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How to File GSTR 3B

How To File GSTR 3B?

One of the most important compliances under GST is filing GST returns. GSTR 3B is a declaration filed by the registered business entity on a monthly basis as a summary of inward and outward supplies. The GST liabilities must be declared in a given tax period. So if you are a registered GST dealer, you are required to file it every month (by the 20th).

Some important points to keep in mind with regard to the tax:

  • It cannot be amended.
  • Separate GSTR 3B has to be filed for separate GSTIN.
  • Payment of the tax liability of it must be done by the last date of filing it.
  • NIL returns must be present in the filing.

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Applicability For Filing GSTR 3B

All registered dealers must file the GSTR 3B except composition dealers, input supply distributors, online information suppliers, non-resident taxable individuals, and those whose business consists of online database or retrieval services.

Due Date

The GSTR 3B must be filed monthly, and its submission must be made by the 20th date of the succeeding month.

Fine and late fee provisions are there for delays and non-compliance of filing the form. An interest of 18% P.A. is to be paid on the due tax amount as a result of any delay. ₹50 per day as a fine is to be paid for the delay of each day. If the payment of taxes is done, but the filing of the form is done after the deadline, both interest and late fees will be levied.

Those taxpayers who have a nil tax liability for a month are subjected to a late fee of ₹20 per day for each day delayed.

Information Needed To File GSTR 3B

Total amounts of the following categories have to be noted:

  • Outward taxable supply
  • Zero-rated outward taxable supply
  • NIL rated and exempted outward taxable supply
  • Inward supply (liable to reverse-charge mechanism)
  • Non-GST outward supply
  • Interstate supply to unregistered persons, composition dealers, and UIN holders.
  • ITC available on imported goods and services
  • ITC available to inward supply liable to reverse-charge
  • Inward supply from Input Service Distributor
  • All other Input Tax Credit
  • Reversed ITC
  • Net available ITC (minus of inapplicable ITC)
  • Exempt and nil rated non-GST inward supply
  • Integrated tax
  • Central tax
  • State or UT tax
  • CESS

Where To File?

GSTR 3B can be easily filled through the GST portal wherein information is required to be entered manually (no copy-paste of values). If you wish to file offline then the online form can be downloaded and printed to be filled accordingly.

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Filing Process (Step-by-step)

  • Log into the GST portal and select “returns” from the services drop-down menu to reach the return’s dashboard.
  • Once you’re on the File returns page, select the financial year and filing period from the drop-down menu. Find “monthly return GSTR 3B” and select “prepare online”.


  • GST ID and the legal name of the registered entity have to be entered correctly.
  • Fill in the details of the inward and outward supply liable to reverse charges along with the nature of supplies, total taxable value, integrated tax, central tax, state or UT tax, and CESS.
  • Now fill in the details of the interstate supplies with regard to unregistered persons, composition dealers, and UIN holders in the shown box.
  • Fill in the details of eligible ITC consisting of all the ITC demand from the paid taxes in the next box.
  • In the 5th box, you are required to fill in the nil rated, exempt, and non-GST inward supplies values.
  • The payment of taxes data has to be filled in next with careful precision:
  • Details of TDS/TCS credit are to be filled in the text box,
  • If applicable, fill in details of interests and late fee next.
  • Preview the draft form by clicking the “preview draft GSTR 3B” button at the bottom right,
  • Check the PDF format of the form displayed to you.
  • Once submitted the form (details can’t be changed after submission) after previewing, proceed to the payment of the taxes by clicking the “proceed to payment” button.
  • Having made payment of taxes, click on the yes button on the confirmation message.
  • Then, click the “proceed to file” button.
  • Now, select the authorized signatory and then click the “FILE GSTR-3B WITH DSC” or “FILE GSTR-3B WITH EVC” button.
  • Once the success message is displayed to you, click the OK button.
  • Finally, Download the filed return by clicking on “Download Filed GSTR 3B”
  • Don’t forget to check the return status and confirm if it says “filed”.

With this, you have successfully completed filing your GSTR 3B.

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