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Income Tax Department Officer List

Income Tax Department Officer List (2023)

The Finance ministry of India manages revenue aspects of the Government of India. The administrative tasks Like the collection of taxes, wealth tax etc is conducted by the Central Board of Direct taxes, CBDT.  Now,  this department is a part of the revenue in the ministry of finance of India.  The purpose of the Central Board of Direct taxes is to help the government in framing and planning direct taxes and make new laws and policies through the Income Tax Department. It means that the income tax department helps in administering the IT laws and it is controlled and supervised by the Central Board of Direct taxes.

This was a broad view of the Income Tax Department under the central government organization.  Now, let’s try to understand the Income Tax Department Officer List.

Organization and Functions of Central Board Of Direct Taxes

The Central Board of Direct Taxes has the following subdivisions and is headed by a Chairperson. The central board has a division each for Income Tax & Revenue, Legislation & Systems, Legislation & Systems, Admn. & Faceless Scheme(s),  Investigation, Taxpayers Services and Audit & Judicial.

The Chairperson of CBDT is Shri. Nitin Gupta.


DesignationNameZonal Charge
ChairmanShri. Nitin GuptaCoordination and overall supervision of Board’s Work
Member (IT&R)
Member (Income Tax & Revenue)  
Ms. Sangeeta SinghSupervision over Pr. CCIT (Exemptions), In-charge of South Zone (Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, Karnataka & Goa, Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry and Kerala)
Member (Legislation & Systems)  Ms. Pragya Sahay SaxenaSupervision over TPL, FT&TR, DGIT(Systems) & Pr.CCIT(Intl. Taxn.) In-charge of North Zone (NWR, Delhi, UP (East), UP (West) & Uttarakhand). 
Member [Admn. & Faceless Scheme(s)] Ms. Anuja SarangiSupervision over Pr. DGIT (HRD), Pr.DGIT(Trg.) Pr. DGIT (Vig.),. Faceless Scheme(s) and In-charge of West Zone (Mumbai, Nagpur & Pune). 
Member (Investigation)Shri Nitin Gupta (Addl. Charge)Supervision over all DGsIT(Inv.), all CCsIT(Central) and DGIT (I&CI)
Member (TPS)  
Member (Taxpayers Services)
Ms. Sangeeta Singh (Addl. Charge)Supervision over Pr. DGIT (Admn.& TPS), In-charge of East Zone (West Bengal & Sikkim, Bihar & Jharkhand, Odisha & NER)
Member (A&J)
Member (Audit & Judicial)
Ms. Subashree AnantkrishnanSupervision over Pr. DGIT (L&R). In-charge of Central Zone (Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh).

The Income Tax Department has the following subdivisions, each is headed by the Principal Director General of Income Tax.

DirectorateDesignationNameEmail Address
Administration & TPSPrincipal Director General of Income TaxMs. Poonam            Khaira Sidhudelhi.pdgit.admin.tps@incometax.gov.in
Legal and ResearchPrincipal Director General of Income Tax (Legal & Research)Shri Krinwant Sahaydgit.lr@incometax.gov.in
SystemsDirector General of Income Tax (Systems)-1

Director General of Income Tax (Systems)-2
Shri Y.K. Singh

Shri Govind Lal

VigilanceDirector General of Income Tax (Vigilance)/CVOShri Ashok Kumar Pandeypdgit.vig@incometax.gov.in
NADTPrincipal Director General of Income Tax (Training), NADTShri Sanjay Puriprdg@nadt.gov.in
ExemptionsPrincipal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax (Exemption)Ms. Renu Jauhariccit.exemption@incometax.gov.in
HRDPrincipal Director General of Income Tax (HRD)Dr. Sadhna Shankerdgithrd@incometax.gov.in
International TaxationPr. CCIT (Intl. Tax & TP)Shri Satyakam Mishraranjan.akhilesh@nic.in
LogisticsDirector General of Income Tax (Logistics)Sh. U K Shukla 
Intelligence and Criminal InvestigationDirector General of Income Tax (Intelligence & Criminal Investigation)Ms. Sunita Bainsladgit.icinv@incometax.gov.in
InvestigationDirector General of Income Tax (Investigation), New DelhiShri Ravi Agrawaldgit.inv.delhi@incometax.gov.in

Income Tax Department Officer List State Wise:

Each of the above subdivisions has field offices in the various states across the country. Few of the larger states have been divided into zones. 

