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FSSAI Registration

Starting at ₹1,999/- ONLY

You may apply for FSSAI registration if you are manufacturer, trader or restaurant carrying out any food business. There are three types of registrations based on the scale of activities:

  • Basic Registration
  • State License Registration
  • Central License Registration


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    List of Documents required

    • PAN Card of the Entity
    • Certificate of Incorporation ( For Company)
    • KYC Documents of Director/Partner/Proprietor
    • Rental Agreement/Ownership Proof
    • Utility Bill of the Place
    • Photo of Director/Partner/Proprietor




    What are the different types of FSSAI Licenses?

    There are three types of Registrations under FSSAI. Details are mentioned below

    • FSSAI Basic registration- Small businesses or startups having annual turnover below Rs.12 lakhs can apply. As operations scale up and turnover reaches Rs. 12 lakh bar, the basic registration will need to be upgraded to state license.
    • FSSAI State license-Small and Medium business units having annual turnover in the range of Rs.12lakh -20 crores need to apply for State level License.
    • FSSAI Central license-For large business having annual turnover above Rs.20 crores, applicant need to obtain Central Level License. The same license is applicable where you are you are engaged in import or export of food products or selling goods to government offices.
    What is the validity of the license?

    The validity of license ranges from 1 year to 5 years. Government Fees is charged accordingly.

    Is the license depended upon the place of business?

    Yes. Separate Fssai license has to be obtained for separate place of business.

    Why do I need an FSSAI license and registration?

    FSSAI license is mandatory for any entity engaged in food business. Running business without it leads to high penalties.

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