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ONLY at ₹14,999/- all inclusive

If you’re looking to operate a Company which does welfare for masses, promotes commerce, arts, science, sports, education, research, social welfare, religion, charity, protection of environment or any such other object.

AND you do not to wish to earn profit and will use any profits earned during for attaining the objects for which NGO was formed.


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    Less Compliance

    It has less compliance requirements as compared to other private limited companies.

    Eligible for Tax benefits

    A Section 8 Company is eligible to apply for Tax exemption benefits and thus can procure donations by issuing 80-G certificates to donors.

    No Stamp duty

    No Stamp duty is required to be paid for registration of a Section 8 Company.

    What all do you GET?

    • Name Approval Certificate
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • PAN and TAN of the Company
    • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
    • Articles of Association (AOA)
    • Govt. License for NGO
    • Digital Signature Certificates for 2 promoters
    • Director Identification Number (DIN) for two Directors
    • Bank Account Opening Support
    • Registration for PF and ESIC




    What is a Private Limited Company?

    It is essentially a company with private ownership, i.e. the shares are held privately and cannot be bought by the public at large.

    It is an ideal option for small businesses where owners pay a share capital to subscribe to their shares in the company.

    Who is Eligible to Register?

    Requires a minimum of two directors and shareholders. Two or more individuals who have a valid PAN and Address Proof, along with a proposed office space/premises can be shareholders and directors.

    Foreign citizens can also be directors in the company provided it has a minimum of 1 resident Indian as a director and a share holder.

    What is a Share Certificate?

    Legal proof of ownership of shares or stocks issued by a Company

    What is DIN?

    A unique number issued to the directors of a Company.

    It is prerequisite for application of Directorship of a company.

    For first time directors, it gets issued automatically once the company is incorporated.

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