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Startup India Course

Startup India Course (Complete Guide)

The Startup India government portal offers a free online entrepreneurship startup india course for every entrepreneur called the Startup India Learning Program. This program was created in association with UpGrad by Invest India.

Starting a new business is a difficult process that needs thorough planning, market expertise, a sizable amount of money, and other factors. It helps to understand the many phases involved in starting a new business, growing it, attracting investors and clients, handling the books, and everything else in between. The Startup India Learning Program offers free online entrepreneurship education for the same.

Startup India Learning Program certificate

Startup India, a project of the GOI, offers a free online entrepreneurship program called the Startup India Learning Program. This program was created in association with UpGrad by Invest India. It is hoped to assist entrepreneurs in taking their concepts and businesses to the next level through structured learning. In a comprehensive 4-Week Curriculum, the program offers teachings on important aspects of starting up from 40+ top Indian founders.

What is the aim?

This program aims to:

  • Industry Insights – Give market insights on the accomplishments and failures of successful Indian entrepreneurs in a range of industries.
  • Certification – Offer official Invest India Certification and Startup India Certification.
  • Language Option – Provide instruction in Hindi or English, depending on the participants’ preferences.
  • Networking & Mentoring – Give people a chance to communicate with other businesspeople in a lively discussion forum.
  • Business Plan – Give detailed instructions on how to write a business plan for any venture.

Syllabus topics:

Six modules make up the course, each focusing on a different subject. The rendered curriculum is as follows:

  • Entrepreneurship Introduction – a general overview of the project, including its advantages and potential.
  • Validation of the Idea- relates to concept identification and evaluation, wherein business owners will be guided to identify their ideas and evaluate them in light of possible clients and the competitive landscape.
  • Legal Building- The following topics are covered in that:
    • Deals with Company Registration, Compliances, Patents, and other matters while defining the proper legal foundation for an entity.
    • Includes financial statements, break-even analysis, and other financial and accounting principles.
    • It focuses on the process of creating a venture’s business strategy.
  • Pitching and Funding – This section of the curriculum focuses on the following:
    • Fundraising and Value – aids an entrepreneur in comprehending the perspective of an investor with regard to issues like firm valuation, fundraising, equity dilution, etc.
    • Pitching and Timesheets – teaches entrepreneurs how to present their businesses to investors and pinpoint the main areas of concentration on team sheets.

How to register for the program?

This program is open to entrepreneurs that are either new to the industry or have just started their ventures. Through the platform’s official website, prospective candidates can register by providing basic information and their preferred training method. A user must set up an account. Visit the Startup India learning program website online to create an account. Once that is finished, the student can begin the course.

Refer startup India website for related questions and queries. Users may send an email to dipp-startups@nic.in or dial the toll-free number 180011556 for any more questions. 

Best Books for Startups

Every successful company started as a startup. Young entrepreneurs put forth a lot of effort to establish their reputations in the financial and commercial spheres. They face difficulties every day and new difficulties at every turn. But despite everything, they remain passionate and joyful about reaching their objectives and finding freedom despite facing challenges, consequences, and issues. Such individuals are numerous, and someone fresh will always come along to replace them. Reading some of the top books on startups is the best approach to learning.

The following are some of the top business books for novices to read:

  • The Startup Owner’s Manual: The Step-By-Step Manual For Building Great Companies
  • Who: The A Hiring Method
  • You’re a badass at making money: the mastermind of wealth
  • Zero to One: Startup Notes or How to Create the Future
  • Leading At The Speed Of Growth: The Journey from Entrepreneur to CEO
  • Radical Candor: Be A Kick-Ass Boss Without sacrificing Your Humanity
  • The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building A Business When There Are No Simple Answers 
  • Founders at Work: Stories of Early Days Startups
  • The Lean Startup: How Entrepreneurs today Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses 
  • Never Too Late to Startup: How Mid-Life Entrepreneurs can Create Wealth, Freedom & Purpose

Platforms to learn about startup

Here is a selection of excellent educational institutions and some of our generation’s most well-known and successful entrepreneurs that offer free online materials on entrepreneurship.

You may complete the majority of these courses in a week and learn a lot about entrepreneurial thinking, difficulties, and solutions. They are available as video lectures.

1. Harvard Innovation Labs’ Startup Secrets

2. MIT’s Nuts and Bolts of Business Plans

3. freeCodeCamp’s The Foundations of Entrepreneurship

4. Polsky Entrepreneurship Courses

5. Small Business Basics

6. How to Start a Startup

Apart from these, online learning platforms like Coursera offers many diverse programs and sessions specially designed for entrepreneurship by leading institutes around the globe for free or at almost nominal prices. One can access them online and start their entrepreneurship journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :

Which course is best for startups?

Unfortunately, many courses make you capable of starting and running a business. Starting a business is a complex task and requires considerable skills; thus, it would be advisable to learn different skills via various courses. 

Do startups give training to freshers?

Yes, there are a few startups that look for youngsters to build their business. Young energy always helps a growing business. However, it’s difficult to find such startups. 

How can I learn about Startup India?

Learning about startups has become much easier. The startup India website is a great platform to gather knowledge on various topics regarding the startup and all its aspects. 


It is challenging to launch a new firm since it requires careful planning, market knowledge, a significant sum of money, and other elements. It is beneficial to understand the many stages of beginning a new business, expanding it, luring investors and customers, managing the books, and everything else in between. Free online entrepreneurial education is available for the same through the Startup India Learning Program.

I recommend learning through these available platforms and getting support from the government before taking the huge steps of starting a business and wishing you luck in your startup journey. 

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