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private company salary certificate format

Private Company Salary Certificate Format (2023)

The private company salary certificate format is a standard format followed to obtain a salary certificate document for various legal and corporate uses. A Salary Certificate is a document that a company gives to an employee when they ask for it. It has information about their salary and employment. This certificate shows the person working and how much money they make. A salary Certificate is printed on company letterhead and signed by a company employee with the right to do so (generally from HR, the accounts department, or administration).

To sum it up, a salary certificate is a piece of paper from the employer that verifies the employee’s regular income, financial situation, position in the company, and identification information.

What is a certificate of salary?

Salary Certificates include all the details needed to determine how an employee’s pay is split, including their length of service. Before authorizing any loan, a salary certificate provides a fundamental evaluation of an employee’s repayment potential. Upon the employee’s request, the employer may issue a salary certificate certifying the employee’s employment, the salary date, the salary breakdown, and the total amount of pay. It is provided to financial institutions to approve loan requests from employees who get a wage.

Importance of Letter of Salary Certification

Generally, employees who seek bank loans, file income tax returns, purchase real estate, or qualify for certain government subsidies must provide proof of income, such as a wage certificate.

Salary Certificate Format

There are several ready-to-use salary certificate word formats available to you. Enter your information and click the search button. And it won’t take long for your certificate to be ready.

Also, suppose you are an employee or working professional seeking a paid certificate for a loan or other banking services and desire to write a salary certificate request letter. In that case, you may consult a separate article.

Below is a Sample Salary Certificate for your review.


This is to confirm that Mr. / Mrs. Currently, he/she is receiving the following salary breakdown for the month of [Month and/or Year].

Salary Certification Format – Sectioning


Basic Pay

Dearness Allowance

House Rent Allowance

Special Allowance

Others / Misc

Gross Salary (1)


Professional Tax


Salary Advance


Total Deduction (2)

NET SALARY (1-2) = Rs.

(Net Salary Rupees)

Born on: ———————————————————-

Date of beginning employment in the present role: ————————————————

Present designation: ———————————————————-

Mr. / Ms. [Employee Name] has requested that this certificate be issued to him/her.

For ——————————————————–

Signature and Officer Designation Authorized by Company



Always print the Salary Certificate on the letterhead of the company. Include the company’s address, phone number, and email address on the letterhead.

Why is a salary certificate necessary?

A salary Certificate is mostly required for two reasons:

  1. Bank Loans, including mortgage, credit card, automobile loans, etc.
  2. You can use the salary mentioned above while applying for a loan or a visa in certain countries.

How do I write a letter to HR salary?

There is a regular procedure for organizations to issue salary certificates. Most large organizations offer an online portal where salary certificates can be created within hours or days.

You may contact the Human Resources, Accounting, or Administration departments if your organization does not have a standard protocol. You may also submit the following form to request a payment certificate.


HR Manager

[Company name]

[Business Address]


Request for Issue of Salary Certificate

Distinguished Sir/Madam,

I [Employee Name], ID [Employee ID], have been employed by [Company Name] since [Joining Date]. Currently, I am employed as [Title] in [Department].

I request that a salary certificate be given in my name, detailing my wage breakdown and other pertinent information. I require this document for [specify reason such as Salary Certificate for Bank Loan].

I would be grateful if the essential document could be supplied as soon as feasible.

Thank you,

[Signature, Name & Contact Details]

Are the salary certificate and form 16 identical?

There is a great deal of overlap between the information on Form 16 and the Salary Certificate. However, each has a distinct function. Form 16 is more relevant from an income tax perspective; it describes the tax withheld and submitted to the Department of income tax. It also includes a breakdown of pay and tax estimates.

The Wage Certificate is often a one-page document that outlines your current salary and verifies your continued employment with the organization. This can be issued at any point during the year, whereas Form 16 can only be issued at the end of the fiscal year. Since this is the most up-to-date information and also validates your job position, the majority of banks need a salary certificate as a prerequisite for loans since it serves as evidence of your current income.

To download Form 16 format CLICK HERE

Who is authorized to issue the pay certificates?

Your company can offer a Salary Certificate at your request. HR, Accounts, or Administrative are accountable for the same tasks. In addition, most major organizations provide online salary certificate creation.

A member of the organization’s authorized personnel signs the Salary Certificate. This might be your direct supervisor or a member of HR. The signer of the salary certificate must provide accurate contact information. There are situations when employees want such a certificate from their employers. Once the employee’s pay has been paid, the finance department sends a salary slip each month. A wage certificate and a salary slip serve very different purposes.


1. How can I get a salary certificate in India?

It is a simple procedure to obtain a salary certificate in India. Just send a formal mail to the HR department or administrator for the company, or in the case of some government jobs online application is made to gain a salary certificate.

2. Can we ask for a salary slip from the company?

Yes, as an employee, it is your right to ask for salary slips. Usually, every company will give salary slips along with salary or provide it on official letterhead whenever the employees request it. However, a prior application needs to be submitted in such cases.

3. How do HR verify salary slip?

Usually, HR will verify with their official signature, or they will get it verified by the respective account administrator with the signature and official stamp of the company.

4. How can a government employee obtain a salary certificate?

Certain government employees can acquire their salary certificates online through the internal employer portal. If not, then you must contact Human Resources.

5. How to obtain a wage certificate upon resignation?

Occasionally, you may need a paid certificate after resigning from a firm. To seek a salary certificate, you must contact the HR, Accounts, Administrative Department, or your former supervisor and submit an application form.


In conclusion, a salary certificate is a document issued by the employer that attests to the employee’s regular income, financial state, position within the organization, and personal data.

A salary certificate needs to be straightforward and uncomplicated. It should include all the information on how much money the employee makes each month. 

Be prepared to customize since an employee can occasionally need more information added to the certificate or entirely the information in a different format. The information often stays mostly the same, as seen in the sample provided above, regardless of the format the employee may require.

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