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ROC Full Form (All Basic Details you should know)

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has designated a separate department to govern and control the activities of different types of businesses in the country. The MCA called it ROC. ROC full form is Registrar of Companies. 

Under ROC, any company established as per the Companies Act of 1956 and 2013 must submit a set of information about their company annually. This is also known as the Annual e-filing of companies. 

The Companies are required to submit documents about their balance sheet, profit and loss statements, audit reports, annual returns etc. to the MCA’s e-filing portal.

This is where ROC forms come into the picture.

What is the Meaning of ROC Form?

So, as the word ROC form itself suggests that it is a form containing a set of data fields to be filled by the person. The MCA has different types of Forms as per the requirement of data collection. 

A few important forms are required by each company to submit the following documents every year are shared below.

Form TypeForm DetailsTo be Filed by
Balance SheetForm AOC-4 all Companies
Profit & Loss Account: Form AOC-4all Companies
Annual ReturnForm MGT-7All companies except small companies and OPC’s
Annual ReturnForm MGT-7A Small Companies and OPC’s
Compliance Certificate or Secretarial Audit ReportForm MR-3 Public Companies having paid up capital above Rs.50 Crores lakh and turnover above Rs. 250 Crores

File Size- These documents are supported by proofs and receipts which are attached to the forms. The form AOC – 4 for the Balance sheet and Profit and Loss of the company should not be more than 10 MB. 

What is ROC Filing?

The ROC filing is simply the submission of the ROC forms for respective details in the e-filing portal of the MCA website.

The following points must be kept in mind while filing and submitting ROC forms.

1. The file size of the form must not be more than10 MB.

2. In case the file size is more than 10 MB, compress the files attached

3. The mandatory attachments as per the requirement of the forms should be attached properly

4. Submit the files and documents in the form of PDF documents.

5. The documents and reports about the balance sheet and profit loss statements must be verified by the company. In case of any change, the company can request for correction in master data.

To file ROC forms, the companies are required to pay some amount as a fee to the Registrar.

What is ROC Charges?

The ROC charge is the fee to be paid by the companies for the filing of ROC forms. The fee is different for small and big companies as per the share capital.

Share Capital ValueFee Applicable
Less than INR 1,00,000.INR 200
INR 1,00,000 to 4,99,999 INR 300
INR 5,00,000 to 24,99,999INR 400
INR 25,00,000 to 99,99,999INR 500
INR 1,00,00,000 or moreINR 600
For company not having share capitalINR 200

Who is Responsible for Filing ROC?

The Directors and the authorized person of the Company is responsible for filing forms with ROC.  The company representatives or directors can file the ROC by uploading the electronically downloaded forms on the MCA portal. 

The representative just needs to register at the portal and then, go to the Annual Filing Corner and file the forms.

Why ROC is Required?

ROC is required because of the following reasons:

1. ROC helps the government to keep tabs on the development of the companies. This helps in analyzing the potential of any state in terms of its financial development. More ROC filings mean more businesses growing in the state, indicating more employment and cash flow in the system.

2. ROC filing is a mandatory process for every company. Not filing ROC  forms for a longer period of time can cause removing the name of the company from the MCA database. The company will lose its credibility.

3. ROC keeps the government and other companies informed of the company’s current organizational structure, financial condition and much more. 

FAQs- ROC Full Form

What is ROC Full Form in Company?

ROC full form is Registrar of Companies.

Is ROC Mandatory?

Yes, ROC filing is mandatory for every company and LLP formed in different states and union territories of India. 

How Many ROC Are There in India?

There are about 30 ROC offices present in different states and union territories.


This blog on ROC full form is an effort to address the basics behind ROC which any company or person must know. ROC falls under MCA. ROC filing must be done by every big or small company or LLP every year. The forms can be filled out and submitted through the online portal of the MCA website. Failing to do so there is a provision for a penalty as well.

For further information on ROC head to the recommended blogs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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