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how to change authorised signatory in gst

How To Change Authorized Signatory In GST (Step-By-Step Guide)

GST registration is very important for starting an e-commerce business. It is common to ask how to change authorized signatory in GST and other changes that may have been inadvertently added during GST registration after the GST application has been completed and processed. We always recommend that you provide all information correctly at the time of the GST registration process.

Who is primary Authorised signatory in GST?

An Approved Signatory is a person authorized by the taxpayer to carry out activities on the GST Portal on behalf of the taxpayer. You will not be able to submit her new GST registration application without selecting a primary signatory. Authorized signatories must not be minors. PAN is mandatory for Approved Signatories.

During the GST registration process, you must provide the authorized signatories email address and mobile phone number. In a company, the appointment of an approved signatory requires a resolution of the board of directors. 

You can add up to 10 authorized signatories. If there are multiple authorized signatories, one must nominate one of them as the primary authorized signatory. You can only add one primary signatory.

Who can be an Authorised signatory?

The following persons can act as authorized signers on the GST Portal:

For individuals:

The person himself or, if the person is not in India, another person duly authorized by the person.

For Hindu Undivided Family (HUF):

If Karta or Karta is absent in India, or is mentally ill, another adult in the family or another person authorized by Karta will handle the matter.

For companies:

A Managing Director, Director, Chief Executive Officer, or other authorized signatory designated by the Board of Directors.

For Partnership Firm or LLP:

Partners or other persons authorized by Partners.

How to change primary Authorised signatory?

 To change your primary Authorised signatory follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to the GST portal with your login credentials. 

Amendment of Registration Non Core Fields

Step 2: On the Services tab, click the registration bar and select Non-Core Amendment.

 Step 3: Click authorized signatory.

Add new authorized signatory

 Step 4: Add a new authorized signatory with the email and mobile number that the user would like to use and fill out the entire page as you would for a new registration.

 Step 5: Check the verification box and apply.

 Step 6: After submitting your application, please be patient while your application is processed.

 Step 7: Log in again with your user ID and password.

 Step 8: Go to the authorized signatory tab and uncheck the primary authorized signatory box.

 Step 9: Select the newly added authorized signatory as the primary authorized signatory.

 Step 10: Go to the verification tab and submit.

How do you change the Authorised signatory in GST for a company/sole proprietor in case of death?

After the death of the owner, the following procedures apply.

Step 1.  If a director/sole proprietor dies, the legal heir must appear at the office of the Proper officer (Jurisdiction Officer) and present the director/sole proprietor’s death certificate and inheritance certificate as documentary evidence to the trustee.

Step 2. The proper Officer adds the legal heir as an authorized signatory on the GST portal.

Step 3. Legal heirs must apply for new registration.

Step 4.  Once the new registration is approved, the legal heir must submit Form GST ITC-02 to the new entity to request the transfer of the ITC. However, there are no restrictions for filing an ITC-02 before or after cancellation.

Step 5. Usernames and temporary password resets will be sent to the newly added approved signatory email address entered by the responsible tax officer. Next, the newly added approved signer will need to log in to the GST portal using the ‘First time login’ link. 

Signers must change their username and password after their first log-in using the username and temporary password emailed to the newly added signatory’s primary email address.

Step 6. The legal heir or his/her authorized signatory must submit a cancellation request, selecting ‘Death of Proprietor/director’ as the reason for cancellation and attaching sufficient evidence.

How do you write an Authorised signatory letter?

Authorized signatory letter format

I/We, (Name) being (Partners/Karta/Managing Directors and whole time Director/Members of Managing Committee of Associations/Board of Trustees, etc.) of (Name of GST Applicant), hereby solemnly affirm and declare that (Authorised Signatory) is hereby authorized to act as an authorized signatory for the business (Name of GST Applicant) for which application for registration is being filed under the Act.

All his actions about this business will be binding on me/ us.

Signature of the person competent to sign



Name of the Business Entity

What is format of acceptance as an authorized signatory?

Format of acceptance as an authorized signatory:

I (Authorised Signatory) hereby solemnly accord my acceptance to act as an authorized signatory for the above-referred business and all my acts shall be binding on the business.

Signature of Authorised Signatory





How do I change/remove the Authorised signatory in GST?

Registered companies may need to update their partner details. They may have to delete already-registered partners and add new ones. There is no specific way to change authorized signatories in GST. Submit a letter of change of authorized signatory.

 To change the authorized signatory, submit Form GST REG-14. To change any details that change the Permanent Account Number of a registered company, you will need to register again. Make new registrations by completing and submitting the GST REG-01 form.

You have to follow the below steps −

Step 1: Go to the online GST Portal.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Login’ button and enter login credentials.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Services’ tab left side of the menu bar.

Step 4: Click on the Services tab and you will see all the options on your screen. Then you need to click on the ‘Registration’ tab.

Amendment of Registration Core Fields

Step 5: Click on the ‘Amendment of Registration Core Fields’. Click this tab to see all options for amendment.

Step 6: If you want to add more partners, delete existing partners or edit the details of already registered partners.

Step 7: Click the Promoters/Partners tab to view details of our registered partners.

Add new Promoters Partners

Step 8: Step 9: If you want to add more partners, you will need to click the Add New tab. Then enter the details of your new partner.

Step 10:  You will also need to upload scanned documents related to the new person. Then click Continue.

Step 11: If you want to edit the details of an already registered partner, click on its name.

Step 12: You can select ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’.

Step 13: Click ‘Edit’ to edit the details or click ‘Delete’ to delete the contact. Submit the changes made.

 Step 14: Click on the ‘Verification option. Click on it and a disclaimer message will appear on the screen.

Step 15: Check the box next to the message to agree and complete the process.

Step 16: You must select this from the list under ‘Name of Authorised Signatory’. Enter your name in the space provided.

Step 17: Sign with DSC. This is a mandatory step.

Step 18: After completing the change procedure and submitting the form, a confirmation message will be sent to the registered email address and mobile number.

Your application will be reviewed by the authorities and messages will be sent regarding the acceptance and rejection of your application.

Changes will be updated once the application is accepted. This process will be completed within 15 days of submitting your change request.

If for any reason your application is not approved, you will receive this information on Form GST REG-03. You can respond to this information on the GST REG-04 form. This form requires you to explain the reason for the denial and provide the required information. Revert within 1 week.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can there be two Authorised signatories in GST?

Yes, you can add up to ten authorized signatories.

Is authorized signatory mandatory in GST?

You will not be able to submit a new GST registration application without selecting a primary signatory.

Can non-employees be Authorised signatories?

Appointing outsiders as authorized signatories are not restricted by law. This is often the case in litigation, property matters, etc., where authority is delegated to attorneys/solicitors, etc.

Can we add an Authorised signatory to proprietorship?

In all proprietorship firms, a sole proprietor can be an authorized signatory.

Can I change the primary address in GST?

Yes, you can change your business location.

Wrapping Up

We hope this guide will help you understand by giving step-by-step instructions on how to change your authorized signer on the GST Portal. It is important to follow all instructions and change fields appropriately to avoid misspelling names and other details.

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