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ROC Fees for Incorporation of Company

ROC Fees for Incorporation of Company (Checkout)

The Registrar of Companies (ROC) is a government office or authority responsible for the registration and regulation of companies and other corporate entities within a specific jurisdiction. The primary role of the ROC is to ensure compliance with company law, maintain accurate records of corporate entities, and facilitate the process of incorporation, changes, and dissolution of companies. ROC Fees for the incorporation of a company depends upon the jurisdiction and the type of company you are looking to incorporate.

To learn more, we must first address some fundamental questions.

How do you avoid the ROC penalty?

  • Forms AOC 4 and MGT-7 must be submitted to the ROC within 30 days and 60 days, respectively, of the date of the organization’s Annual General Meeting. 
  • By filing ROC forms on time and annually, companies avoid the penalty burden that may result from non-filing in accordance with the Companies Act, 2013.

This way we can avoid the penalty.

What Is ROC Registration Fees in India?

ROC registration fee is different in various aspects and is dependent on the jurisdiction, type of the organization and the authorized capital of the company.

It is the fee that is paid by the company to be registered to the ROC as registration charges for the incorporation of the company.

What Comes Under ROC Filing?

A ROC filing occurs when a company files audited financial statements, as well as its annual report, with the ROC.Sections 134 and 92 of the Companies Act of 2013 require every firm to file audited financial statements and annual return with the ROC. 

FAQ: What Is ROC Registration Fees in India?

ROC Registration fees is the amount of government fee along with the stamp duty that is required to be paid for incorporation of the company.

Is GST Applicable on ROC Filing Fees?

 GST is not applicable on ROC Filing Fees.

Is TDS Applicable on ROC Fees?

  1. No TDS applicable for ROC Fees.
  2. Fees only paid to CA.
  3. There is no TDS on stamp duty or registration fees.

Is ROC and Certificate of Incorporation the Same?

  1. Every state and union territory has a ROC office. 
  2. They are also in charge of keeping a public record of the corporations in their respective jurisdictions. 
  3. The certificate of incorporation is issued by ROC and it is a document that serves as a proof of registration of the company.


It’s important to carefully review the fee schedule provided by the ROC or relevant government agency in your jurisdiction to understand the exact fees and charges associated with incorporating a company. 

Additionally, consider seeking guidance from our experts at Instafiling who can help you with a clear understanding of the costs involved and navigation to the incorporation process successfully.

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