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Sonu Sood Income Tax Department Raid (Detailed)

The Income Tax Department has raided Sonu Sood’s property as part of an investigation into his charitable foundation. A raid was set in motion to ascertain the sources of income and expenditure of the Foundation. In this article, we take a closer look at Sonu Sood Income Tax Department raid and his charitable foundation.

Sonu Sood income tax department detail

The Income Tax Authority claimed that an investigation carried out on Sonu Sood’s property found tax evasion of Rs 200 crore, illegal foreign donations, and several other irregularities. Aside from actor Sonu Sood, the tax department also searched a Lucknow-based group of industries involved in infrastructure development. A total of 28 facilities in Mumbai, Lucknow, Kanpur, Jaipur, Delhi, and Gurgaon were raided in his four-day raid.

“Incriminating evidence of tax evasion was found,” the Income Tax department said in a statement. The actor’s main method was to divert unreported income in the form of bogus unsecured loans from several bogus companies. Our research so far has uncovered 20 such listings in use. The provider has admitted under oath to creating a fake accommodation listing. They accepted checks instead of cash. There have been instances of professional income being disguised as book loans for tax evasion. It was also revealed that these fake loans were used to invest and acquire properties.

A member of the IT department found that the charity formed by the actor on 21st July 2020 has received donations totaling Rs 18.94 crore since 1st April 2021. Of this amount, 1.9 crore rupees was used for various relief efforts, and the rest of his 17 crore rupees was left unused in the Foundation’s bank account.

It was also discovered during the investigation that the charity foundation raised Rs 2.1 crore from overseas donors on a crowdfunding platform in violation of FCRA regulations.

According to the results of the bureau’s search operation, “the actor entered a joint venture real estate project and invested large sums of money, which uncovered incriminating evidence of tax evasion and fraud in the company’s books.” In the course of the search, cash of Rs 1.8 crore was seized and 11 lockers were banned.

In response, Sonu Sood said we submitted all the documents, but submitted more documents than they wanted. Jaipur and Lucknow do not have an inch of land as accused. We have already provided the documentation for this. Regarding FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) violations, corporations and foundations that have been listed for more than three years can register with FCRA and receive funds. My foundation is not registered and cannot receive these funds.

The funds are still on the crowdfunding platform. I was a fundraiser for that platform. All donations are made directly from the crowdfunding platform to hospitals or medical colleges for education. It is incorrect to claim that I violated FCRA regulations because the funds did not come to India or my foundation.

Not a single dollar or not a cent is reflected in my account. We provided all relevant documents to the officials for every single person we treated medically, including the patient’s, hospital’s, and doctor’s details, as well as their PAN numbers and phone numbers. Everything is recorded, including whom we helped and how. 

Sonu Sood Foundation

As the country faced the wrath of the coronavirus pandemic, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood was helping people across the country. He helped workers get home and provided basic services like oxygen concentrators and vaccines. He was remembered by many as the Messiah.

While constantly assisting others, Sonu Sood also formed the ‘Sood Charity Foundation,’ which works 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide people with beds, oxygen, medicines, and other necessities.

In 2022-2023, Sonu Sood is determined to help educate the young generation in this country as much as possible. After helping people in times of COVID and creating IAS grants, Sonu Sood’s SOOD CHARITY FOUNDATION is back with a new initiative, Free CA Education. Through this new philanthropic foundation initiative, Sonu Sood will help future CA students find internships, internships, and employment opportunities. To sign up for this you will need to visit soodcharityfoundation.org.

Campaigns of Sonu Charity Foundation

Free Graduation campaign with Universal Education:

  • Universal Education has partnered with Sood Charity to offer a free postgraduate program (university degree) to Mumbai students.
  • Applicants who have lost their parents/parents due to the COVID-19 pandemic are at priority.
  • Universal Education is a leading institution in over 50 reputable educational institutions in India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), offering degree programs in business, science, arts, law, teacher education, engineering, and architecture.
  • Transferring competency-based education and training students to become industry-ready individuals is a top priority for Universal Education.

