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Streamlining FSSAI Annual Returns: Your Comprehensive Guide to Form D1 Compliance

In the complex world of food regulations, submitting the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) annual return stands out as a crucial step. It’s more than just a formality; it’s about following the rules, being honest, and keeping operations transparent. For food businesses, knowing how to do this is essential. It’s not just about ticking boxes; it’s about showing a dedication to keeping food safe, following the law, and making sure the business can keep running smoothly.

Understanding the Basics of FSSAI Annual Returns

The cornerstone of food safety regulations in India lies with the FSSAI annual return, governed by Clause 2.1.13 of the Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations, 2011. This regulation mandates that manufacturers, importers, repackers, relabellers, and manufacturer-exporters submit their annual returns by May 31st each year. This requirement applies to food businesses operating in India and involves reporting on activities conducted during the previous financial year.

Who Needs to File?

The obligation to file FSSAI annual returns extends to food businesses and Eligible Food Business Operators (FBOs) holding an FSSAI license and engaged in various activities such as manufacturing, importing, repacking, relabelling, or exporting food products. FBO’s include

  • having a business turnover exceeding Rs. 12 Lakhs
  • milk manufacturing and distribution (under Form D2)

This requirement ensures that businesses across the spectrum adhere to regulatory standards and maintain transparency in their operations.

Exempted Entities

While certain entities are obligated to file FSSAI returns, exemptions are granted to others based on specific criteria. Here are the exempted entities:

  • Fast-food Joints: These establishments primarily focus on fast-food preparation and service, exempting them from FSSAI annual return obligations.
  • Restaurants: Dining establishments providing prepared meals and beverages for on-site consumption are also exempt from filing FSSAI annual returns.
  • Grocery Stores: Retail stores selling a variety of food and household products are relieved from the obligation of filing FSSAI annual returns.
  • Canteens: Facilities serving food to specific groups, like employees or students, are also exempt from filing FSSAI annual returns.

The Importance of Compliance

Compliance with FSSAI annual returns transcends mere legal obligations; it is an ethical commitment to consumer safety, transparency, and accountability. By submitting accurate and timely returns, businesses prioritize consumer welfare and demonstrate their dedication to upholding food safety standards, thereby fostering trust within the industry.

Deciphering Form D1 FSSAI: Your Key to Compliance

Form D1 FSSAI serves as the cornerstone of FSSAI annual returns, encapsulating essential information about a food business’s activities. From details on manufacturing to information about importing, labelling, packaging, and distribution of food products, Form D1 is instrumental in ensuring regulatory compliance. It is imperative to complete Form D1 accurately and submit it on time to fulfil regulatory obligations. Filing a revised annual return is allowed without fee if is revised by 31st May and with fee if it revised between 1st June and 31st March of the following year.

FSSAI Annual Return Filing Essentials

For successful completion of the FSSAI Annual Return, FBOs must provide the following essential information:

  • Product Details: Specify the name of the manufactured or imported product.
  • Packaging Information: Include details such as container size, packaging material (e.g., P.P.), or bulk packaging.
  • Quantity Measurement: Provide the quantity in Metric Tons for accurate reporting.
  • Selling Price: Indicate the selling price of food products per kilogram or per unit of packaging.
  • Product Value: State the total value of the food product.
  • Imported Goods: If applicable, include the quantity of imported goods measured in kilograms.
  • Origin Details: Furnish a comprehensive list of countries or ports from which the food products are imported.
  • Cost Details: Specify the rate per unit per kilogram for packaging cost, insurance, and freight (C.I.F.) Free on Board (F.O.B.).

Navigating the Submission Process

The submission process for FSSAI annual returns has evolved from manual to online platforms, enhancing efficiency and accessibility. Food businesses can now leverage the Food Safety Compliance System (FoSCoS) portal to fill out Form D1 FSSAI and provide necessary details about their operations. Timely submission through the online platform is crucial for avoiding penalties and maintaining regulatory goodwill as offline submissions are not accepted.

Step-by-Step Filing Process

  1. File Express Annual Return:
    • Log in to https://foscos.fssai.gov.in and navigate to “Fill Express Annual Return.”
    • Enter your license number and validity end date, then click on “Submit.”
  2. File Annual Return:
    • Log in to https://foscos.fssai.gov.in and select “Fill Annual Return.”
    • Proceed to select the Annual Return from the side menu and submit the valid OTP.
    • Click on “File Annual Return” for the desired Annual year.
    • Fill out Form D-1 with all required details.
    • Review and submit the form.
    • For a revised return, utilize the “File Revised Return” button.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Non-compliance with FSSAI annual return filing attracts penalties, including a daily fine of Rs. 100 from June 1st onwards, with a maximum penalty of five times the annual license fee. It is imperative for businesses to adhere to deadlines and ensure timely submission to avoid facing these penalties.

Seeking Professional Assistance

Given the complexities involved, food businesses may opt to seek professional assistance to navigate the compliance maze effectively. Professional service providers offer expertise in compliance, document verification, and timely submission, thereby helping businesses uphold regulatory standards and mitigate risks. Food Business Operators may seek help from Food Safety Mitra for filing Annual Returns at a fixed charge of Rs. 500. The details of the same can be obtained from the FoSCoS Homepage

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FSSAI Form D2?

FSSAI Form D2 is filed by licenses involved in manufacturing and distributing milk or milk products. It’s submitted from 1st April to 30th September and from 1st October to 31st March of every financial year.

Is FSSAI Annual Return Mandatory?

Yes, FSSAI has made it mandatory to file the Annual Return from FY 2020-21 onwards through online mode in FOSCOS only. Late filing penalties can be 5 times the annual license fees.

What are the Three Types of FSSAI Licenses?

The three types of FSSAI licenses are:

  • FSSAI Basic License
  • Central FSSAI License
  • State FSSAI License

What is the Fee Structure?

Type of ApplicationCentral License (1 Year)State License (1 Year)Registration (1 Year)
New ApplicationRs. 7500State wise regulationRs. 100
Renewal ApplicationRs. 7500State wise regulationRs. 100
License/Certificate ModificationRs. 7500State wise regulationRs. 100
Duplicate License/Certificate10% of the Applicable License Fee10% of the Applicable License Fee10% of the Applicable Certificate Fee


In conclusion, filing FSSAI annual returns, especially Form D1, is not merely about meeting legal requirements; it is a testament to a food business’s commitment to consumer welfare, transparency, and ethical conduct. By understanding and adhering to regulatory mandates, food businesses play a crucial role in ensuring food safety and fostering trust within the industry.

At InstaFiling, our mission is to offer tailored, client-centric solutions that support businesses in fulfilling their FSSAI compliance requirements, including those pertaining to Form D1. We understand the challenges businesses face in navigating FSSAI regulations while balancing daily operations. That’s why we provide a range of proactive services aimed at simplifying the compliance journey and easing administrative burdens for our clients. Our goal is to facilitate seamless adherence to Form D1 and other FSSAI mandates, ensuring peace of mind and regulatory confidence for businesses.

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