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How do I check my GST validation (2023 Update)

Businesses with a total yearly revenue of more than Rs. 40 lakhs are required to register for GST in the majority of states.

Businesses involved in import or export, interstate supply, e-commerce, and other similar conditions must obtain GST registration mandatory regardless of yearly aggregate turnover, in addition to the criteria for aggregate sales.

In this article, we will look in detail at the process to check your GST validation.

Let’s dive into the topic. 

How do I check my GST validation?

To check your GST validation, you can follow these easy steps below.

  • Open the official GST portal and log in to your account with a valid username and password. 
Search Taxpayer
  • Next, tap on the Search Taxpayer option in the upper tab. 

  • Now enter your valid GSTIN/UIN number. 
  • Enter the captcha code and tap on the Search option.
  • Here you can check your GST validation.  

What is a validator in GST?

You can use the GSTIN validator to check whether the GSTIN structure is accurate or not. Also keep in mind that just because a GSTIN’s structure is accurate, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the GSTIN actually exists. 

Use the Search GSTIN capability to find GSTIN information or to determine whether a GSTIN is valid.

What is GSTIN validation API?

The GST Verification API is a digital solution that enables businesses to complete KYC by verifying the GSTIN number of registered businesses. The GSTIN API helps provide perfect GSTIN-linked results. The user simply enters her GSTIN number into the system.

 APIs accept GSTINs as API requests and respond with validated data such as GSTIN, company name, company terms, and address. The GST Extract API uses OCR functions to retrieve information from the top of the GST certificate and validate this information.

How do I validate a GST return?

To validate your GST return status, follow the steps below: 

  • Go to the GST portal. 
  • Log in with your user I’d and password.

Track return filing status
  • Next, go to Services > Returns > Track Return Status.
Return filing period
  • Now choose the Return filling period
  • From the drop-down list, choose the return filing period and tap on search. 

How to check GST number is valid or not?

You can verify the GSTIN on your invoice by following these steps:

  1. Go to https://www.gst.gov.in >  click ‘SearchTaxpayer’ and ‘Search by GSTIN/UIN’.
  2. Enter GSTIN and click ‘Search’.

If GSTIN is correct, you will see the following screen with your company name, state, registration date, etc.

If the GSTIN is incorrect, it will say ‘The GSTIN/UIN you have entered is invalid. Please enter a valid GSTIN/UIN.’

GSTIN is valid even if you see an ‘Active pending verification’ message in the portal.

Can we verify the GST number online?

Yes, you can verify the GST number through the official portal of GST.

Does GST number expire?

For regular taxpayers, a GST number does not expire. 

What is the validity of GST registration?

There is no expiration date for regular taxpayers’ GST registrations until they are canceled or surrendered.

What is pending for validation in GST?

Pending for validation means after application submission but prior to the generation of ARN at the GST portal. 

What is pending records (these will be added after validation)?

When an unregistered entity enters their ISD credit details, they are redirected to the page with the message  ‘Invoice is added under Processed Invoices > Pending records (These will be added after validation) under Eligible ITC tab.’ A pending record means that your application will be reviewed by a GST officer before it is verified. 

What is pending for clarification in GST?

If the tax authorities are not satisfied with the GST registration application or the documents submitted, a notice is issued to the taxpayer. In such cases, the application’s status changes to ‘Pending for clarification’.

How can we verify GST NO is genuine or fake?

You can verify whether the GST number is fake or genuine by following the steps below: 

  • Visit the official GST portal.
  • Click on the Search Taxpayer option 
  • Enter your GSTIN number and click on the Search option. 
  • If the GSTIN number is genuine you will see the name of the company, date of registration, GSTIN status, date, etc. 
  • If the GST number is fake, you will see an error showing “your GSTIN/UIN number is invalid. Please enter a valid GSTIN number” 

What is the punishment for fake GST invoice?

Under Section 122, a fine of Rs. 10,000 or the amount of tax involved is penalized (whichever is greater). 

In certain cases, when the fake invoices involve a tax amount of more than Rs 5 crore, it is also punishable by imprisonment under Section 132.

How do you validate the invoice?

You may be sure that your company is only paying what it has agreed to pay for its energy by doing regular monthly validation.

  • Determine the proper fees that seem to have been assessed based on your existing supply.
  • Verify the accuracy of the entire supply chain to make sure that each fee has been properly allocated.
  • Recognize errors.
  • Recover these sums from your vendors.

Why is a GST number rejected?

The application in Form GST REG-01 is rejected if you do not respond to the notice with an explanation or if the GST officer is still not satisfied with the clarification of new documents. The decision is made in Form GST REG-05.

FAQs: How do I check my GST validation

1. What is the penalty for a GST audit?

There is no particular provision. It is therefore subject to a Rs. 25,000 general fine.

2. Is it mandatory to verify the return?

Your return will be regarded as incomplete if you don’t check right away, and you will be subject to all penalties for incomplete returns under the Income Tax Act of 1961.

3. What is API in GST?

API stands for “Application Programming Interface.” An API acts as a bridge between two applications, allowing them to communicate with one another. API is a core part of simplifying GST compliance.

4. Can I search GST number by name?

Yes, you can look up your GST number by name. 

5. What is the expiry date of GST password?

You must change your password after 120 days.


We hope you have a better understanding of how to check your GST validation. For further queries, feel free to reach out to our team. Also, do comment with your queries, and we will be happy to help you. For more such information, visit our website, InstaFiling

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