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Income Tax Pan Card Status (Step by Step Guide)

Income tax pan card status can be online via various methods like SMS, call, or online services provided by government websites within seconds. On or after September 1, 2019, taxpayers were recommended to be able to utilize Aadhaar instead of PAN when filing income tax returns in the Union Budget 2019. While filing taxes with Aadhaar, it is planned in the Union Budget 2019 that the income tax authorities issue PANs.

Read this article’s instructions to learn where your application stands. 

How can I check my PAN status over the phone?

Contact the TIN call center at 020-27218080 and provide the operator with your 15-digit PAN application acknowledgment number to get updates on your PAN application status.

Short Message Service, Short Message Service, Sending the 15-digit acknowledgment number of your PAN application to ‘57575’ will give you access to information about the processing of your application. After some time, you will receive an SMS update with the current status.

Can I check my PAN card status?

You can also check your PAN card’s status via other methods. As described here.

Online: In addition to the preceding, applicants can check the progress of their NSDL PAN applications at any time.

Acknowledgment Number-Based Pan Card Status Tracking

Step 1. Please visit the PAN website for more information.

Step 2. Choose “PAN – New/Change Request” from the pull-down menu as the application type.

Step 3. fill in the confirmation number and hit “Submit.”

How do I check the status of my Pan Card based on my name and date of birth?

Step 1. Go to this link.

Step 2. fill out your full legal name (First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name/Surname) as it appears on your PAN application. (Applicants who are not “Individuals” need to fill out the form for “Last Name/Surname.”

Step 3. Fill in the information for the company’s formation (birth date, incorporation date, agreement date, partnership agreement date, trust deed date, etc.) and click “Submit.”

How can I check my PAN application status on UTIITSL?

UTI Infrastructure Technology And Service Limited (UTIITSL) has enabled PAN applicants to access their e-PAN cards online. UTIITSL’s e-PAN card download service is restricted to the following types of PAN applicants:


  • Those who have recently applied for a PAN through UTIITSL; 
  • Those who have recently applied to a PAN change, correction, or update through UTIITSL;
  • The taxpayer who has already provided the Income Tax Department with their current and working mobile phone number or email address associated with their PAN registration.

If the applicant meets the requirements as mentioned earlier, then he can download his e-PAN card from UTIITSL by completing the processes listed below:


  • Go to https://www.myutiitsl.com/PAN ONLINE/ePANCard for more information about the Pan Am Pass.
  • Please include the following information: 
    • PAN Number; 
    • Birth Date/Incorporation Date/Agreement Date/Partnership Date/Trust Deed Date/Board of Investment Formation Date/AOP Formation Date (in the format MM/YYYY); 
    • GSTIN Number (if applicable);
    • Type in the Captcha code.
  • When finished with the above, hit the “Submit” button.
  • After submitting, the link will be sent through SMS to the provided cellphone number and emailed to the provided email address.
  • When the applicant receives the link, they should click it to obtain their e-PAN card via the OTP sent to their cell phone or email address.

If you’ve applied for a PAN or made any changes or corrections to your information within the past month, you can get your e-PAN card for free. A one-time online payment of INR 8.26 is required from applicants who wish to download their e-PAN cards from UTIITSL.

FAQ- Income Tax Pan Card Status

1. Can we download a PAN card with a mobile number?

The link will be provided to the user’s registered cell phone number through SMS and email. The user can then download the e-PAN using the OTP received on their mobile device or email by clicking on the link sent to them.

2. After how many days can I track my PAN card status?

After you send in your application, it takes about 15–20 business days for the PAN card to be sent to the address you gave. It includes the time it takes for your PAN card to be shipped. With the acknowledgment number, you can track your PAN application’s progress.

3. How long do I have to wait to check the status of my pan card?

You can check the status of your new or missing PAN card within the allotted time frame, but you must wait three days after submitting the application form. You must send an SMS to 57575 with the message “NSDLPAN,” followed by the 15-digit acknowledgment number. The letter should be sent to the number 57575.

4. Can we check the PAN card status with an Aadhaar number?

Yes, you can.

Step 1: Input your 12-digit Aadhaar number. Step 2: Type in the box’s captcha code. Step 3: Click the “Submit” button after entering the captcha code. Step 4: You will be able to see how your application for a PAN Card is going.


In conclusion, checking the income tax PAN card status is an important step in ensuring that your tax-related matters are in order. With e-simple, Filing’s fast, and free instant e-PAN service, it’s easy to create, update, and link PANs. Through the e-Filing portal, you can make a PAN card, edit it, check its status, and link it to your Aadhaar all in one place. Also, this feature of the e-Filing portal doesn’t cost you anything. Let us know if you found the article helpful!

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