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How to Check Income Tax Return (Guide)

How to check income tax returns after filing? In such a case, you can go to the ITR government website and provide basic details to know your ITR status.

You must timely and routinely file your Income Tax Return (ITR) as an Indian citizen. Calculating your tax liability accurately and applying for refunds if you believe you have paid more tax than necessary is necessary. Additionally, the government requires people with annual incomes over 2.5 lacs to file tax returns. The deadline for filing an income tax return each year for people not subject to tax audits is July 31 if you earn more than this amount annually. If so, you must do so before that date.

When can I check my tax return status?

The Income Tax Department provides an online tool for monitoring the status of your refund. Ten days after their refund has been sent, taxpayers can check the status of their return. To verify, insert your PAN number and choose the Assessment Year.

How do you keep track of your ITR filing status? The process is, however, reasonably simple if you choose the virtual route. Take the actions listed below:

Step 1: First, go to the ITR website. On the home page, in the “Quick Links” section, you will find the “Income Tax Return (ITR) Status” option. To continue, click it.

Step 2: To check the ITR filing status for an assessment year, enter the ITR-e-filing V’s acknowledgment number on the following page. Add your registered mobile number and press the “Continue” button.

Step 3: Type in the OTP sent to your registered mobile number, then click “Validate.” Remember that you only have three chances to enter the right OTP. Please use caution when copying and pasting. It is advisable to recheck it before submitting it.

Step 4: Find out how your ITR for the relevant year is progressing.

How can I check my ITR filed without login?

Step 1: A taxpayer must visit the income tax department’s electronic filing portal. On the portal’s front page, under “Our Services,” you may find the “e-Verify Return” tool.

Step 2:

  • Enter your PAN.
  • Choose the appropriate Assessment Year.
  • Enter your mobile number and the Acknowledgment Number of the ITR filed.
  • Press Proceed.

Step 3: Input the six-digit OTP sent to your cell phone and submit.

When the OTP verification is successful, choose the return you want to e-verify.

If you are checking the return after 120 days of filing the return, select “OK” to continue and submit the request for a pardon. Choose the reason for the delay from the drop-down menu, then submit the request for a delay condonation.

Step 4: If you are e-verifying within 120 days of submitting your return, you can choose any of the following modes and e-verify right away:


  • Create an OTP for Aadhaar.
  • existing OTP for Aadhaar
  • Present EVC
  • EVC generation via bank account
  • Create EVC with your Demat Account
  • Create EVC using the bank’s ATM option (offline method)

Conditions for e-verifying ITR

  • The taxpayer should have created an acknowledgment in ITR-V and submitted the ITR for the AY 2019–20.
  • An acknowledgment number would be present on the ITR-V, as needed by the “e-verify” facility.
  • A taxpayer not legally obligated to sign the ITR with a DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) should submit the form.
  • An authorized signatory or representative assessee should not file the ITR.

How can I check my income tax return by PAN number?


  • Use the NSDL connection directly at https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/oltas/servlet/RefundStatusTrack to log in;
  • Provide your PAN number;
  • Choose the Assessment Year (AY) 2022–23 option, then click the “Submit” button.
  • The computer screen will display your ITR refund status. Also, you can use the acknowledgment number to verify the progress of their ITR reimbursement online.

How can I download my income tax return online?

Since it is now so easy and convenient to file income tax forms online, people can avoid hiring a tax professional and handle it themselves. Everyone is required to submit an income tax return.

Nevertheless, those under 60 with a total gross income before deductions of less than Rs. 2.5 lakhs are exempt from filing. For resident senior persons (60 to 80 years old) and resident super senior citizens, this ceiling is Rs. 3 lacs and Rs. 5 lacs, respectively (aged above 80).

To download your tax return, follow these instructions:

Step 1: First, visit the official income tax filing website. To register or log in, use the appropriate button on the income tax portal.

Step 2: Choose “Register” if you are a new user. (To register, select a user type, fill out the necessary fields, and confirm your registration.) Click the “Login” button if you are already a user.

Step 3: Go to “My Account” after logging in and choose “Download Pre-filled XML.” Decide which Assessment Year a return is needed for. Choose the Excel tool’s ITR Form Number that was downloaded.

Step 4: Based on the type of income listed in the description box, choose the appropriate ITR Form and download it in Microsoft Excel format.

Step 5: Save the XML file to your computer.

The Excel and XML tools will be downloaded to the computer’s downloads folder in step 6. You can import information from the pre-filled downloaded XML file into the Excel tool by selecting “Import from XML” from the drop-down menu.

FAQ- How to Check Income Tax Return

1. Can I check my ITR online?

Yes, you can check it online with the help of the government’s online portal.

2. Can I check my tax return by phone?

The automated phone inquiry system can also be used to determine a refund’s status. The automated system lets you determine if and when the state will release your refund. You need help getting information from it about revised returns.


If you’re a taxpayer, it is crucial to check the status of your income tax return has become easier with the advancements in technology, and can now be done online. How to check income tax return on time and accurately to avoid any penalties or legal consequences. It is well known that every citizen of India with a total gross income over the taxable limit in a fiscal year must file an income tax return (ITR). Experts in tax law state that filing income tax returns are necessary when a person’s gross annual income exceeds Rs. 2,50,000. Given the repercussions of failing to submit the ITR on time, its importance cannot be emphasized. 

Let us know in the comments if you have any doubts!

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