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How to Register DSC on Income Tax Portal

How to Register DSC on Income Tax Portal (2023 Guide)

A DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) is an electronic form of a physical or paper certificate. A DSC serves as proof of the identity of a person or organization for a specific purpose, online or on a computer. DSC authenticates electronic documents in the same way that handwritten signatures authenticate printed/handwritten documents. 

A DSC can be used, and in some cases is required, to electronically verify returns filed by taxpayers. A digital signature certificate (DSC) registration service is available to all registered users of the electronic filing portal.

Here is step-by-step guidance on how to register dsc on income tax portal.

  1. Go to the e-Filing portal with your user ID and password.
  2. From your dashboard, go to your My Profile page.
  3. Tap on Register DSC on the left side of the screen.
  4. Enter the email ID associated with the DSC token. Click on I have downloaded and installed the emsigner utility and click Next.
  5. Click on the provider and certificate. Enter your provider password. Click sign.
  6. If validation is successful, a success message is displayed with an option to go to the dashboard.

Pro tips: If you need to download the Emsigner utility, click the appropriate hyperlink under Need Help.

What is emsigner for income tax?

Emsigner is a utility required for DSC registration. There are different versions suitable for different websites. To register your DSC, a hyperlink is available on the e-Filing portal to download and install the Emsigner utility. 

How to download emsigner for income tax?

Follow these steps to download emsigner utility.

Go to income tax e-filing portal at www.incometax.gov.in

Click Download

Click ‘downloads’ >> ‘DSC Management Utility’.

Click on Link Utility embridge

Click on link utility (embridge)

The utility will start downloading. After the download is complete install it

How to generate income tax DSC with DSC utility?

Use the DSC utility to digitally sign official documents such as income tax returns, TDS returns, and online PAN verification.

  1. To create a digitally signed file using the DSC utility, follow these steps:
  2. Download the DSC management utility.
  3. Extract the files to your desktop.
  4. Open or run the utility
  5. Select Register? Reset Password in DSC Options.
  6. Enter login ID or income tax homepage
  7. Enter the bread card number.
  8. Select USB token type
  9. Click Generate Options. Save the generated file to your system. 

How Can I Reactivate My DSC

If the digital signature certificate and key files are deleted, corrupted, or overwritten, there is no way to reactivate the digital signature certificate. The digital signature

certificate must be revoked and a new certificate registered.

Here are the steps to revoke authentication.

  1. Go to the online portal of the DSC authority (your DSC provider’s portal from where you have issued the DSC) and provide the below details.
  2. Registered Email ID.
  3. Certificate serial no.
  4. Date of birth.
  5. Revocation Reason(If asked)
  6. Upon verification of details, DSC would be revoked.

How Can I Reset My Income Tax Password in New Portal with New DSC

How Can I Reset My Income Tax Password in New Portal with New DSC

Now, a user will be capable to reset their password for the income tax portal profile. Check out how you can change passwords on an income tax portal using DSC. Here are steps on how to reset the password in the new portal:

  1. Head to the e-filing homepage and click on login.
  2. Now, enter your user ID.
  3. Tap on continue.
  4. On the login display, select the forget password option.
  5. On clicking an option to reset the password page, Tap on upload Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).
  6. Tap on continue.
  7. Select the correct option.
  8. Tap on continue.
  9. Tap Click here to download emsigner utility.
  10. Then, click on I have downloaded and installed emsigner utility.
  11. Tap on continue once the download is completed.
  12. Click on your provider, certificate, and provider password on the data sign display.
  13. Select the sign button.
  14. Confirm and click on submit.
  15. Now, enter the new password to set a new password.

How Do I Renew My DSC

emudhradigital website allows individuals and organizations to renew their digital signature certificates by going completely online and paperless. Here are the steps given below:

  1. Tap on Renew Certificate.
  2. Click on user type based on the use-case (individual or organization).
  3. Select the certificate type as required. By default, for all digital Signing purposes, you can select “signature” as the certificate type. Note that you must select “Both” (signature and Encrypting) as the certificate type when using it with eTendering.
  4. Tap on the validity period according to your requirements (e.g. 1 year/2 years/3 years).
  5. Now, click on Buy Certificate to proceed with the purchase.
  6. Verify your identity with an online, paperless process.
  7. Now, you can download the digital signature certificate.

