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infosys income tax portal

Infosys Income Tax Portal

The electronic income tax filing and GST network portals are working pretty well and the system is running effectively. Infosys developed both portals and is also the backend technical support provider.

In 2019, Infosys was awarded a contract to develop a next-generation income tax filing system that reduces tax filing processing time from 63 days to 1 day and expedites refunds. In this article, you will learn Infosys income tax portal. Let’s move on.

Is Income Tax Portal Hacked

A new income tax portal being developed by Infosys had no data breaches after users complained of problems accessing the site. Concerns were also raised that the site may have been hacked but the financial authority also assured that there was no data breach on the portal.

How Much Does a New Tax Portal Cost

RTI’s response indicate that, based on a preliminary assessment, Infosys was awarded the contract for the new I-T portal for its bid of Rs3,300 crore in January 2019. And the sanctioned amount for the work is Rs4,242 crore, which will be the maximum amount that the I-T department can spend.

What Is the Issue with Income Tax Portal

The new website is designed to provide users and taxpayers with a user-friendly environment on the website, making the e-filing experience easier and smarter.

The goal of this portal is to provide taxpayers and other stakeholders with income tax-related services through a single point of contact, according to the Finance Minister. after a few hours of launch, the site started having serious flaws, including taxpayers’ unable to access the site, various kinds of bugs, and numerous other technical glitches.

Here’s a short listing of problems recognized with the new tax portal:

  1. DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) isn’t always up to date or registered.
  2. Unable to crack the DIN (Document Identification Number) required for submitting Form 35 for the use of the new portal.
  3. Newly agencies or corporations are not able to sign up at the Portal.
  4. The option to forget one’s password is not working.
  5. IT acknowledgments in PDF layout are not available for download.
  6. DIN number is not auto-populated in the new portal.
  7. Numbers on challans now no longer be authenticated.
  8. No tab for VSV.
  9. TDS returns now no longer be filed.
  10. Unable to publish a record 15CA/15CB.
  11. The e-Proceedings tab not working.
  12. Past grievances are now no longer taken into consideration.
  13. Inability to document tax returns for the financial yr 2021.
  14. Inconsistency in PAN. Data displayed whilst there may be no technical mismatch.
  15. JSON Utility is presently unavailable.
  16. UDIN is likewise not able to replace certifications and audits from the preceding month.
  17. Correction of return options is not possible.
  18. The return that was processed in March 2021 now it is shown as being processed in the view details tab.
  19. D MAT Linking in ready level considering 08/06/2021.
  20. Unable to add Application for 12AA

How Can I Check My Name on Income Tax Website

Infosys Income Tax Portal
How Can I Check My Name on Income Tax Website

Yes, you can check or update your profile on the Income Tax website. Here are the steps:

  1. First, log in to the e- filing portal with your user ID & password.
  2. On the Welcome screen, click your name, then click My Profile in the top right corner of your dashboard. You can also click Update Profile.
  3. Click Edit to update your personal data.
  4. After editing the required details, click Save.

Can We File ITR Without Software

Yes, you can file ITR without using any software. After the new functionality is integrated into the electronic income tax return portal, you will be able to submit your income tax returns directly on the department website without using any software. Here are the steps to file your income tax return without software:

  1.  Log in to www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in 
  2.  Click on the login option.
  3. When you click the login option, then you will be asked to provide your User ID, password, and Date of Birth to login into your account.
  4. After logging into your account, click the e-File menu and click the Income Tax Return link.
  5. Income Tax Return Page: PAN will be automatically populated. Select a Declaration Year. Select ITR Form Number. Select ‘Filing Type’ as Original/Revised Return, click on Submission Mode as Prepare and Submit Online.
  6. Click on ‘Continue’.
  7. Select the appropriate verification options on the Tax and Verification tab. Select one of the following options to validate your income tax return:

I would like to e-Verify OR

I would like to e-Verify later within 120 days. OR

I don’t want to e-Verify and would like to send a signed ITR-V with normal or speed post to Centralized Processing Center, Income Tax Department, Bengaluru – 560 500 within 120 days from the date of filing.

  1. Click the Preview and Submit buttons to see all the data entered in the ITR.
  2. Submit the ITR.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Who is the owner of income tax?

Income Tax Department (also known as IT Department or ITD) is a government agency that collects taxes directly from the Government of India. It reports under the Department of Revenue of the Ministry of Finance. The Income Tax Department is headed by CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes).

Which software is used for ITR?

Generally, Chartered Accountants rely on these income tax software solutions for ITR preparation such as Government Software, Gen-IT Software, Clear Tax, Winman, Saral Tax, etc.

Which browser is best for ITR filing?

The Income Tax Department recommends using the following browser specifications for optimal viewing of the www.incometax.gov.in website.

Desktop Browser

  1. Microsoft Edge (88, 89, 90)
  2. Chrome (88, 89, 90)
  3. Firefox/Mozilla (88, 87, 86)
  4. Opera (66, 67, 68)

Which company is handling income tax portal?

It is the portal of the income tax department, Ministry of Finance, Government of India. This portal was developed as a Mission Mode project as part of the national e-Government Plan. The purpose of this portal is to provide taxpayers and other stakeholders with a single access point to income tax-related services. The income Tax Administration’s redesigned tax filing portal was developed by Infosys.

Closing up

Hopefully, this article will help you get to know about Infosys Income Tax Portal. Infosys developed both portals and is also the backend technical support provider. The goal of this portal is to provide taxpayers and other stakeholders with income tax-related services through a single point of contact.

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