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how to login new income tax portal

How to Login New Income Tax Portal (2023)

How to log in new Income Tax Portal was the query of every taxpayer when the government of India introduced the new e-filing portal in the year 2021. The purpose of this portal is to ease out the process of filing ITR, raising grievances, tracking refund status, filling out challans, and other issues faced by the taxpayer and the Income Tax Department of India.

The best thing is you don’t have to carry and sort your tax-related documents anymore from one file to another. Everything can be accessed through your account. And, you can download the e-filing app to access it hassle-free. 

This article is an attempt to break down the process of registering on the e-filing portal, resetting passwords, and other problems for the taxpayer.

How do I Register a New User in Income Tax?

Anybody can register on the e-portal platform of the income tax department, of the government of India if they have a PAN Card, active mobile number, and a valid email ID handy. The registration process is very simple and can be completed in minutes!

There are four basic steps to be followed to complete the registration on the new e-filing portal of the Income Tax Department. We will uncover each of them in this article.

STEP 1:Get started!

  1. Go to the website: eportal.incometax.gov.in/.
  2. The webpage of the e-filing portal will open, there click on the register option at the upper right side of the webpage.
  3. Now, click on the taxpayer or other option, whichever suits you.
  4. Enter your PAN card number, and click on Validate.
  5. Press continue and wait.

STEP 2a: Fill in the details

  1. Enter the correct data in the mandatory fields on the Basic details page including Name, Date of Birth, Gender, and Residential status. All the information must be as given in your PAN and Aadhaar details.
  2. Once done, click on Continue.

STEP 2b: Fill in the Contact Details

  1. Your PAN details if verified, the next web page containing the contact details form will open.
  2. Fill in all the information as per your PAN and Aadhaar including mobile number, email ID, and postal address, and click on Continue.
  3. You will receive two different OTPs on your email ID and the mobile number you entered in the previous step.
  4. Enter both the OTP in the dialogue box opened below within 15 minutes. 

NOTE: You can only ask to resend the OTP once if you did not receive it. You will only get 3 attempts to re-enter the correct OTP. If you messed this up, you will have to do each step again. Also, you can go back and update the information in case you entered the wrong mobile number or email ID, etc. 

  1. Click on continue after entering the OTPs.

STEP 3: Verify details.

  1. Another page will open displaying the basic and contact details given by you. Re-check them, and edit them if needed. Then, enter Confirm.

STEP 4: Secure your account.

  1. In this step, a dialogue box will open up asking you to create a password for your account.
  2. Enter the password twice. The password must have 8 to 14 characters, include both capital and small letters, a number, and have a special character like @,#,&,$,%,!*, etc.
  3. Enter a message asking a question or anything that reminds you of your password.
  4. Click on Register.
  5. A message saying,” Registered Successfully!” will be displayed on the screen.
  6. Now, you can click on “Proceed to Login” to check your account.
  7. You must log in to your account and update your profile after registering to access all the services available to you.

This is how you register on the e-filing portal. It’s not a difficult process and can be done by anyone who understands basic English. 

Now, we will try to uncover the most basic queries asked by the users while signing in to the e-filing portal of the Income Tax Department.

How can I reset my password on the e-filing portal?

You can reset the password in the same way as you do on any other online platform. You can do it by clicking on the forgot password, select the device you want to receive the OTP. Then an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number and email ID. Enter the OTP and follow up the steps of creating a new password. 

What is the New Income Tax Portal?

In June 2021, the Income tax department of India introduced an e-filing portal. This e-filing portal or the new income tax portal was launched to streamline the process of filing income tax returns, manage taxpayers’ grievances, refund related queries, handle tax evasions, set up tutorials for users, and other services like linking Aadhaar to PAN, etc. 

All of this can be accessed through an app on your mobile phone.

Other perks of having an e-filing portal

  1. Online payment can be made instantly for challan through NEFT, UPI, credit card, etc.
  2. All documents and information about the tax and returns can be accessed in one place.
  3. Assistance through tax genie, user manual, FAQs, and manual tutorials is given to help out with any issues instantly.
  4. ITR can be filed easily and the refunds will be initiated quickly.
  5. Easier for the IT Department and the taxpayer to track the updates of anything escalated.

Do I Have to Register Again in New Income Tax Portal?

No, you don’t have to re-register again if you already have an account on the e-filing portal under your PAN card. However, the IT Department says it’s mandatory to register a new Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) on the new portal if yours is expired. 

The DSC is required as proof of authentication of the taxpayer. It is used on all the forms filed. Here is how you can register for DSC:

  1. Go to the e-filing site and log in to your account.
  2. Under the My Profile section, click on Register DSC.
  3. Fill in the email ID linked to your DSC and select ‘I have downloaded and installed emsigner utility’. Now, click on continue.
  4. Then, select ‘Provider’ and ‘certificate’ from the dropdown menu and enter the ‘provider password’. Then, click the sign button.
  5. A message will be displayed saying successful registration of DSC. 

To download emsigner take these steps:

  1. Go to the e-filing portal and click on the Downloads menu.
  2. Now, tap on the DSC management utility shown on the left side.
  3. Look for Utility emBridge and click on it. The download will begin.
  4. Install the emsigne once the download is finished.

How Do I Create a TAN User ID and Password?

TAN stands for Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number. It is required by any person who deducts TDS from their employee of people working under them and earning. 

You must register on the TRACES website to get an active TAN.

  1. Go to the TRACES website and click on register as a deductor/  taxpayer/ PAO/ Deductor who is a foreign national, whichever is applicable.
  2. Click on the know your TAN link to get the TAN details from the e-filing portal. 
  3. Enter the information like the TAN of the deductor, verification code, and captcha, and then click on proceed.
  4. Finish steps 2 to 4 by submitting the details of a contact, personal information, challan information, etc.

After finishing all the steps, you will get the TAN ID and Password.

FAQ- How to login new income tax portal

1. What is the User ID and Password for the Income Tax Login?

If you have logged in as a taxpayer, the user ID will be your PAN number and the password will be the password set by you at the time of registering on the e-filing portal.

2. How Can I Create a New User Account?

You can create a new user account by registering on the e-filing portal.  Don’t forget to read the steps before heading to the website. Go to the eportal income tax website and begin the process.

3. How to Register in Income Tax Portal for Salaried Employees?

A step-by-step guide is shared on how to register in the income tax portal for salaried employees in this article above. It can be done in easy four steps. 


Now you got to know How to login new income tax portal or the e-filing portal of the Income tax department of India is an attempt to promote faster ITR filing and tax registrations. By following these steps, you can easily log in to the new income tax portal and complete your tax-related tasks conveniently and securely. The government is trying to fully digitalize the income tax collection process. The e-filing portal can be accessed by anybody and from anywhere. The taxpayers can now access all the information in just one portal. They can ask for refunds, file challans, file ITR, raise complaints, report evasions, know more about the rules and acts of the IT acts, and benefit from them.

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