Field Offices/ Field Stations:

  1. Andaman & Nicobar
  2. Andhra Pradesh
  3. Arunachal Pradesh
  4. Assam
  5. Bihar
  6. Chandigarh
  7. Chattisgarh
  8. Dadra & Nagar Haveli
  9. Daman and Diu
  10. Delhi
  11. Goa
  12. Gujarat
  13. Haryana
  14. Himachal Pradesh
  15. Jammu & Kashmir
  16. Jharkhand
  17. Karnataka
  18. Kerala
  19. Lakshadweep
  20. Madhya Pradesh
  21. Maharashtra-Mumbai
  22. Maharashtra-Nagpur
  23. Maharashtra-Pune
  24. Manipur
  25. Meghalaya
  26. Mizoram
  27. Nagaland
  28. Odisha
  29. Puducherry
  30. Punjab
  31. Rajasthan
  32. Sikkim
  33. Tamil Nadu
  34. Telangana
  35. Tripura
  36. Uttar Pradesh (East)
  37. Uttar Pradesh (West)
  38. Uttarakhand
  39. West Bengal

The Income tax department officers are posted under the field regions. Each state can have one or more field stations. The HQRS of the field station is where the Income tax department officers work. 

You can see the list of Income tax department officers under the field station or states wise by clicking on this link. 

A PDF file will open. Jump straight to page number 147 to see the list under Field stations in the order of hierarchy of designation.

List of all the Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax 

To know the names of the Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax of all of the states mentioned click on the link.

Then click on the menu labelled Department of Income Tax.


Click on the following link to know all the in-depth details about the functions, organization structure and the system of work allocation under the IRS by the Ministry of Finance for the year 2023-24.

Who is Delhi IRS officer?

The Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax CCIT of the Delhi Region is Shri Rajat Bansal. He is followed by a team of more than 30 officers at different levels under the HQRS office of the Delhi government.

Click on the link to get the list of HQRS Officers.

How many Income Tax commissioners are there in Delhi?

As quoted by this website, “The Delhi Region has nine territorial Chief Commissioners of Income Tax, one Chief Commissioners of Income Tax (Central), one Chief Commissioner of Income Tax (TDS) and one Director General of Income Tax (Investigation). Apart from these, Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax (IT & TP) and Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax ( Exemptions) also come under the Delhi Region for administrative and cadre control purposes.”

And moving on, “The jurisdictional Chief Commissioners of Income Tax are supported by a number of Pr. Commissioners / Commissioners (both administrative and appellate), Additional/ Joint Commissioners of Income Tax and Assessing Officers.  

  1. The income tax department website of Delhi can be accessed through this link: https://incometaxdelhi.org/about-us.html
  1. Now, scroll down and click on the Officer finder menu.
  2. A new page will appear with options labelled: HQRS Officers, ITO Officers, AC DC Officers, JCIT Addl. CIT, ADG CIT Officers and PCIT & Above Officer.
  1. Click on AC DC to get the list of Income tax department employees at the post of Assistant Commissioner. Similarly, you can click on the individual designation to get the list of the people working on a specific post in the Delhi region.
  2. You can also search by name, search by charge, or view all at once.


The income tax department of India is one of the most vital parts of the Finance Ministry. It helps in tax estimation, budget formulation and allocation, policy formulation, tax collection and revenue accountability done by the government by providing the information. All of this is possible because of the people who work for this department.

The IT department works at the state level and is supervised by the Central Board of Direct Taxes. We hope to cover your query about the organization structure and also about the Income tax Department Officer List both state-wise and at the central level. For further details feel free to write to us. 

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