Free Law Education:

  • An irreplaceable and essential legal education is an insatiable need in the 21st century.
  • The Sood Charity Foundation, in collaboration with Professor Rajesh (Founder and Director of VPROV), is proud to launch SANKALP to help you realize your dream of attending National Law Universities (NLUs). A free law entrance coaching program to advance your dream of professional legal education. Complimentary training for CLAT, AILET, and other statutory entrance exams to EWS-deserving students.
  • Students in Standards 11 and 12, and students who have completed Standard 12 this year are eligible to apply.

CA Education:

Becoming a chartered accountant is a significant life achievement.

  • Recognizing the need to promote inclusive education, Sood Charity partnered with WIRC at ICAI and Media Chutney to launch SAKSHAM, a friendly initiative.
  • It aims to empower aspiring students by supporting training and other aspects of CP training.
  • The program aims to create trainee employment opportunities with training facilities for CA and exams, to empower young people, and to open up new opportunities to help build the nation.

IAS Scholarships:

  • Passing the UPSC civil service exam is a lofty goal.
  • Recognizing the need to promote inclusive education, Sood Charity partnered with the Divine India Youth Association (DIYA) to launch a friendly initiative SAMBHAVAM.
  • It aims to provide future students in India with an IAS training facility free of charge, as well as support mentoring and holistic character development to open up new opportunities for youth empowerment and nation-building.
  • It is poised to play a pioneering role in building a new India in the times to come.

Professor Saroj Sood Scholarship (UG & PG Scholarships):

  It is an initiative named after the late mother of the founder. This full scholarship is available to students who wish to complete their university studies despite financial hardship.

Pravasi Rojgar:

 We understand that helping immigrants return home is not a permanent solution as they have no way to earn a living. This gave birth to our next venture, Pravasi Rojgar. The platform has provided workers with over 300,000 jobs.

The main goal of this edition is to provide them with a better life and a stable source of income to help them through these difficult times.

ILAAJ India: 

  • ILAAJ India is a helpline (02067083686) created with the assistance of Ketto.org, Asia’s leading crowdfunding platform.
  • The purpose of this initiative is to support the care and treatment of pediatric patients.
  • The goal is to bridge the affordability gap and make quality healthcare accessible to all.

Ruk Jaana Nahi: 

  • Ruk Jaana Nahi can make a world of difference when it comes to maintaining or restoring quality of life by providing the right knee care.
  • This initiative aims to help older people regain independence and return to daily life.

Sonu for You (India’s largest Blood Bank):

  • Sonu for You aims to become India’s largest blood bank and the Sonu For You app helps staff reach out to donors in real time.
  • Donors arrive at the hospital and can donate blood immediately.
  • This initiative promotes encounters with rare blood types.

Sonu Sood foundation for medical treatment

Sonu Sood’s ‘Adopt a Patient’ initiative provides free health care, financial support for health care, and medical assistance to the underprivileged. Free healthcare for the poor is always a difficult and daunting task, but help is coming from all over the world for people like you. Generous personal donations have enabled the Sood Charitable Foundation to create a medical financial aid organization fully committed to the cause. In many ways, SCF provides free healthcare to the poor. They provide financial and medical assistance for issues such as children’s heart surgery, free use of cochlear implants to restore hearing, and free use of dialysis to prolong and improve the lives of chronic kidney disease patients. 

Sonu Sood property

Sonu Sood is an Indian actor who has an estimated net worth of US$17 million (approximately INR 130 Kroner) as of 2023. Sonu Sood was born on July 30, 1973 in Moga, Punjab. He is an Indian actor, producer, model, businessman and philanthropist. He currently lives in Mumbai with his wife and children. Sonu is known for his involvement in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Punjabi films. 

Wrapping Up

After an income tax investigation into his finances allegedly turned up irregularities, actor Sonu Sood shared a mysterious post. He concluded: Ant bhale ka bhala (Good deeds always come).

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