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ROC company registration

ROC Company Registration

We are in the midst of the 5G era, the era of startups. As a result of rapid technological advancements, the world we live in today is rapidly changing. Everything from the way in which we shop to the way in which we conduct business has changed. Every day there is a new challenge and a new change. In such a dynamic environment, a company must be registered for smooth business purposes. In this era, the most important aspect is ROC Company Registration.

Why need the company registration? Because, the act of registering a firm entails the establishment of its legal existence. Registered companies are organizations that have been formed and registered with the relevant statutory authority in accordance with the corporate and securities laws.

A new company registration is a process by which an organization is registered with the appropriate authorities and in compliance with the country’s corporate laws. Any company that operates without registration is considered unregistered. To avoid such incidents, ROC Company Registration is necessary.

How Do I Register My Company Easily and Quickly at Registrars of Companies?

The registration of a company in India is the first step to a successful business career. There has been a significant improvement in legal compliances and the ease of registering a company in India over the past few decades. The Government of India has made continuous efforts to ensure a seamless and unified process.

  • Digital Signature Certificates (DSC): Since the company registration process is completed online, digital signatures are required in order to submit the forms on the MCA website. Each proposed director and subscriber to the articles of association and memorandum of association is required to have DSC. It is possible to obtain a DSC from a government-recognized certifying authority.
  • Director Identification number (DIN): Anyone who wishes to become a director of a company must obtain a Director Identification Number (DIN). The company registration form requires the DIN of all proposed directors of the company as well as proof of their names and addresses.
  • Registration on the MCA Portal: A company can be registered by  completing the SPICe+ form and submitting it through the MCA website. Registration on the MCA portal is required for the director to complete the SPICe+ form and submit documents. In addition to filing e-forms and viewing public documents, the director will be able to access the MCA portal services once he or she has registered.
  • A copy of the incorporation certificate: The Registrar of Companies will examine the registration application once it has been filled out and submitted along with the required documents. As soon as the application has been verified, the certificate of incorporation will be issued. 

How Much Is the Cost to Register the Company at Registrars of Companies?

Depending on the authorized share capital and the location of the registered office of the company, the cost of registering a Private Limited Company ranges from INR 15,000 to INR 20,000 including professional fees.


Do Business Consultants Help to Register a Company at Registrars of Companies?

Consultants provide professional advice to companies in order to help them achieve their goals or streamline operations by being compliant with all the laws and regulations applicable to the company.

What Are the Documents Required to Roc Filing for Company Registration?

For Shareholders and Directors:

  1. PAN; 
  2. Voter ID card/Ration card/Driving License/Passport;
  3. Electricity Bill/ Bank Statement; and
  4. Aadhar Card.

For Registered Office of the Company

  1. Rental Agreement/ Lease Agreement; and
  2. Utility bill along with No Objection Certificate for authorisation to use premises.

Is It Must to Register a Company Under Registrars of Companies?

According to Indian law, every business must register itself to get the legal recognition and other benefits. 


In conclusion, the process of registration of a company is a crucial and foundational step on the journey to entrepreneurship. Following the right procedures ensures that you’re operating legally, protecting your assets, and positioning yourself for success. 

Remember, the journey of registering a company is unique to each entrepreneur and business model. By arming yourself with knowledge, seeking expert advice and demonstrating dedication, you’re setting the stage for a successful venture. As regulations and business environments evolve, staying informed and adaptable will continue to be essential elements of your ongoing success.

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