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    Benefits of Trademark

    Legal Protection

    Once a business get’s a trademark registered, no other business can legally use it unless given permission to do the same. A trademark is considered intellectual property, i.e. it is protected against infringement. From the time the trademark application is filed till the time it gets registered, the symbol “TM” can be used. After a trademark is granted, the symbol “R” can be used in place.

    Product/Brand/Service Differentiation

    Since trademark can only be used by the business that registered it, consumers can differentiate between similar products offered by different brands.

    Brand Recognition

    Since trademark can be used on a business’s entire fleet of products and services, consumers use it to for brand recognition. This pays in terms of goodwill and increases a brand’s market worth over time/

    Creation of an asset

    In accounting perspective, a trademark is considered an intangible asset. They are intellectual properties that have a monetary value along with the products and services they represent. Trademarks can be purchased, sold, assigned, franchised, or even used commercially in any way. You can also claim depreciation on the value of trademarks in the books of accounts.

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