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gst tax invoice format in excel

GST Tax Invoice Format in Excel (2023 Updated)

A GST bill format contains particular invoice fields as required by GST law. Details include the list of goods or services offered, their prices, quantities, tax rates and the total amount to be paid. A company can format its GST invoice using various tools such as Word, Excel, and PDF. However, to create GST-compliant invoices, excel is widely used tool. 

Here is a detailed guide about the GST tax invoice format in excel, creating one, and how different software helps you generate GST-compliant invoices in seconds.

The GST law requires registered taxpayers to issue GST invoices whenever they make a sale. The GST invoice not only enables the seller to receive payments but also to claim input tax credits under the new tax system.

How do I Create a GST Invoice in Excel?

Follow these simple steps to create an invoice in Excel:

1. Open a Blank Excel Workbook

Open Microsoft Excel on your desktop, click Open a Blank Workbook, and then start a new invoice. A new blank spreadsheet will open.

2. Remove Gridlines

To remove the gridlines for invoice preparation, go to the View tab and uncheck Gridlines in the Show/Hide section.

3. Create an Invoice Header

Add a header to the invoice. Include the following important details:

  • Your business logo
  • Contact information for your business
  • The date of the invoice
  • A distinct invoice number

4. Add the Client’s Information

Add client contact information, including the name and address of the relevant contact, email, and phone number.

5. List the Payment Due Date

Specify the due date for the invoice. Write out the entire due date, such as Payment Due December 31, 2022, rather than more ambiguous terms like Payment Due in 30 Days.

6. Add an Itemized List of Services

Make a thorough list of the services you provided. Create columns for each service description, effort or hours, and price. Then, for each service listed, include a final column with a subtotal.

7. Add the Total Amount Owing

The spreadsheet can do the math for you, which is one advantage of creating invoices in Excel. To calculate the total amount, use the SUM function in Excel and add it to the end of the invoice. For example, if you need to add up the subtotals in Column C from cells four through eight to calculate the total due, just enter the following formula in cell C9:


8. Include Your Payment Terms

Add terms of payment at the bottom of the invoice. This includes details of accepted payment methods and late fee policies.

GST Tax Invoice Format in Excel

Excel invoice format

Which Software Is Best for GST Billing?

Some software for GST billing is

NameSupported PlatformsFree Trial
Gen-GSTDesktop & OnlineYes
HDPOS Smart Accounts and BillingMac, Windows, Android, iosNo
Just BillingCloud, Windows, and AndroidFree for 15 days.
Tally ERP 9Mac, Windows, Android, iosFree for 7 days
VyaparCloud, Windows, and AndroidLifetime Free Basic Plan
QuickBooksCloud, Windows, and AndroidYes – 30 Days
CaptainBizMac, Windows, Android, iosFree for 14 days
Zoho BooksCloud, Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, and iOSYes for 14 Days
GST Billing Software

How to Make GST Tax Invoice in a Word?

You can also create a GST invoice using Microsoft Word. Here are the steps to create an invoice in Microsoft Word:

1. Open Microsoft Excel

Open Microsoft Word and create a blank Word document.

2. Insert Tables

Click  ‘Insert’ tab and click on ‘Table’. Select ‘Insert Tables’ and change the number of rows and columns as per your need. Say, you needs a 5 x 15 table. This is a table with 6 columns and 14 rows. 

3. Customize columns

Adjust the size of each column according to the detail required for that particular column. To do this, click the ‘Layout’ tab and change the dimensions in the ‘Width’ section.

4. Enter Company Details and Extra Details

Enter company data such as company name, address, postal code, and GSTIN. 

Then enter other details such as invoice date, order number, and invoice due date.

5. Provide Customer Details

 This includes the customer’s company name, address, zip code, and GSTIN/UIN details.

6. Add HSN/SAC Codes

Under the customer details, including a section explaining the goods or services sold, HSN/SAC code, quantity, price, total amount, and the GST rate that applies.

Word doesn’t allow formulas, so you’ll need to prepare all your calculations and enter the final numbers in the appropriate sections.

7. Add Bank Details

Provide your bank details, such as bank name, account number, and IFSC code.

8. Provide a Section for Signatures

Provide a section for the authorized signatory of your company.

 How Do I Make a PDF Invoice?

Ensure that your digital invoice complies with your tax and accounting requirements. 

Also, ensure your invoice has an electronic signature, as it may require a signature for approval. Electronic signatures are legal and needed in many other countries.

Acrobat Sign lets you create digitally fillable and signable invoice templates.

