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how to add additional place of business in gst

How To Add An Additional Place Of Business In GST (Step-By-Step Guide)

GST registration is one of the most common and important indirect tax regimes in India. If you are applying for or already have GST registration, you need to understand how to add a new location to your GST registration. This article details how to add additional place of business in GST.

What is additional place of business in GST?

GST registration is PAN-based and state-specific, so suppliers must register in each state. Therefore, a company with multiple branches in different states must register in each state. On the other hand, a company with multiple branches in the same state can declare one location as its principal place of business and other branches as additional places of business. However, entities with separate lines of business in a single state may choose to register separately.

How do I add a business location to GST?

To add your additional business location to GST after registration, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log in to the GST Portal.

Step 2: Under Services >> Registration >> Amendment of Registration Core Fields.

Step 3:  Click on the Additional place of business in GST (is it compulsory to add an additional place of business in GST) tile and add the asked details. the basic details of the GST change of address you need are

  • Reason for amendment
  • Amendment date

After adding these details, click Save.

Step 4: Click on Add new and add the Details of Additional Places of Your Business.

Step 5: Check the verification box, select the name of the authorized signatory from the drop-down list, and add the additional place of signing your application was signed to complete the validation process.

Submit with DSC

Submit with E-Sign

Submit with EVC

If your application is successfully submitted, you will see the message Successfully submitted on the screen. Also, a confirmation email will be automatically sent to your registered email address and mobile phone number within 15 minutes. 


  • A taxpayer cannot submit a change request if a previous change request has not yet been processed. You can check the status of such applications at the following path: Home > Services > Registration > Track application status.
  • If the taxpayer does not have an additional place of business, to add an additional place of business, first go to the Primary place of business tab and under have an additional place of business tile select Yes must be selected. 
  • Taxpayers can edit existing addresses for additional locations on the Additional Location Details tab. This change requires the approval of the tax authorities.
  • The taxpayer will be notified of the approval/denial status of the application by SMS and email.

What are documents required for Additional Place of Business?

You do not need to prove ownership of all additional premises. Therefore, applicants need only provide information about additional locations. For example:

  • Address data for additional locations
  • Contact address
  • Type of possession
  • Type of business to be carried out on the premises

Can I do multiple businesses with a single GST?

Companies with branches or multiple branches can add multiple companies under the corresponding GST number. Without a doubt, this facility supports business expansion and diversification and contributes to the growth of small and medium enterprises in India.

Entrepreneurs are free to expand their business across large areas of the state without the need for a separate GST registration process. Alternatively, you can set one GST for multiple industries.

What are scenarios where multiple businesses can be added to the same GSTIN?

Here are some notable cases where adding multiple verticles or another department is allowed.

  • Separate business units must be in the same state.
  • Registered businesses under the GST composition scheme are not eligible to use this possibility.
  • All of these business verticals are taxable on their supplies of goods and services to other registered industries in the same category and must issue tax invoices for their supplies.

With all the above requirements in mind, business owners can easily add multiple companies under one GST number.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I add 2 GST numbers to Amazon?

You can add multiple GST numbers of multiple shipping states for identical business entities.

How many additional places of business are in GST?

The taxpayer can add up to Five Hundred business places.

Can we add 2 trade names in GST?

Yes, a GST taxpayer can obtain multiple registrations in the same PAN if in the same state he wishes to operate two different businesses under two different trade names.

Wrapping Up

Change is never easy. The government is trying to ease her transition to GST. It is important to learn from the global economies that adopted GST before us and overcome the initial problems to benefit from a unified tax system and easy deduction rights.

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