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Top Export Company In India

Top Export Company In India (2023)

There are around 5,000 import-export companies in India and over 7,500 in the United States. India is the world’s fastest-growing major economy, the eighth-largest exporter of commercial services, and the 10th importer of commercial services. Despite this, India’s trading framework and regulatory environment remain relatively restrictive.

Petroleum Products are the most exported product from India. The top export company in India is Reliance Industries exporting Oil and gas, and four of India’s top ten exporting industries are connected to the petroleum industry.

According to Piyush Goyal, Minister of Commerce and Industry & Railways, the Indian government promotes exports to create employment chances for young, well-educated, bright individuals and semi-skilled or unskilled labourers.

What are India’s top 10 exports?

The following list contains the top 10 exports from India:

  1. Petroleum products
  2. Pearls and semiprecious and precious stones
  3. Medicinal formulations and biologicals
  4. Jewellery made of gold and other precious metals
  5. Steel and iron
  6. Organic Substances
  7. Cotton and Equipment
  8. Automobiles/Cars
  9. Electrical Equipment and Machinery
  10. Products made from iron and steel

What India exports to the USA?

Leather Goods – Leather goods are the most important exports from India to the United States. In the distribution of accessories and leather goods, India has risen to the top of the global exporter rankings. Most leather goods consist of belts, pouches, purses, handbags, and many more. Several gift products like leather journals, covered notebooks, and key rings have considerable demand worldwide. Numerous companies in India, both small and large, export leather goods to foreign countries continuously.

Medical appliances and accessories – Indian medical appliances are world-famous, high-quality items exported to international markets. It’s one of India’s biggest exporters to the US. Examples of surgical disposables include face masks, bandages, absorbent gauze, surgery caps, crepe, sterile gloves, and other related things. On the worldwide market, the speciality appliances include baby incubators, digital imaging software, and air ionisers, all of which have a strong market presence.

Frozen meat is an in-demand non-vegetarian cuisine that provides the greatest flavour compared to other items. It involves various varieties of fish, beef, shrimp, rice, etc., with potential export markets. India has an abundance of fish species, such as shrimp. Indian exporters engage in the dependable sale of their goods, which aids in maintaining and preserving the highest grade of meat.

Agriculture items – This is also a heavily exported category of goods since India’s climate and geographical position make it easy for all plants to flourish on its land. Organically produced goods are in high demand in all international nations. Australia, Singapore, China, France, Italy, Canada, Germany, Sweden, and Saudi Arabia are the top export destinations for Indian producers. Ginger, okra, vegetables, and fruits are exported from India. Potatoes, cabbages, onions, and tomatoes are vegetables, whereas bananas, mangoes, and guavas are fruits.

Textiles – India contributes 15% of global textile exports due to the substantial market engaged. The textile industry exports more goods and advances towards greater expansion and success in the international market. On the domestic market, textile companies have inexpensive production relative to exports. Silk and khadi are the most popular export items on the worldwide market.

Gems and precious metals – In terms of market value, this is the second-largest product shipped from India to the United States, as the export of these commodities from India to the United States exceeds $40 billion.

Machinery – Agricultural machinery components, textile twister machinery, cement machinery, and compressor machinery are among the most exported commodities from India to the United States.

Which product is best for export?

Electronic integrated circuits and components (30.1% of total sales for electrical machinery and equipment), phone gadgets, including smartphones (18.7%), and insulated wire or cable (4.4%) are the most valued exported goods that fall under the category of electrical machinery and equipment.

The most popular exported items that are classified as equipment containing computers are turbojets (4.7%), computer components or accessories (6.5%), excluding covers or cases, automatic data processing machines (17.8%), and machinery for producing semiconductors.

The export product categories that had the highest growth in sales were various base metals (up 61.1%), iron and steel (up 69%), and tin (up 105.8% compared to 2020).

How do I find export buyers?

Offline method:

Directly interacting with buyers offline is incredibly successful.

1. Attend Indian import-export council trade shows. 

You must take part in trade shows held by an Indian import-export council. You may encounter a lot of overseas buyers at once by participating in trade shows.

2. Join an import-export council. 

You are required to attend trade events hosted by an Indian import-export council. By participating in trade events, you could meet a lot of foreign buyers all at once.

3. Use international agencies to discover purchasers. 

You can discover purchasers with the aid of a foreign agency. The overseas agency maintains a database with all the importers and exporters from that specific nation.

Your overseas agency assists you with remittance and import-export of commodities. You must get into a contract with an international agency. Any leads they can produce for you. You will give them a portion of your commission in exchange for the lead. It implies that you must employ a foreign agent who works on commission.

Online method:

Online buyer-finding is cheaper, simpler, and more global than offline techniques.

1. ORM 

Create a company website first. Websites boost internet reputation. After developing a website, you need SEO. Google ranks sites with effective SEO. Google first page ranking. Searches for your products and services. Google will rank your site higher, attracting more customers.

2. List your firm on all overseas portals:

 List your items and services and catalogue on all international trade sites. Buyers will contact you immediately after viewing your B2B portal catalogue.

3. Email Marketing: 

Another approach to attract internet shoppers is email marketing.

How will you receive buyer mail IDs? Joining the import-export chamber. The chamber of import & export will supply overseas buyer email IDs. Email marketing may produce leads for your firm.

FAQ: Top Export Company In India

1. Who is the biggest exporter in India?

The biggest export company in India is Reliance Industries exporting Oil and gas.

2. What is India’s biggest import?

Oil (177.5 billion USD) is India’s top imported good, mostly from the Middle East. The biggest oil suppliers to the nation are Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

3. What India exports to Ukraine?

The major Indian exports to Ukraine are pharmaceuticals. After Germany and France, India is the third-largest value supplier of pharmaceutical goods to Ukraine. Many Indian businesses, like Ranbaxy, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, and Sun Group, have representatives there.

4. Which country is best for export from India?

In 2021–2022, China will be India’s second-largest export partner after the United States. Bangladesh has benefited from fewer pandemic-related disruptions in the movement of commodities compared to other export destinations, including the US and Europe, to climb from Number 9 to Number 5 in the rankings.


Exports are a major component of modern economies because they allow individuals and companies access a wide range of new markets. The Indian economy’s export sector has grown significantly over time. India has established business ties with several other nations, including EU members, SAARC members, and certain Eastern European and African nations.

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