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ROC search report format

ROC Search Report Format ( A Complete Guide)

ROC is the Register of Companies under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. You must register your company with ROC when you start. You should receive an incorporation certificate from ROC to start your company. Also, you must file your company’s financial statements, Annual returns, and other important details with the ROC annually.

It proves the existence of your company in the ROC register. Similarly, ROC provides a search report that comprises details about your company. The practicing CA, CS, or Advocates prepare the ROC search report after inspecting your documents with the ROC. Read this article to get a better understanding of the ROC search report format.

ROC Search Report, as the name says, is related to a report based on some facts and figures of a particular search. It is the most required report of a company for stakeholders, especially banks.

The practicing CA, CS, or Advocate, after inspection of your documents or records with the ROC about your company, prepares a ROC search report. Usually, banks require a search report on your company before granting loans. The ROC search report helps the stakeholders decide on the investment, control, and management of the company or whether to enter into contact with the company.

As you learn about ROC search reports, are you aware of how to create one? We are here for your rescue.

How Do I Create a ROC Search Report?

Hopefully, you understand the importance of the ROC search report. Now you may wish to create a ROC search report format for your company.

Let’s take a look at how to create one.

  1. You can prepare the search report by vetting the documents or inspecting your documents stored on the MCA’s web portal.
  2. Once you pay the fee for viewing public documents, you can explore the requested documents in the portal under the option ‘View Public Document.’ You can explore this option under the Service tab. However, there is a time restriction for accessing your documents. As per the MCA portal, downloaded documents will be available for one week. Also, you can access it only for three hours once you start inspecting the documents.
  3.  Once you get the documents, you can verify them yourselves or with the help of notable CA or Advocates. 

Are you aware of what a ROC search report contains? Read more to know.

What Are the Contents of the ROC Search Report?

ROC search report is a report which provides every minute detail about your company.

This report consists of:

  • Name of your company
  • Registered Office Address of your company
  • Capital structure of your company
  • List of Directors of your company since incorporation
  • List of Shareholders of your company since incorporation
  • List of Registered Charges since incorporation, etc.
  • The ROC search report may include other details demanded by the Bank Officials.

A ROC search report traces the history of your company or the property held by your company, i.e., who is the property’s original owner and how it has been mortgaged with various banks. In short, it tells the entire history before reaching the present bank that has demanded the search report. It is a crucial part of the loan process by Banks to Companies.

A ROC search report is the basic tool for the bank to determine the viability of your company. As banks wish to provide you with a loan, they must be aware of any previous mortgage loan in your company. And the only way for the banks to find them is through the ROC search report. In such search reports, the professional CA gives complete information about the loans already taken by your company.

Thus, the ROC search report is the most crucial document for your company by every measure. However, let’s throw some light on how much it will cost for you to prepare a ROC search report. 

What Are the Professional Fees for the ROC Search Report?

So, you are ready to prepare a ROC search report format for your company. You must pay a fee of Rs.100 with challan to view all your company’s documents in the portal. It is the only professional fee you must pay for ROC to download your ROC documents for a particular period.

Once you get your documents, depending on the help you get, their fee for verification of your documents may vary. 

However, the basic fee for a ROC search report is Rs.100. You must pay this via challan to the Register of Companies office. But do you know the purpose of this ROC search report and why it is important for your company?

What Is the Purpose of a Search Report?

The purpose of a Search Report is to keep the finance/investment of the Banks safe and to ensure that your company is not the defaulting one. Additionally, does not have the defaulting directors and knows the company background and other information about the company.

Generally, banks seek a ROC report to drill down on your company’s details before issuing loans. The search report enables them to get a better insight into your company’s standing and your ability to make timely repayments.

A search report identifies the history and title of the tangible properties of your company. It facilitates the following details:

  • Charge holders
  • Mortgage created
  • All such details help banks to figure out your credibility for giving a loan

It also helps the shareholders get familiar with your company’s status. They may access such a report to become aware of their shares. Besides, the ROC search report also helps shareholders make informed decisions regarding their projected investment in your company.

You may get such a report prepared before starting your job as a company’s director. You have the right to become acquainted with the existing director’s profile and the company’s financial standing through this report.

Customers or suppliers also have the leverage of accessing the report before doing any business dealing with your company.

These are the purposes for having a ROC search report. And of course, you would have known the importance of it.

FAQ: ROC Search Report Format

How do I do an MCA search report?

You can prepare an MCA search report either by visiting the ROC office and vetting your company’s documents or by checking the documents available on the MCA’s web portal. Once you get the documents, you can inspect them with the help of a professional CA to prepare the MCA search report.

How much does a ROC search report cost?

The professional fee for getting/downloading your documents from the portal is Rs.100. You must pay this with a challan. Other than this, the fee for hiring a professional CA may vary depending on the person.

What are the contents of the ROC search report?

The ROC search report that is provided for the public includes the certificate of incorporation, address of the company, details of directors, registered capital, nature of the business, accounts of the company, shareholders’ details, etc.


Hence, you can see from the above article the importance of the ROC search report. It helps to show your company’s credibility to banks, stakeholders, and investors. ROC search report is the crucial document required by banks to provide loans. 

You can prepare the ROC search report with the help of professional CAs or advocates. You must download your ROC documents from the website portal and do an inspection or search based on them. It provides every detail about your company in order for shareholders to make informed decisions. 

So this was all about the ROC search report, and in case of any queries regarding the same, feel free to contact our experts at Instafiling.

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