How Do You Check If DSC Is Registered or Not?

You can easily check whether your DSC is registered or not by following the steps given below:

  1. Go to the e-Filing portal with your user ID and password.
  2. From your dashboard, go to your My Profile page.
  3. Tap on Register DSC on the left side of the screen.
  4. Now, you will get a message that you have already registered DSC and you can view details of your registered DSC. 
  5. Tap on View to view the details.
  6. Enter the email ID associated with the DSC token. Click on I have downloaded and installed the emsigner utility and click Next.
  7. Click on the provider and certificate. Enter your provider password. Click sign.

How Do I Validate DSC Online?

To validate your electronic signature, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Open a digitally signed document in Adobe Reader.
  2. Click the Signature Panel appearance on the document.
  3. In the Signature Validation Status window that opens, click Signature Properties.
  4. In the Signature Properties window, click View Signer’s Certificate.
  5. Then, the Certificate Viewer window appears. Click the Trust tab.
  6. Click Add to Trusted Certificates. Click OK on the next popup.
  7. You will be redirected to the Import Contact Settings window and Check (Tick) the boxes provided before Certified documents and the three other options that follow. Then click ‘OK’ to continue.
  8. You will be redirected to the ‘Certificate Viewer’ window, then tap on OK at the bottom.
  9. In the Signature Properties window, click Verify Signature. Then click Close.
  10. Electronic signature completed. Electronic signatures have a green checkmark. This means it has been verified.

How to apply for DSC using sify safescrypt?

Steps to apply for DSC using sify safescrypt:

  1. Go to the Safescrypt website
  2. Select ‘Services’ >> ‘Digital Signature Certificate’ 
  3. Fill in the Basic information:

Acquire the DSC(Digital Signature Certificate) application form. Fill in the form, you need to mention :

  • Usage type
  •  Class type
  •  User type
  •  Certificate type
  •  Certificate Validity
  1. Fill the Applicant Details – Name, gender, contact number, email Id, etc.
  1. Provide all required documents such as address and ID. There are two ways to validate additional documents:
  • Online: To get OTP, user has to enter her Aadhar number and registered mobile number. Enters the OTP for verification. This option is available for individuals only.
  •  Offline: The user can send the notarized document to the specified address by courier. Self-notarization and notarization by company secretaries, bankers, postmasters, registrars or other officials. This option is only available to organizations. 
  1. Once the document is checked online, the payment gateway will open. It notifies the management team and send the credentials after successful payment. 
  1. A confirmation email and SMS are sent to the respective email id and mobile number. 

FAQs: How to Register DSC on Income Tax Portal

What to do if DSC is expired?

Once your DSC expires, you will need to renew it. After updating the DSC, it will start working as a new DSC again. To renew your DSC, you must resubmit all documents and verifications again.

Can we redownload DSC certificate?

 It’s not possible to redownload DSC since a digital signature certificate is a one-time download and you can download DSC only once. After downloading, you can not download your DSC again.

Is DSC renewal mandatory?

Yes,In accordance with the latest CCA guidelines, digital signature updates are required to maintain up-to-date proof of identity for each DSC.

Applying for a DSC extension is the same as for a new DSC. The new DSC will be downloaded to your old USB token, so you can reuse your existing token and start using certificates right away. It is a completely paperless online procedure that takes less than 10 to 20 minutes.

How much does it cost to renew DSC?

To renew DSC it’s issued by many individual organizations which charge different prices by their organization. These certificates are also issued by the Safescrypt(SIFY) CA licensed certification authority. Ensign.in Class 3 – Signing Only – Including Token for 1 the Year and renewal cost is 1652.


E-Filing users who choose this option will be required to have the DSC sign the Income Tax Return/Statutory Form or confirm the response to the notice from the Income Tax Authority and request a refund be reissued. To sign or verify a document, a user must first register their DSC with e-filing system.

Hopefully, you got your all answer on how to register dsc on income tax portal. If you have any queries please comment below.

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