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National Startup Awards Is Led By

National Startup Awards Is Led By (Quick Solution)

The Indian government is working quickly to realize the goals of the Startup India project. Under the Startup India initiative, which has inspired entrepreneurship all around the nation, significant progress has been made.

The Government of India launched the innovative Startup India project to strengthen India’s capacity for employment generation rather than that of job seekers. It intended to establish and improve a startup ecosystem, promoting the growth of entrepreneurs powered by innovation and originality. The project aimed to strengthen India’s economic foundation by fostering and accelerating the growth of small, independent businesses.

The National Startup Awards (NSA) were established to identify, appropriately encourage, and reward firms that showed significant entrepreneurship and, through it, create an environment that allowed for the development of creative goods and the employment of skilled and unskilled workers also National startup awards is led by Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade.

Who launched Startup India?

The Indian Prime Minister presented the Startup India initiative on August 15, 2015. The primary objective of the flagship program is to create a robust ecosystem for fostering startups and innovation in the nation, which will promote long-term economic growth and create significant employment possibilities.

According to him, people who have an idea or the desire to find a solution to a problem that people are facing are typically the ones that start successful businesses. According to him, gaining money is frequently a by-product and is not the main goal. He asserted that innovative entrepreneurs are frequently motivated by compassion for others.

Additionally, on January 16, 2016, the Indian Prime Minister released an Action Plan for Startup India. The Action Plan includes 19 activities covering a wide range of themes, such as “simplification and handholding,” “financial assistance and incentives,” and “industry-academia partnership and incubation.”

To spread the startup culture to the country’s outlying regions, the day the Startup India Initiative was inaugurated on January 16, 2016, will be observed as National Start-up Day.

The AIM of National Startup Awards

The National Startup Awards’ main AIM is to promote the acknowledgment of creative and dynamic thinking that could be expanded into larger businesses with the potential to create wealth, income, and jobs. Naturally, this would also result in societal transformation and a general improvement in the population’s standard of living, having a significant social influence. A measurable societal impact was required.

What are the Eligibility Criteria?


  • To be eligible to apply, the startup must be acknowledged by DPIIT and provide a copy of its partnership agreement or certificate of formation.
  • They must possess a currently available piece of hardware or software.
  • The necessary trade-specific registrations, such as CE, FSSAI, and GST, must be in place.
  • No default in the previous three fiscal years can be tolerated, including by their promoters.
  • The startup must produce its audited financial statements for the last three fiscal years. A provisional statement from a chartered accountant is required if this is unavailable.


  • The Incubator should be set up as a separate organization, such as a section 8 business, public trust, or society.
  • As of January 1, 2022, the Incubator should have been operating for at least two years.
  • At least 15 businesses must have graduated from the Incubator successfully.


  • The accelerator should be set up as a separate organization, such as a society or public trust.
  • As of January 1, 2022, the accelerator should be used for at least two years.
  • At least 15 businesses must have successfully graduated from the accelerator.

Prize of Startup Awards

It was determined that Startups, Incubators, and Accelerators would get rewards. Each subsector will receive Rs 5 lakhs in cash as a prize for the winning startups. The winners and runners-up would receive preference if they participated in numerous national and international startup events. One Incubator will receive a cash reward of Rs. 15 lakhs, granted to those in the category of Incubators. A single Accelerator will also receive a comparable reward of Rs 15 lakhs.

National Startup Awards 2021 winners list

DPIIT came up with the idea for the award event, which returned in 2021 for a second iteration (DPIIT). The Government of India has named 46 startups, one Incubator and one accelerator, as winners of the National Startup Awards 2021. For their contributions to their respective industries, they have received honors.

The following is a list of the 2021 National Startup Awards winners. Discover the details and the winners of the unique categories.

SectorSub-SectorWinner Name
AgriculturePost HarvestZentron Labs Private Limited
EnvironmentWaste to ValueLohum Cleantech Private Limited
Drinking-WaterWater and Water NetworksWegot Utility Solutions Private Limited
Education and Skill DevelopmentAccess to Institutional EducationThinkerbell Labs Private Limited
EnergyClean EnergyZunroof Tech Private Limited
TransportFreight and Logistics ServicesRubanbridge Private Limited
Enterprise SystemsBusiness Process ManagementAnaxee Digital Runners Private Limited
Industry 4.03D PrintingTvasta Manufacturing Solutions Private Limited
Food ProcessingPackaging and RetailingUipl Innovations Private Limited
TravelTravel Planning and DiscoveryVillotale Technologies Private Limited
Animal HusbandryProductivityStellapps Technologies Private Limited
FintechFinancial InclusionNaffa Innovations Private Limited
SecuritySecurity and Safety SystemsPivotchain Solution Technologies Private Limited
SpaceSpace Technology SolutionsAgnikul Cosmos Private Limited
Health and WellnessAccess to HealthcareHealth Arx Technologies Private Limited


Which country is called the startup nation?

Israel is known as a startup country.

Who is known as father of startup?

Steve Blank is the author of the Startup Owner’s Manual and the Father of Modern Entrepreneurship.

Which city is known as the startup capital of India?

According to the Economic Survey 2021–22, Delhi has taken Bengaluru’s spot as India’s startup capital.

national startup awards is led by

National startup awards are led by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade.


The Indian Prime Minister declared his desire to transform India’s young from job-seekers into employment producers. He claimed that a startup would significantly serve the country if it could employ five people. He identified a few topics young inventors should concentrate on, like agricultural wastage and cyber security.

The National Startup Awards, which honor and award excellent entrepreneurs and ecosystem enablers for developing cutting-edge goods or solutions and scalable businesses, aim to support new businesses.

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