a pop-up window with two options:
  Open All Allowed Fields
   Open fields with Queries raised through REG-03

2. Returns

Form/FunctionalityFunctionality made available for Taxpayers
Modifications implemented in GSTR-3B formUnder section 9(5) of the CGST Act 2017, operators of e-commerce businesses (ECOs) are required to pay taxes on the provision of certain services notified by the government, such as ie. Passenger transportation, accommodation, housekeeping, and restaurant services.
Late fee exemption until 28 July 2022 for late filing of returns on Form GSTR-4 (Annual) for 2021-2022Late fees are waived for filing GSTR-4 Form (Annual) returns by 28 July 2022.
If the taxpayer had previously submitted Form GSTR-4 and paid the late fee, it was refunded by the system and credited to the affected taxpayer’s electronic ledger
Generation of GSTR-11 based on GSTR-1/5 for UIN holderUIN holders will submit quarterly details of incoming shipments on Form GSTR-11 and claim a refund for the applicable quarter on Form GST RFD-10. To facilitate UIN holders and authenticate refund claims, auto-filling of GSTR-11 forms based on submitted GSTR-1/5 is enabled in the portal.
In these fields, inbound shipment details under RCM from form GSTR-1/5 submitted by the supplier and automatically filled in form GSTR-11 by UIN are disabled in the portal.

HSN-based verification implemented in the form of GSTR-9The Government has mandated that taxpayers with turnover below Rs 5 crore report HSN at a minimum 4-digit level and taxpayers with turnover over Rs 5 crore at 6 digit level.
Therefore, for a taxpayer with an AATO up to Rs.5 crore and a taxpayer with AATO above Rs.5 crore, report his HSN of 4 digits and his 6 digits respectively in Table 17 of Form GSTR 9 validation has been implemented in the portal, for FY 2021-22.
Change of HSN length verification in form GSTR-1In Phase 1, AATO-based verification will be implemented in the portal, with taxpayers with AATO up to INR 5 crore reporting at least a double-digit HSN and taxpayers with AATO above INR 5 Crore reporting at least 4 digit HSN in GSTR-1.
Phase 2 for taxpayers with AATO whose minimum length of his HSN to enter in Table 12 of Form GSTR-1 exceeds Rs 5 Crore raises from 4 to 6 digits, for both online and offline mode, on the portal.
ITC Invalid/Ineligible Comparison – Change LabelTaxpayers will correctly report ITC claims, ITC cancellations, and ineligible ITCs according to the new format in Table 4 of GSTR-3B on the GST Portal for the GSTR-3B filings for the period starting from the August 2022 report recommended.

3. Refund

Form/FunctionalityFunctionality made available for Taxpayers
Filing a Refund Request in Form RFD-01 for Tax-Free ExportsTaxpayers must upload invoice details for Statement 3 when submitting a refund under the category “Refund of Unused ITC for Export (No Tax Payment)” on Form RFD-01.
If the export value declared on the bill of lading is different from the value declared on the tax invoice, the lower of the two values ​​will be considered to process the refund of the unused input tax credit due to the non-taxable export of the goods.
Therefore, the “FOB Value” column is added to the Declaration 3 format to allow taxpayers to declare the value when claiming a refund.
Changes in Form GST RFD-01 and PMT-03Changes in the time limit for submitting refund requests on form GST RFD-01
Taxpayers can revise the inadmissible amount after submitting the “Undertaking for PMT-03 of Inadmissible amount.”

What is the punishment if GST is not paid?

Section 122(2) states that any registered person who fails to pay tax or makes a partial payment of tax on supplies is liable to a penalty equal to the greater of

10% of the tax not paid or short paid, or



Can we claim GST on Irctc ticket?

Yes, if you travel for business and enter your GSTIN when booking your train ticket, you can claim GST input credit.

Can we take GST on an air ticket?

Yes, as long as the trip is for business purposes only, you can claim a GST deduction for the tax paid on the air ticket.

Is Saturday a working day for the GST department?

Saturday and Sunday are non-working days for the GST department.

Can I raise the bill without GST?

No, you cannot raise a bill without GST. As per the law, the invoice must bear the GST number. The seller is not authorized to charge GST from the customer if GSTIN is not mentioned in the invoice.

Wrapping Up

Taxpayers have access to a self-service portal. With this portal, you don’t have to wait in line for a service desk agent to answer your phone, write an email to report a concern, or receive notification of a shared ticket number after your interaction. You could instead create a ticket directly from the Self-Service Portal.

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