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Startup India Upgrad

Startup India Upgrad (The Definitive Guide)

Startup India Upgrad is a flagship initiative of the Government of India. It aims to build a strong ecosystem conducive to startup business growth, drive sustainable economic growth, and generate large-scale employment opportunities. 

What is UpGrad Startup?

Mayank Kumar, Ravijot Chugh, Phalgun Kompalli, and Ronnie Screwvala founded UpGrad in 2015. UpGrad is an online learning platform that helps business owners succeed by providing access to top-notch education from faculty from renowned universities around the world in areas such as marketing, finance, and operations management.

With UpGrad’s on-demand courses, you can learn anytime, anywhere, even if you’re already working full-time at your company. The startup has a knowledgeable group of mentors to help overcome obstacles.

1. UpGrad – Workplace Culture

UpGrad’s work culture has several key aspects:

  1. Employees feel fulfilled and accomplished in their work because their work has the potential to improve the lives and careers of their clients/students.
  1. UpGrad is an ed-tech company that sees technology as the future of education.
  1. The leadership group is very friendly, the org chart is open and employees are encouraged to take initiative. 
  1. As a company that supports continuing education, upGrad encourages employees to enroll in courses at discounted rates.
  1. With over 500 employees and an average of 28 years of service, UpGrad is ready to push the boundaries of education.

2. UpGrad – Revenue And Growth

UpGrad’s net loss increased 180% from Rs.202.37 crore in FY21 to Rs.568.62 crore in FY22. Meanwhile, the company’s operating profit increased by 67% from Rs.3,021 million in FY21 to Rs.502.11 million in FY2022.

UpGrad reported negative Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA) of Rs 513.56 crore in the 22nd year. Moreover, the company’s net worth has decreased from Rs. Rs 246.61 crore in FY22. UpGrad’s loss margin increased by 109.48% in FY22. This was done in a recent series of announcements by UpGrad to expand its business.

The company plans to open 10 new global institutions under its UGDX brand name in the United States (US), India, Singapore, and the Middle East over the next year.

The company has a $30 million investment in this. Additionally, the company is believed to be gearing up for its 2024 initial public offering (IPO). The company has decided to consolidate all its acquisitions and mergers (M&A) in India into ‘One upGrad’. 

3. UpGrad – Mission and Vision

Mission – Making our learners achieve their desired outcomes

Vision – Powering career success for every member of the global workforce as their trusted lifelong learning partner

Which Course Is Best from Upgrad?

All UpGard courses are best. For startups, we recommend the Startup India Learning Program.

‘Startup India Learning Program’ is a program launched in 2017 by UpGrad in collaboration with ‘Invest India’. Startup India Learning Program is a free online course on entrepreneurship. Partnerships with publications focused on entrepreneurship have also been used to spread the word.

They focused on several subject-specific channels to attract students and expand their clientele. UpGrad maintains partnerships with the following educational institutions.

  1. International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-B)
  2. Birla Institute of Technology and Science
  3. Pilani (BITS Pilani)
  4. MICA
  5. Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE)
  6. Cambridge Judge Business School
  7. Institute of Management Technology (IMT Ghaziabad)
  8. HDFC Life for insurance-related courses
  9. IIT Madras, for certification course on Machine Learning and Cloud

How Upgrad Is Different from Byju’s?

The point of difference between UpGrad and BYJU’s are:

UpGrad is EdTech online program in IT, data science, management, and technology for professionals, students, and businesses.
Byju’s is an educational tutoring app that runs on a freemium model with free access to restricted content for 15 days after registration.
It offers several programs including Master’s Degrees (MBA), Bachelor’s Degrees (Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration) as well as Post Graduate Diploma Programs (PGDPs).
The company cooperates with academic institutions and large companies.
Provides educational content for students from 1st grade through 12th grade.
It also trains students for Indian exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, CAT, IAS, and international exams like GRE and GMAT.
Programs offered range from certifications and diplomas to undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees.
Academic topics and concepts are illustrated in 12-20 minute digitally animated videos through which students work independently.

Partnering with universities around the world offers over 100 courses in subjects such as data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, programming, finance, and law.
The company is focused on introducing a hybrid model of teaching and learning by opening more than 500 education centers in 200 cities in India. 

FAQ: Startup India Upgrad

1. Is upGrad an Indian startup?

Yes, upGrad is an Indian startup. A Mumbai startup called upGrad brings the best in the online education market. To make career-focused courses more accessible and help Indian students and professionals looking to advance their careers, upGrad partners with top institutions.

2. Does upGrad guarantee job?

Upgrad courses come with a 100% job guarantee. 

3. Can I get refund from upGrad?

Once the trial period expires, refunds are not possible for any reason. Full programs without trial periods or preparatory sessions will be refunded according to the terms of each program’s refund policy.

4. Is upGrad certificate valid?

The courses and programs offered by UpGrad in collaboration with other universities are fully valid and approved by the University Grants Commission.

Wrapping Up

The program works to foster collaboration between the government, industry, academia, and other stakeholders to create a better business environment for all. The goal is to make India a hub for innovative and entrepreneurial activity, with the hope that this will lead to increased economic growth and job creation.

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