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Trademark Registration

ONLY at ₹2,950/- *

Limited Time Offer Rs.1,180/-*


  • Filing of Trademark Application
  • Trademark Search and Consultancy
  • Doesn’t Include Filing response to objection

*extra ₹4,500 is govt. fees


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    List of Documents required

    • PAN Card of the Entity
    • Certificate of Incorporation (For Company)
    • KYC Documents of Director/Partner/Proprietor
    • Address Proof
    • Power of Attorney (Format will be shared)
    • Details regarding trademark/logo

    HOw IT WOrks?

    Benefits of trademark

    • Legal Protection

    Once a business get’s a trademark registered, no other business can legally use it unless given permission to do the same. A trademark is considered intellectual property, i.e. it is protected against infringement. From the time the trademark application is filed till the time it gets registered, the symbol “TM” can be used. After a trademark is granted, the symbol “R” can be used in place.

    • Product/Brand/Service Differentiation

    Since trademark can only be used by the business that registered it, consumers can differentiate between similar products offered by different brands.

    • Brand Recognition

    Since trademark can be used on a business’s entire fleet of products and services, consumers use it to for brand recognition. This pays in terms of goodwill and increases a brand’s market worth over time.

    • Creation of an asset

    In accounting perspective, a trademark is considered an intangible asset. They are intellectual properties that have a monetary value along with the products and services they represent. Trademarks can be purchased, sold, assigned, franchised, or even used commercially in any way. You can also claim depreciation on the value of trademarks in the books of accounts


    What's the time duration to get a trademark registered?

    It takes around 6 months to 2 years to get the final approval of trademark as it goes through the process of check and objection among other parties.

    What is the validity of Trademark

    Trademark once registered remains valid for a period of 10 years. 

    When can I use symbol R or TM?

    “TM” can be used straight after filing the trademark application whereas “R”  can be used once the trademark is successfully registered

    Will my trademark registration be valid for all types of products?

    Trademark registration has to be done in specific classes of trademark. Inorder to register in multiple categories, separate application has to be filed for separate classes.

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