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When you submit the GST registration application, it requires a few days for approval. 

During this time, you can know the status of your GST application, with the help of ARN.

The ARN is automatically generated after the successful submission of the GST registration application. 

Checking the GST application status is not a tough task. And ARN will help you track it easily. 

This article will explain “how to check GST application status by ARN.

Let’s start!

How can I check the ARN status?

You can check the ARN status with 2 methods: 

Method 1: Check GST ARN status without logging into the GST portal

Step 1: First, go to the GST portal

Step 2: Next, Tap on the Services tab at the top of the screen, and then hover over the Registration option.

Step 3: Here, select the “Track Application Status“ option. 

Step 4: Now enter the ARN you received and type the captcha code you see in the image. 

Step 5: Tap on the Search option to see the ARN status. 

Method 2: Check the GST ARN status after logging into the GST portal

Step 1: Log in to the GST portal with a valid user ID and password.

Step 2: Navigate to the path Services > Track Application Status option.

Step 3: Select Registration under the Module option. 

Step 4: Next, choose an ARN and enter the ARN. Click the “Search” option. 

Different GST ARN Status:

  • Pending for Processing – When your registration is submitted for the first time and the Tax Officer awaits processing. 
  • Site Verification Assigned – If your registration application is marked for a site visit and verification, the Site Verification Officer is assigned.
  • Site Verification Completed – After the Site Verification Officer submits the Site Verification Report to the Tax Officer.
  • Pending for Clarification – When the tax officer requests the applicant’s clarification. 
  • Clarification filed– Pending for Order – When the applicant files a clarification with the tax officer and the officer is awaiting his or her decision.
  • Clarification not filed – Pending for order – When the applicant fails to file a clarification within a specific number of days and the order is pending.
  • Approved – When the Tax Officer accepts, an applicant’s Registration ID and password are emailed to them after their new registration application.
  • Rejected – When a tax officer rejects a new registration application.

How does the ARN number look like?

ARN is a 15-digit unique code that includes the following:

  1. The first two are alphabets
  2. The second two numbers are your state code
  3. The third two numbers show Month. 
  4. The subsequent two codes represent the year.
  5. Next, six digits are the system-generated code.
  6. And the last code is the Checksum digit. 

Here is the image of an ARN format: 

How does the ARN number look like

What is the ARN process?

You can follow the steps below for the ARN process: 

  1. First, on the official GST portal, you must provide your PAN details, Mobile number, and E-mail address in the PART-A of Form GST REG–01.
  2. For the verification of PAN on the GST portal, you will receive an OTP on your registered E-mail I’d and mobile number. After submitting the OTP, the PAN is verified on the GST portal. 
  3. After this step, you will get the ARN. 
  4. With the help of ARN, you can easily check the GST application status. 

Is ARN and GST number the same?

No, ARN and GST numbers are not the same.  

ARN is an Application Reference Number that is generated after the submission of the GST application. ARN can track the GST application until you get the GST certificate. Also, with the help of ARN, you can identify whether your GST application is approved or rejected. 

On the other hand, GSTIN is referred to as a “Goods and Service Tax Identification Number.” When you register for GST, the Government will issue this GST certificate. GSTIN is a 15-digit identification that is essential to know the authenticity of the vendor. 

How long after ARN do you get GST?

After registering the GST application, you will get the GST certificate within 3-6 working days. The ARN is generated once you submit your GST application.

Until you get your GST certificate, the Application Reference Number or ARN helps you to track the status of the GST application. 

Who generates the ARN number?

The Application Reference Number (ARN) is automatically generated on the GST portal after the successful submission of the GST registration application. 

FAQs: How to GST application status by ARN

1. How many numbers is an ARN?

ARN is a 15-digit unique alphanumeric code. 

Where the first two codes are alphabets. Second is the state code, and subsequent numbers show the month and year. The next six digits represent system-generated code. And the last number is the checksum digit.

2. What is the use of ARN?

You can use ARN to check the GST application status until you receive your GST certificate. 

3. Who approves GST registration?

The tax officer will review it, and later he will approve the GST registration. 

4. How do I get my GST number urgently?

You can get your GST number, 

  • First, visit the GST portal and fill up the GST application form.
  • Next, register your Digital Signature Certificate
  • And then verify and submit the GST application.

5. Is GST registration free?

Yes, GST registration is free. You don’t have to pay any fee to get your GST number. 

Wrapping Up

We hope you got all the answers related to “how to check GST application status by ARN.” 

If you have any other queries or any feedback related to this topic, then please feel free to comment below. 

You can reach out to our expert team if you need help with GST registration. 

We’re happy to help you.

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