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udin update on income tax portal

UDIN Update on Income Tax Portal (2023 Update)

UDIN stands for Unique Document Identification Number and is issued to help ICAI protect documents issued by chartered accountants. Recently, a number of fraud cases have been observed by the ICAI involving the forgery of signatures by people posing as certificate authorities, issuing bogus certificates, and various other documents to mislead authorities. UDIN was created in response to this scam and has proven to be very effective against ICAI.

For each auditor that must be registered with the portal, a unique number will be generated on the UDIN portal for each certificate or other such documents, to which they will be attesting. This is to maintain fair practices and to ensure that fraud does not occur when notarizing important documents. Only auditors can generate UDINs on the UDIN portal,

Now, if you are wondering how to UDIN update on income tax portal. Let’s read on.

How Do I Update My UDIN on Income Tax

According to the latest procedures, for income tax e-filing, UDIN updates, report uploads, or forms for which no UDIN was previously generated, select the same form number selected in the UDIN portal to generate a UDIN. need to do it. If you would like to know how to update your UDIN on the Income Tax Portal, please first visit the Income Tax Department’s e- Filing Portal to review and verify previously submitted forms.

Here are the steps to update your UDIN on the Income Tax Portal:

  1. Once logged into the Income Tax Portal, you will find a link to view/update your UDIN details under the My Account tab.
  1. This link will take you to View/Update UDIN Details where you will find the terms “Consumed” and “Unconsumed”.
  1. The status Consumed indicates that the form uploaded by the CA has been accepted by the taxpayer. 
  1. On the other hand, the status not consumed means that the form has been rejected and can be uploaded again with the same UDIN.

How to verify UDIN in income tax?

Verify Status of Bulk Uploaded UDINs

  1.  To check the status of bulk UDIN updates, go to the ‘View/Update UDIN’ and select ‘Check Bulk UDIN Status’.
  1.  On the Check Bulk UDIN Status tab, enter the token number.
  1.  If the bulk file has not been processed, its status will be ‘Pending’. If bulk file processing is successful, the status will be ‘processed’.
  1. If the file cannot be processed due to technical or data issues, the status will be ‘Processing failed’ and the file will be submitted again for processing. 
  1. Once the status has been processed, the token number becomes a hyperlink.
  1. Click the link to view the status of all uploaded UDINs.
  1. All the UDINs can be downloaded into one Excel file using the Export to Excel option.
  1. If the UDIN status is UDIN update failed, click the ‘i’ icon to view the reason for the error. 

What Is the Due Date for UDIN Generation

A UDIN is generated when the document is signed. However, it can be generated within 60 days from the signing of the same (both the dates i.e. sign-in of the document and the date of generation of UDIN are included ). Additionally, for these documents, the respective Regulator/(s) or other stakeholders need UDIN immediately on signing or within a specified period, the same will be provided by the member.

What Is UDIN Updation

What Is UDIN Updation

A Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN) is an 18-digit unique number generated by the system for each document authenticated/certified by practicing chartered accountants.

This is to maintain fair practices and to ensure that fraud does not occur attestation of important documents. Only chartered accountants can generate UDINs on the UDIN portal, so UDIN checks ensure the validity of certified documents. The Income Tax Department, RBI, and other banks can verify the validity of these certification documents.

Do We Need to Update UDIN on Income Tax Portal

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has published a guide on mandatory verification of UDIN in all IT forms. The CBDT will also validate Unique Document Identification Numbers (UDINs) generated by the ICAI portal during the upload of tax audits and other income tax reports, according to a press release issued in November.

A tax report or form is now considered valid only if the UDIN is successfully validated by the CBDT electronic filing portal. The CA may complete the process immediately or during his additional 15-day period allowing the agency to update  UDIN on CBDT e- filing portal.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has extended the deadline for updating the Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN) on the Income Tax Department’s electronic filing web portal from January 31, 2022, to June 30, 2022.

What If Wrong UDIN Is Updated

If, after a taxpayer has accepted a form associated with a valid UDIN, and discovers any mistakes or errors in the form or attachments, the process is generated by canceling the previously generated UDIN for the submitted form. just modify the form with the new UDIN.

How Do I Know My UDIN Is Generated

Here are a few steps that how to know whether your UDIN is generated or not:

  1. Log in to the UIDN portal https://udin.icai.org  with valid credentials.
  2. Click Generate UDIN.
  3. Select a document type from the pull-down menu. drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the date the certifying document was signed.
  5. Next, enter two financial figures such as Sales/Net Worth.
  6. Out of 3 given fields 2 Financial Figures are mandatory. Zero (0) is to be mentioned in Financial Figure in case, there is no Financial Figure in the Certificate and in its Particulars mention There is no Financial Figure in Certificate.
  7. Select Document Description and enter 15-50 characters for the certificate details.
  8.  Next, click the Send OTP button.
  9. After that, you will receive a one-time password for the registered member’s mobile number and email ID.
  10. Next, enter the one-time password you received and click Preview. A preview shows the details entered for the UDIN generation. If there are any changes or errors in what you have entered, please click the Back button or click Submit.
  11. Now, UDIN is generated. So a UDIN can be used in a document by mentioning it as a watermark or by using a pen on the document.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Is UDIN compulsory for  tax audit?

A Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN) is mandatory for all types of certifications, GST and tax audit reports, and other auditing, Assurance, and attesting functions performed/signed by a full-time Chartered Accountant.

Is certificate without UDIN valid?

There is no valid certificate without UDIN.

Is UDIN generated every year?

No, a UDIN is generated only once for the original certificate. The same UDIN must be specified if a client request is to issue a duplicate.

Where to mention UDIN in tax audit report?

UDIN is mentioned under the head ‘particulars of section/form under which report issued’ in tax audit report.

What if UDIN is not generated within 60 days?

If UDIN is not generated within 60 days it will be invalid. 


In this article you got to know about  UDIN update on income tax portal. UDIN is an 18-digit unique number. It is mandatory for all types of certifications, GST and tax audit reports, and other auditing, assurance, and attesting functions performed/signed by a full-time chartered accountant.

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