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Changing Name of your Company/ LLP


ONLY at ₹4,999/- for Company and ₹2,999/- for LLP   

  • Name Approval Application (RUN) 
  • Filing of INC24 and MGT14 forms / Form-3 and Form-5 with MCA
  • Applying for new PAN and TAN
  • Issue of new Certificate of Incorporation


Changing Name of Company LLP


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    List of Documents required

    • Memorandum of Association/LLP Agreement
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • PAN Card of the Entity
    • New name of the entity
    • Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
    • Resolution and Notices (Formats will be provided)

    How does it work?

    change in name of a Company


    What is the usual duration to complete the process?

    It takes upto 5 working days to get the name changed in ROC. Updating name in PAN and TAN will take another 14 working days.

    Will a revised Incorporation Certificate be issued?

    Yes, once the application is approved by ROC, a new incorporation certificate with revised name will be issued.

    Do i have to update names everywhere after the approval?

    Yes. It is recommended to update the name in all records like PAN, TAN, GST Certificate, Bank Account, IEC Certificate etc.

    How does RUN Application works?

    RUN(Reserve Unique Name) is an application by MCA to reserve name for the entities.

    After checking the availability of the new names, two names can be applied in priority order through the application. If the name are not approved by MCA, we have one more chance of resubmission with 2 new names. If rejected again, we have to file new application with fresh fees.

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