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How to add GST number in Amazon order

How to add GST number in Amazon order (2023 Guide)

In order to determine whether and how much GST will be charged on your sales and purchases, Amazon will use your GST identification number. 

For a business account, you can add, update, or remove GST numbers whenever you want.

If you are struggling to add a GST number to your Amazon account, then this article is for you. 

Let’s get started. 

How can I register my GST number online?

To confirm that you pay the correct GST, you must register your company’s GST number with your Amazon Business account.

When you open an Amazon Business account, they will ask you for your GST number.

If your business has operations in many states, you must give the GST number and addresses for each of those locations. You can make sure you pay the appropriate GST on products that ship from other states, by simply entering all of your GST information.

Please take note that it can take up to three business days to validate your Amazon Business account.

Can I add a GST number on Amazon while purchasing?

Yes, you can add a GST number on Amazon while purchasing. 

How do I get a GST invoice from Amazon?

You must register for an Amazon business login account.

Fill out all of your company’s information, including name, address, and GST number.

Then place the order in your company’s name.

The business’s GST will be included on the invoice you receive in this case, and you can only claim GST input credit for such purchases if the goods are required for the expansion of your business.

How do I add a GST number to an Amazon order?

Follow the steps below to add a GST number to an Amazon order. 

  • To check all the GST numbers registered to your account, Visit the Business Settings tab and choose Manage GST. 
  • You can change or remove current GST numbers. Select manage to modify the mailing address and phone number for any current GST number.

Can we claim GST on mobile purchases?

Any goods or services acquired for the “furtherance of business,” as defined in Section 16 of the CGST Act, qualify for an input tax credit. 

Thus, buying a phone does not prevent you from using the Section 17(5) input tax credit. A taxpayer is therefore permitted to ask for an input tax credit for a phone purchase.

How can I get a discount with my GST number?

Suppliers may offer discounts to boost sales or entice customers to pay in advance. Section 15(3) of the CGST Act defines the treatment of discounts. 

Any discounts granted are not included in the value of the supply.

  • If the discount has been documented in the invoice issued in connection with the supply, either before or at the time of the supply; and 
  • After the supply has been made, if—
  1. such discount is expressly connected to pertinent invoices and fixed in accordance with a contract entered into at or before the time of such supply; and
  2. The recipient of the supply has reversed the input tax credit that is related to the discount based on the document issued by the supplier.

Can I claim GST on online purchases?

When you are covered by the GST Act, you have access to the input credit mechanism. This implies that if you are a manufacturer, supplier, agent, e-commerce operator, or aggregator and are registered under GST, you are eligible to claim input credit for the tax you paid on your purchases.

To be eligible for GST benefits on your purchase from an online retailer, you simply need to pick a product, add it to your cart, place your order, and then select “use GST invoice” from the order summary.

Who will pay GST, buyer or seller?

In general, GST is paid by the supplier of the good or service. However, under the reverse-charge system, the recipient may be liable in some situations, such as imports and other registered supplies.

How can I add the GST number to Flipkart?

You can follow the easy steps below to add your GST number to Flipkart: 

  • First, go to the Flipkart website or the application. 
  • Search for the product you want to buy and tap on “Buy Now”. 
  • Next, choose your address and go to Order Summary. 
  • Enable the “Use GST invoice” option.
  • Add the GST number and the organization name. 
  • Next, tap on the Submit button. 

Note: Not all Flipkart merchants are required to include their GST numbers. Before buying from the seller, make sure that the option “GST Invoice Available” is present in the specified area.

FAQs: How to add GST number in Amazon order

1. What is GST credit not available on Amazon?

If you are unable to see a GST credit for your orders, you can contact sellers to ask about the status of their GST filing. 

Ensure that your GST number is included on your invoice. If the invoice does not include your GST number, you cannot ask the merchant for a GST credit.

2. Can I claim GST on a laptop purchase?

Yes, if you buy something from a retailer who has registered for GST and get a tax invoice or debit note. A claim for input credits can be submitted.

3. Is GST added after the discount?

Discounts that are granted before or during the sale can be deducted from the transaction value at that time; no GST will be charged to those discounts.

4. Can I purchase goods without a GST number?

Yes, even without a GST registration, you can make an interstate purchase of Rs. 1,20,000.

5. Can I register GST on my own?

Yes, you can easily register for GST online on the official GST portal. 

6. Does Apple give GST invoices?

GST is included in all prices on apple.com and will be mentioned on your invoice.


Now you have clarity on how to add a GST number to an Amazon order. For further queries, comment below or reach out to our expert team. For more such details on GST, visit our website, InstaFiling.

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