First, create a document in your favorite application (Word, Excel, etc.). Then carry out the following steps in Adobe Acrobat:

  • Click Tools and select Form Preparation.
  • Please select a file. Acrobat analyzes the document and creates a fillable PDF.
  • Add a new form field using the top toolbar.
  • Save a fillable PDF.
  • Share with your client to ensure proper completion and signature.

What Is the Format of the GST Invoice?

A GST Invoice has no set format, but it must include the following information:

(a) The supplier’s name, address, and GSTIN

(b) A unique serial number that is consecutive, in one or more series, and contains letters, numbers, special characters like hyphens, dashes, and slashes, which are represented by the symbols “-” and “/,” respectively, as well as any combination of these.

(c) Date of issue

(d) The recipient’s name, address, and GSTIN or UIN, if registered

(e) If the recipient is not registered and the taxable supply has a value of at least 50,000 Rupees, the recipient’s name, address, and the address of delivery, along with the state’s name and code, must be provided.

(f) Goods HSN code or service accounting code

(g) Product or service description

(h) Quantity for goods, including unit or special quantity code.

(i) Total value of goods or services supplied or both

(j) The taxable value of the supply of goods or services, or both, after any discount or abatement

(k) The tax rate (central tax, state tax, integrated tax, union territory tax, or cess).

(l) The amount of tax levied on taxable goods or services (central tax, state tax, integrated tax, union territory tax, or cess)

(m) In the case of a supply made during interstate trade or commerce, the place of supply and the state’s name are included.

(n) Delivery address where it differs from the place of supply

(o) Whether the tax is payable on a reverse charge basis 

(p) Supplier’s or his authorized representative’s signature or digital signature

What Is Format of GST Payment Voucher?

A Payment Voucher is a type of GST invoice issued by a registrant and subject to reverse charge. A payment invoice is proof of the goods and services received by such registrant from the supplier. The format of GST Payment Voucher:

Payment voucher

How Do I Add 12% GST in Excel?

To begin, you should know that you can calculate your applicable GST using a mathematical formula.

The GST tax formula is straightforward. Multiply the cost of the product by the GST rate for that product or service and multiply by 100. 

Let us assume the following for this section:

  • The base price for goods or services excluding GST is 2000.
  • The GST percentage for this particular product is 12%.

Then you can easily calculate GST by following these steps:

1.  First, create a suitable spreadsheet showing the product’s base price and then create the GST in Excel. It will be

2Base Price of the Goods5000
3GST Percentage12%
4GST Amount —-
5Value of Goods With GST —–
Calculation Of GST

2. The most straightforward method, in this case, would be to multiply the value of the goods by the applicable GST percentage. In this instance, enter  B2*B3 into cell B4.

3. Excel immediately runs the function and displays the GST amount in cell B4 (600 in this case).

4. Add cells B2 and B4 to find the value of the goods with GST in cell B5.

5. The formula pasted into the formula box looks like this: = B2+B4

What Is the Punishment for a Fake GST Invoice?

Issuing fraudulent invoices leads to illegal transactions. Creation and trading of false invoices are prohibited. While creating or using fake invoices may provide short-term benefits to affected parties, the consequences of such violations can be severe.

A fine of Rs.1000 will be imposed or the amount of tax involved  (whichever is greater). Also, if the forged invoice contains a tax amount exceeding  Rs. 5 crores, he will be subject to imprisonment under Section 132 under certain circumstances. This offense is punishable by imprisonment of up to five years, as well as retrieval of unjustified input tax credits with interest and fines.

Apart from this, any person who assists in the preparation of these invoices or accompanies such invoices in a transaction shall be subject to a fine of Rs.25,000 or the applicable tax amount (whichever is greater). 

FAQs:- GST Tax Invoice Format in Excel

Who can issue GST tax invoices?

Any registered person who purchases goods or services from an unregistered person must issue both a payment voucher and a tax invoice.

Are GST invoices and tax invoices the same?

Yes, GST invoices and tax invoices are the same things.

Can the GST invoice be handwritten?

Yes, GST invoices can be handwritten. Invoices can be printed, digital, handwritten, or hieroglyphic as long as they contain all the required information.

Does the GST invoice need a signature?

According to the CGST Rules, an authorized representative of the entity issuing the invoice must physically sign all invoices (including credit notes and debit notes).

Is a physical invoice mandatory for GST?

No, a physical invoice is not mandatory for GST.

Wrapping UP

Fortunately, creating the ideal invoice is simple. It is critical to be aware of the elements that should be included in your invoice, as well as to present them effectively so that your customer understands the invoice and pays it on time.

Hope this article explained everything in detail about GST Tax Invoice Format in Excel.

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